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Shakur Sozahdah Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details

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Shakur Sozahdah Bio

Nothing says “family” quite like lying to each other and fighting. One of the sisters discloses in a voiceover that she has “something big that I’ve been keeping from my sisters.” The eldest Sozahdah has been a successful restaurateur for more than two decades, during which time she has mastered the cuisines of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Shaista has been and will continue to be the pillar of strength and protector for her family. She functioned as somewhat of a surrogate mother to her nine younger sisters.

Meeting new people is one of Halimah’s favorite things to do, and her job as county ombudsman gives her the opportunity to ensure that the people in her community have a voice and that their rights are respected. In addition to her work in politics, Halimah devotes her free time to supporting a variety of educational initiatives. Faith and traditional values have served as constant compass points for Khadija throughout her life. Khadija is a dedicated mother who can be heard cheering on her children at their many activities and sporting events. She also looks out for her sisters and provides them with direction and protection when they are in need. On the dance floor, Khadija will often be seen both as the first and the final person.

Shakur states that “things blew up,” and that there are some things that “cannot be unsaid.” “Keep it cute or keep it on mute.” In a candid interview, Shakur states something to the effect of “If my mother ever found out, my God.” It is implied by Jamila that the sisters may not have made the wisest choice when they decided to go on a reality program together. “We thought that doing a reality show would strengthen our bond,” she adds in a confessional, “but honestly, I don’t know how we got here.”

In the preview, one of the ladies is shown having a sonogram conducted while bemoaning the fact that her life’s path did not go according to her plans. Rabya is committed to assisting individuals in escaping conditions of poverty and vulnerability. She has a master’s degree in business administration and works in this field. As the fourth child in her family, Rabya has a strong sense of duty and discipline, and she makes an effort to maintain a healthy balance between her personal and professional lives.

In addition to her many jobs in the entertainment world, Shakur is the creator of a documentary series that focuses on the experiences of her family. In addition to that, Shakur takes pleasure in the business of home flipping and creating commercial and multi-family apartment complexes. Muzlefa believes that she is unwaveringly devoted to her Islamic religion, and she draws strength from it in her roles as a teacher and the mother of a girl in her teen years. Her sisters know they can depend on Muzlefa to lend a level-headed perspective to whatever circumstance they find themselves in.

In the debut trailer for Hulu’s Secrets & Sisterhood, which was made exclusively for PEOPLE: The 10 Sozahdah sisters, Shaista, Halimah, Khadija, Rabya, Shakur, Muzlefa, Jamila, Siddiqa, Nooreya, and Hamida, share their thoughts on how they manage to maintain a healthy balance between their religion and their families. The physician associate Jamila claims that the relationship she has with her sister “is completely unbreakable,” but the fact that some of the women were born in Afghanistan and others were born in the United States after their parents fled to the United States in the 1980s means that not all of the siblings have the same perspectives on matters of religion. Jamila, who is affectionately referred to as “Dr.

Jamila” by her loved ones, is always willing to share her knowledge and experience in the medical field. In addition to her job as a PA, Jamila is also an entrepreneur. Most recently, she launched a company called Society In Scrubs. The company’s mission is to combine fashion with function in order to provide attire that is both fashionable and functional for medical and wellness professionals. In addition to serving on the board of directors of a charitable organization that provides aid to refugee women and children, Jamila organizes annual charity galas that bring members of the community together in favor of a worthy cause.

“We were raised in a very conservative Muslim household,” Nooreya, who is the director of operations for a private equity business, adds. “Our parents were very strict.” The older sisters have a reputation for being somewhat more conventional. The youngest sister of the Sozahdah family has a master’s degree in psychology and a certification in behavioral therapy. She now works as a therapist for children with special needs and children who fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. She has a passion for exploring new places and is proficient in four languages.

The sisters, who were born in the United States and now reside in Los Angeles, refer to themselves as the “Wolf Pack,” and Shakur serves as the pack’s leader. Siddiqa is a registered nurse who works in the emergency room and operating room in addition to being an entrepreneur and a humanitarian. She was a big assistance to Jamila in establishing her company, which donates a percentage of its revenues to organizations that provide aid to refugees all over the globe. Siddiqa is known by her sisters to be a brave soul who never holds back and always says what’s on her mind.

Nooreya focuses on early-stage enterprises in a variety of industries, ranging from professional soccer franchises to real estate development, at the private equity company she works for. She has the goal of establishing a fund that will help other women from underrepresented minorities and open doors for those who would not otherwise have access to conventional investing possibilities. She practices meditation every day and loves noodles and any things with a spicy kick.

“I place a high value on my religious beliefs. Khadija, the third-oldest sister and the family financial planner, admits that there are some of things that her family does that she does not agree with. “Having 10 sisters, it’s a tumultuous roller coaster ride,” says Shakur, who has worked in the entertainment business for more than 20 years as an actress, a rapper, and in a variety of other roles. “Having 10 sisters, it’s a tumultuous roller coaster ride,” says Shakur. “And we’re Muslim-American — it’s the next level.”

Shakur Sozahdah Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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