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Following the declaration made by EA that it will shortly be delisting the DICE action-adventure game Mirror’s Edge, fans of the game have taken to the internet to express their appreciation for the title. Even if Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II nails its basic gunplay and boasts several notable characters across the board, it also offers some of the series’ most questionably horrible portrayals of violence and military power to this point in the series history. One specific level in which tensions develop between citizens and law enforcement stands out as being particularly tone-deaf, and it has been extensively shared online as an example of the Call of Duty series at its most horrific and stupid. The level in question takes place in a setting in which tensions already exist between civilians and law enforcement.

On the whole internet, people are talking about and analyzing these moments as a subject of discourse. A few days ago, a well-known political streamer named Hasan Piker genuinely interrupted the game after it had “de-escalated” in order to make a statement on how astonishingly terrible this situation is. As was pointed out by Polygon, video essayist Jacob Geller also tweeted a video of the first de-escalation, which had amassed a million views as of the time of this writing. In the context of the larger story, this is not at all a moment that can be missed.

In the mission titled “Borderline,” you are tasked with playing the part of Mexican military special forces who are on the hunt for members of a cartel who are involved in a more widespread and increasing plot involving terrorism. The level hardly gives you time to catch your breath before instructing you to fire and kill individuals who are scaling the border wall into the United States of America. After that, you make your way into a residential neighborhood in Texas, where residents who are armed likely won’t be happy to see you racing through their yards and homes. When the game tells you to “de-escalate civilians” using your aim button, hitting it actually results in you aiming your rifle toward the people who are being asked to be de-escalated.

There is no animation that is particularly memorable, nor is there any distinctive speech. You do not take out a badge and then tell them to “please go inside.” You need just point a weapon in their direction and strike. The game “Borderline” requires you to complete this task three times. On the third level, despite your best attempts to “de-escalate,” it seems that the game provides you with no other option but to resort to physical conflict. As you stand in the living room of some random resident in Texas, the other people in the room pull out their own firearms and begin shooting at you. This results in a short interaction with the local police outdoors, during which the following dialogue is yelled at you by officers with their rifles drawn.

“Put down those fucking weapons right this now! Follow my instructions to the letter, or I’ll have to fucking shoot you. Understand? Come closer to me, won’t you? I want to see your hands raised over your head with nothing in them! This pretty much covers the whole of the level. After spending the first half of it pointing firearms at people in their homes and murdering them, you are then mercilessly threatened by law enforcement and racially stereotyped before ultimately engaging in a few fights with the game’s “bad guys.”

My buddy who is now serving in the armed forces and I were just talking about this game the other day. In particular, we discussed an additional disturbingly violent scene in the game, which occurred in the second level and consisted of shooting a person who was hiding in a restroom out of fear for their life. This scene was a source of contention for both of us. As he demonstrated, horrible things like these take place when there is conflict. However, the representation of this content, whether it be shooting down injured or innocent individuals in a warzone or directing firearms toward civilians in an effort to “de-escalate” a situation, is a decision that was made by the creators. And in situations such as “Kill or Capture” or “Borderline,” there is no obvious alternative to these acts that may be taken.

Although this is not a reconstruction of a real-life historical event, some of the stages, such as Borderline, do allude to recent happenings and larger debates regarding the relationship between the police and the general public. Despite this, the question remains: What kind of content is suitable for a game of this nature? When developing these levels, why did you choose to make these particular decisions? When presented in this manner, what ideas regarding the appropriate behavior of law enforcement officers or military personnel are legitimized and reinforced?

Exactly before Mexican special forces colonel Alejandro Vargas, who is overseeing your operation, is about to be handcuffed, a police officer walks out to halt the arrest and says that it is “hard to tell you boys apart from the cartel.” Following this, you will be attacked and forced to defend yourself against a few genuine cartel members who will not be outfitted in any way similar to your characters. They are undoubtedly using considerably different weapons, and they are wearing very little to no tactical gear at all. They also do not have any military markings on them. It would seem that the police are unable to differentiate between the two because…why now?

Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company and Mirror’s Edge were among the video games that Electronic Arts said on March 21 would no longer be available for purchase under any circumstances. However, since the news was made, EA has deleted any mention of Mirror’s Edge from the list of titles that are being delisted, which seems to indicate that the game will continue to be available, at least for the time being.

However, there was plenty of time for gamers to express their dissatisfaction with EA’s hasty move, and some Mirror’s Edge enthusiasts came out to laud the game after all of these years. One of these fans is really Del Walker, who works as a senior character artist for Naughty Dog. He said that “EA’s announcement of Mirror’s Edge removal from digital stores is crazy because the game’s only online component was the leaderboard.”

Jacob Geller’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
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Phone Number (855) 800-2082
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Office Number NA
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LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) United States
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

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