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Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones is a well-known news and political commentator, author, and attorney who was born in the United States on September 20, 1968. He is the co-founder of various organizations that are not-for-profit, has written books that have made it to the best-seller list of The New York Times three times, is a host and contributor for CNN, and has won an Emmy Award. Jones was both a distinguished visiting fellow at Princeton University and President Barack Obama’s Special Advisor on Green Jobs in 2009.

Jones worked in both of these capacities in 2009. He established or was instrumental in establishing a number of charitable organizations, including the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Color of Change, and the Dream Corps, among others. The Dream Corps is an accelerator for social justice that runs three advocacy initiatives: Green for All, Dream Corps Justice, and Dream Corps Tech. Crossfire, The Messy Truth, The Van Jones Show, and The Redemption Project with Van Jones are just a few of the CNN programs that Jones has either presented or co-hosted.

The Green Collar Economy, Rebuild the Dream, and Beyond the Messy Truth are the three books that he has written, and they have each achieved the status of a New York Times best seller. Magic Labs Media LLC, a producer of the internet series Messy Truth, which won a WEBBY Award, and The Messy Truth VR Experience with Van Jones, which won an Emmy Award, were both produced by him and his business, Magic Labs Media LLC. He is a political pundit for CNN on a regular basis.

Jones collaborated with the Trump administration as well as members of Congress from both parties in order to get the First Step Act, which is an effort to improve the criminal justice system, passed into law. Previously, Jones served as the Chief Executive Officer of the REFORM Alliance, an organization that was established by Jay-Z and Meek Mill with the goal of reforming the legal system. He worked closely with the musician Prince for a long time and served as Prince’s counselor.

Anthony Kapel Jones and his twin sister Angela were both born on September 20, 1968, in Jackson, Tennessee. Their parents, high school teacher Loretta Jean (née Kirkendoll) and middle school principal Willie Anthony Jones were the parents of both children According to his sister when he was a child, he was “the stereotypical geek—he just kind of lived up in his head a lot.” Jones has stated that when he was younger, he was “bookish and bizarre.” Jones would accompany his grandfather to various religious gatherings on occasion because his grandfather was a prominent figure in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

He would spend his entire day seated and listening to the grownups speak “in these hot, sweaty black churches.” Jones was born after the murders of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy; when he gained knowledge about the men’s accomplishments, he became devoted to them as heroic characters in his life. He tacked images of the Kennedy brothers on a bulletin board that was located in his room, which was located in the “Kennedy Section.”

In 1986, Jones received his diploma from Jackson Central-Merry High School, which was a public high school located in his hometown. The University of Tennessee at Martin (UT Martin) is where he received his Bachelor of Science degree, with a double major in communication and political science. During this time, Jones also held internships at The Jackson Sun (located in Tennessee), the Shreveport Times (located in Louisiana), and the Associated Press (located in the Nashville bureau).

When he was 17 years old and worked at The Jackson Sun, he started going by the nickname “Van.” While attending UT Martin, Jones was involved in the establishment of a number of independent, campus-based periodicals and served as its leader. There was the Fourteenth Circle at the University of Tennessee, the Periscope at Vanderbilt University, the New Alliance Project across the state of Tennessee, and the Third Eye in the African-American neighborhood of Nashville. Jones acknowledged in later years that his time at UT Martin had prepared him for a more significant life.

Jones made the decision to pursue a career in law and consequently relocated to Connecticut in order to attend Yale University. In 1992, in the wake of the Rodney King beating and conviction, he was one of several law students chosen by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, which was based in San Francisco, to serve as legal observers to the demonstrations that were sparked by the verdict. The demonstrations were sparked by the verdict that Rodney King had been wrongfully convicted.

During the event, which was captured on camera, King had been pummeled by police officers. The jury was unable to reach a decision regarding the fourth officer and therefore acquitted three of the cops involved in the case. During the demonstrations, Jones was arrested along with a number of other people; however, the district attorney decided to drop all charges against Jones afterwards.

A minor legal settlement was reached in favor of the arrested demonstrators, including Jones. Jones claimed in a later interview that “the incident deepened my disaffection with the system and accelerated my political radicalization.” Jones was profoundly impacted by the ordeal of the trial and the verdict. In an interview that took place in October 2005, Jones stated that prior to the announcement of the verdict on King, he had been “a rowdy nationalist on April 28th”, but that by August 1992, he had become a communist.

The profound racial inequity that Jones witnessed in New Haven, Connecticut, particularly with regard to the prosecution of drug usage, was another factor that inspired him to become an activist. According to statements made by Jones, “I was seeing kids at Yale do drugs and talk about it openly, and have nothing happen to them or, if anything, get sent to rehab… I was seeing it all.” And then I was witnessing kids three blocks away in the housing projects who were doing the same things in smaller amounts, but they were going to prison.

Jones arrived in San Francisco after receiving his Juris Doctor degree from law school in 1993. According to his own words, he was “trying to be a revolutionary” at the time. He became involved with a wide variety of activists on the left and helped to establish a socialist collective that was first known as Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM). It organized demonstrations against police brutality, hosted discussion groups on the ideas of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, and aimed to create a socialist utopia that would be inclusive of people of different races.

Van Jones Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
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Phone Number 406-686-XXXX
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House address (Residence address) Jackson, Tennessee, United States
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

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