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Conchita Wurst Bio

It was Thomas Neuwirth. Conchita Wurst, sometimes known simply as Conchita, is a drag queen and singer born in Austria on November 6, 1988. He is most known for his stage character, referred to as this. “Rise Like a Phoenix” was Neuwirth’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and it was the song that brought him to the notice of people worldwide. According to Neuwirth, he does not identify as a transgender woman.

Additionally, he has characterized himself as a drag queen, indicating that he is homosexual. Neuwirth was born in Gmunden, but he relocated to Graz to complete his matura test with a concentration on fashion. After that, he began his career as a singer by participating in the casting program Starmania in 2007. Therefore, he became a founding member of the boy band Jetzt Anders!, which was only around for a brief time.

Neuwirth started her performance as Conchita, a female figure recognizable by her beard, in 2011. She also finished second in the Austrian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Neuwirth was chosen to represent Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 to perform the role of Conchita. This selection came two years later. Conchita ultimately won the competition because of her performance, which earned her the highest possible score.

It brought Conchita to the notice of people all over the world and established Neuwirth as a homosexual icon. Consequently, he was invited to play at several parades, as well as at the European Parliament and the United Nations Office in Vienna. Beginning at a young age, he became aware that he was distinct from other youngsters. At first, he thought this was because he had “something wrong” about himself.

In kindergarten and later on in school, he sometimes wore a skirt, but he eventually realized that he could be content wearing a dress in the attic of his house. Neuwirth relocated to Graz when she was 14 years old to pursue a career in the fashion industry. In terms of fashion, he looked up to Victoria Beckham. Throughout the third season of the Austrian television program Starmania, which took place in 2006, Neuwirth competed and ultimately finished in second place behind Nadine Beiler.

The following year, Neuwirth established the boyband Jetzt Anders!; however, the band disintegrated in the same year it was formed.
Following this event, Neuwirth created the drag character of Conchita Wurst, a woman with a beard. Although the word “Wurst” literally translates to “sausage” in German, Neuwirth believes that the choice of last name is a reference to the familiar German saying “Das ist mir doch alles Wurst.”

“I don’t care” or “It’s all the same to me” is the literal translation of this phrase, and it is said that the term originated from the word’s first meaning. “Conchita” was a moniker he had taken from a Cuban acquaintance. Conchita is the Spanish word for vagina, and Wurst is the German word for penis, he revealed in an interview. Both of these descriptors are slang terms.

Neuwirth believed that including the beard as a component of the Conchita character was “a statement to say that you can achieve anything, regardless of who you are or how you look.” In the 1970s, The Cockettes in San Francisco and the Bloolips in London were the first to include a beard in their drag appearance. This was not a novel concept; instead, it was first introduced by these two groups.

When Conchita made her debut, she competed on the German television program Die große Chance in 2011, finishing in sixth place. In 2012, she participated in the Austrian National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest and came in second place. After that, Conchita appeared on the Austrian Radio and Television (ORF) program The Hardest Jobs in Austria, where she worked in a fish processing facility. She also starred in the film Wild Girls, in which a group of candidates collaborated with local tribes to live in the deserts of Namibia.

ORF, the Austrian national broadcaster, announced on 10, 2013, that it had chosen Conchita to represent Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, allowing the announcement that Conchita’s song would be “Rise Like a Phoenix” in March of 2014, bookies positioned her entry as one of the top ten favorites to win the competition.

Conchita’s performance at Eurovision was intended to be severe and tasteful, and she was one of the few singers who appeared onstage by herself. This was in contrast to the image that Eurovision has for being camp. The New Statesman referred to Conchita’s performance as the “most genderqueer yet” even though other persons who were classified as LGBT had previously participated in Eurovision, the most notable of whom being Israel’s Dana International, who won in 1998.

Conchita Wurst Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
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House address (Residence address) Gmunden, Austria
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Conchita Wurst Fanmail Address

Conchita Wurst
TNRB unstoppable GmbH
Engerthstraße 90/6
1200 Wien

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