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Kotono Mitsuishi, a legendary voice actress, will play the lead role of Tokihime in the long-running historical drama Taiga Drama on NHK. The voice actress known for her work on Sailor Moon and Misato Katsuragi will be starring in the 63rd Taiga drama, titled Hikari Kimi e, which is scheduled to make its debut on the channel in January of next year. It will be Mitsuishi’s first time acting in a Taiga drama, and she has said that she is looking forward to playing the role and donning a stunning kimono for the occasion. Murasaki Shikibu, a lady-in-waiting during the Heian era and the author of The Tale of Genji, will be the main subject of the drama Hikari Kimi e. Actress Yuriko Yoshitaka will portray the role of Murasaki Shikibu.

It is widely believed that the historical figure Fujiwara no Michinaga served as an inspiration for Genji in part. The excitement around the impending anime film adaptation of Sailor Moon Cosmos has amped up a notch last week when a new video for the film was made available online. In the trailer, we received our first glimpse at the Sailor Starlights. Fans are aware, however, that the Starlights aren’t the only significant characters in the fifth and final narrative arc of Sailor Moon that is being re-adapted as Cosmos. Some really important personalities will have their voices provided by voice actresses who are quite accomplished and well-known in the industry.

The creators of Cosmos have revealed that the famed voice actress Megumi Hayashibara will take on the role of Sailor Galaxia in the show. Sailor Galaxia is an interplanetary conqueror and was the last formidable adversary that Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Senshi had to confront. Hayashibara, whose extensive list of credits spans decades and includes roles such as Evangelion’s Rei, Ranma 1/2’s female Ranma, and Slayers’ Lina, has actually been a part of the Sailor Moon anime franchise before. In the 1994 Sailor Moon S movie, she provided the voice for astronaut Himeko Nayotake, an anime-original character that was created for the film.

yet, this would be her first time playing a character from the manga that serves as the series’ source material. In addition, this will be an unusual instance of Hayashibara giving her voice to an adversary since she is most frequently hired to play noisy and brash protagonists; yet, she seems more than capable of taking on the task. Hayashibara said, “I consider it a great honor to be Sailor Moon’s final opponent,” and then went on to elaborate.  has her very own sense of fairness. Her sentiments of loneliness and emptiness are the flip side of her preoccupation with attaining strength and power. Her feelings of loneliness and emptiness are the result of her fixation. She is making an effort to create for herself the type of happiness that she yearns for on a fundamental level.

There will be more than only Hayashibara contributing her talents as a voice actor to the Cosmos ensemble. Nana Mizuki, a titan of the business not only for her talents as a voice actress but also for her singing and concert performances, will play the character of Princess Kakyu, a sad victim of Galaxia’s hostility. Princess Kakyu was a victim of Galaxia’s violence. At long last, the role of the enigmatic Chibi Chibi will be taken up by… Kotono Mitsuishi. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Mitsuishi will be returning to her role as Usagi/Sailor Moon, given she has played the character for the course of the anime revival, which started off with Sailor Moon Crystal in 2014.

It was very much an inevitable conclusion that Kotono would be voicing Chibi Chibi once again, but the news makes it official. Since Mitsubishi previously portrayed Chibi Chibi in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, the arc of the 1990s Sailor Moon anime that Sailor Moon Cosmos is covering, it was pretty much a natural conclusion that Kotono would be voicing Chibi Chibi once again. Kotono Mitsuishi, who is renowned for her roles as Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon, Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Christie in Dead or Alive, and most recently Lumera in Fire Emblem Engage, amongst many other roles, provides her voice for the Japanese version of the character. Her voice is provided in Japanese by Kotono Mitsuishi.

You can discover the Japanese version of the video featuring Mitsuishi-san on the official YouTube account. In the meanwhile, you can have a look at the English version of the trailer that introduces her down below.  It is currently unknown if Galaxia, Kakyu, or Chibi Chibi will make an appearance in the first or second part of Sailor Moon Cosmos; however, given that the first part will be released in Japanese cinemas on June 9 and the second part will open on June 30, the wait won’t be all that long regardless of which installment they appear in.

In the forthcoming two-part film Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie, Mitsubishi will be performing her role as Sailor Moon once again. In addition, she played the role of Tae Yamada in Zombie Land Saga, Sati Saigan in the Shaman King Reboot, and she provided the voice of Misato Katsuragi once again in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time.

Her role is the wife of Fujiwara no Kaneie and the mother of Fujiwara no Michinaga, who is portrayed by Tasuku Emoto. She is also the mother of Fujiwara no Michinaga. When asked about her character, Mitsubishi described Tokihime as a devoted mother to her kids while simultaneously attempting to control the ambitions of her husband. “My husband is a playboy with strong quirks, and in addition to that, he is a super-ambitious person who uses his children to help him advance in life,” Mitsuishi said of her character. “My husband is a playboy with strong quirks.” Tokihime’s inner state of unease is understandable given the circumstances. Mitsuishi also said that she was envious of the luxurious lifestyle that her character had.

Kotono Mitsuish Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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