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Meg Turney Bio

Meg Turney was born on 12 March 1987. Meg Turney is a well-known and well-respected figure in the United States. She has established a strong online presence through her work as a YouTuber, cosplayer, and glamour model. At UrduPoint, everything about Meg Turney, both her career and her personal life, is on the table for discussion. You will not be able to discover the information about Meg Turney that is presented here anywhere else.

Meg Turney is an American cosplayer, vlogger, model, and internet star who has amassed a considerable amount of popularity in a relatively short amount of time. Her hosting jobs on SourceFeed and Rooster have helped her achieve a certain level of notoriety. In addition to this, she has a sizable following within the community of YouTube users.

SourceFed co-host assumed control of Rooster Teeth’s The Know channel in June of 2014 after previously holding that position. Cosplaying as Cortana in the year 2022, she enlisted the assistance of Anna Fugate, a make-up artist. Because of her cosplaying, she has over 700,000 people following the dollwithagun account she maintains on Instagram. The year 2002 marked Turney’s introduction to the world of cosplaying as well as anime conventions, which she learned about thanks to a friend who invited her to attend Ushicon 1.

When Turney first began dressing up, she pretended to be the character Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon from the anime series Sailor Moon. When asked about her initial foray into the world of cosplay, Turney responded, “I failed badly.” I was only able to finish half of the outfit because it was such a challenge, but in spite of that, I was over the moon happy with how it turned out. It has been brought to the attention of a number of publications that Meg Turney’s cosplaying can occasionally take on a more provocative tone.

X-Ray is the character that Meg’s boyfriend Gavin plays on the show, while Vav is Meg’s character. In August of 2013, Turney participated in a discussion about how Bobak Ferdowsi, Matt Mira, and Kevin Lieber have portrayed the possibility of life on Mars in Hollywood films.

When the website Twitch amended its rules of conduct in October 2014 to restrict users from shooting videos while wearing “lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments,” Turney found herself in the heart of a fight over the new policy. In June 2016, Turney made his debut on the live-streaming platform Twitch.

Despite the fact that she is no longer associated with SourceFed or Rooster Teeth, Turney has continued to maintain her personal YouTube account. On this channel, she shares game commentary as well as streams and vlogs on cosplay. After securing a contract with the agency in April 2019, Turney became a member of the Abrams Artists gaming roster. In June 2020, Turney parted ways with Abrams and is now being handled by TalentX Gaming. In October, she took part in a Dead by Daylight competition that was hosted on Twitch Rivals.

Meg Turney has been streaming video games on Twitch for the past five years as of June 2021. Although she frequently broadcasts other games in addition to Dead by Daylight, she is best recognized for her streams of that particular game. In a similar vein, the majority of the content on Turney’s YouTube channel consists of highlights from her live broadcasts on Twitch.

In March 2020, Meg Turney established an account on OnlyFans in addition to her already-established Patreon page. Turney made the announcement on her Twitter account in October 2020 that she would be relocating all of her content to OnlyFans and that the site would become her new primary content hub. Patreon had been her primary outlet for distributing her modeling work in the past, while OnlyFans had been there largely to share older photosets that were no longer available on Patreon. Neither platform is currently available to the public.

When Turney first started working in the field of online media, he hosted shows on the websites deviantART and CraveOnline. She shares images of her daily life and the clothing she wears on her Instagram account. It is estimated that she possesses a fortune equal to two million dollars. She earns remuneration from her sponsors in addition to being a partner and advertiser in the venture.

Although she was born in another nation, she now considers the United States of America to be her home. Her birth took place in the city of Austin in the state of Texas. Nobody is aware of the identities of her parents. In addition to us, she also has a brother or sister. Her educational history is strong and well-rounded. The fact that she is bisexual has been brought to the attention of the audience through the use of her own words.

She stands at 165 centimeters (1.65 meters), which is around 5 feet and 5 inches tall. The weight is approximately 121 pounds (55 kilograms). Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are a stunning dark brown color. When it comes to bras, she wears a size 33 C. In a similar vein, she is obsessed with maintaining her health and fitness. Her heavy-lidded gaze is fixed firmly on the camera, and she makes regular presentations of her flat tummy in conjunction with this.

Megan Leeann, whose full name is Megan Leeann Turney, is a well-known YouTuber, actress, and cosplayer who goes by the moniker Megan Leeann. The name can also be referred to by its shorter version, Meg Turney. She spent her childhood in Austin, Texas, which is located in the United States of America. In order to acquire further knowledge, let’s investigate the following section.

Meg Turney Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. +1(507)315-8992
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +1(507)315-8992
Official Website NA
Office Number +1(507)315-8992
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Austin, Texas, United States
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Meg Turney Fanmail Address

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