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Thomas and Jonathan Smith, the creators of the popular YouTube channel XtremeGamez, announced in a statement that they were terminally ill with only weeks to live. There are more than four million people who follow the channel. Australia’s XtremeGamez has become a social media sensation thanks to his prolific posting across multiple networks, most notably Instagram, where he goes by his given name.

XtremeGamez is among Australia’s most influential personalities since they have amassed a fan base of more than 53946 people. Instagram user XtremeGamez may be found posting photos and videos under the handle @xtremegamez yt. XtremeGamez is an Australian native who was born on the date and in the year given. By 2022, XtremeGamez will be significantly younger than N/A. In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn more about XtremeGamez.

An investigation into XtremeGamez’s life will unearth facts about his family, including his age and birth date, as well as details about his present and past romantic connections. In addition to his stats like height and weight, you can learn about his background and ethnicity here. Australian-born Instagram star XtremeGamez has garnered a sizable following thanks to his prolific content creation. There are a lot of people that follow the XtremeGamez account on Instagram: around 53946, to be exact.

The owner of a YouTube channel whose videos are supported by advertisements earns money when those videos amass 1,000 views. YouTube channels can make between $3 and $7 for every thousand times a video is seen, depending on how popular the channel’s videos are. Based on these numbers, we can infer that XtremeGamez earns $66,750 each and every month, or $1,000,000 a year.

Some YouTube channels report making more than $7 per thousand views, according to their earnings reports. Revenue for XtremeGamez is expected to reach $1.8 million per year in the very best-case scenario. XtremeGamez almost certainly has additional revenue streams as well. One of the faces behind the YouTube channel XtremeGamez, and a Pokemon Go enthusiast. Numerous Pokemon Go gameplay videos are among the many other sorts of videos uploaded to the channel’s many other playlists.

More than 10,000 people follow their XtremeGamez Twitter account, and their XtremeGamez YouTube channel has almost 7 million subscribers. The man has Greek roots. His sibling Jonathan is also an owner and contributor to the XtremeGamez YouTube channel. They grew up with their family, which includes a sister named Kristy, and are the eighth and final kids. He and Mastersaint have become popular on YouTube because of their Pokemon Go tutorials.

Creators on YouTube can make between $2 and $5 per 1,000 monetized views after deducting YouTube’s cut. Between 40 and 60 percent of all views can generate revenue. Ad inventory, the number of commercials included in a video, the percentage of viewers that skip the ads, ad engagement, and so on all have an effect on all of these metrics. The cost of each advertisement view is set through a views-based auction amongst advertisers.

Google Preferred is another service that helps the most prosperous businesses focus their marketing efforts on the most read five percent of content online. These advertising rates are far above the market average. YouTube Red members, who pay a monthly or yearly price to watch premium material and videos on YouTube without seeing ads, provide an additional revenue stream for the platform’s content creators. The more time people spend watching their movies, the more money they make. The corporation benefits financially when viewers invest more time into each film.

Two brothers, Thomas and Jonathan, of Australia, started the YouTube channel XtremeGamez on May 21, 2014. The original uploads to this channel were of Let’s Plays, prank phone calls, and freebies related to mobile gaming. They didn’t wait long to establish XtremeGamez Pokémon, a second channel devoted just to card giveaways and Pokémon GO. The channel has 257 videos, 7.1 million subscribers, and 886.4 million total video views. Each video they post on YouTube usually gets around 64,000 thumbs up.

The website calculates that the value of a YouTube channel is around $4 million based on the ad revenue generated by the channel. This channel has the potential to earn up to $60.5k per month from YouTube, and their other channel, XtremeGamezPokemon, has the potential to earn up to $496 per year. It’s possible that the channel makes money from avenues other than advertising and subscriptions that aren’t reflected here.

Thomas and Jonathan Smith, brothers, are the brains behind the XtremeGamez YouTube channel. They’re an Australian company that is made famous by their challenge videos, how-to movies, and gaming content. Jonathan and his brother Thomas are two of the most subscribed YouTubers and co-own a chunk of the gaming channel XtremeGamez. The brothers’ YouTube channel has almost 7 million subscribers. The brothers are from a large Greek family of eight, where they spent their formative years.

The XtremeGamez channel also has a sizable following on Twitter under the handle @XtremeGamezcoc. They also have over 104,000 followers on Instagram, where they regularly share videos of challenges and comedic outtakes. They’ve also amassed a sizable following on the social media app TikTok, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

The videos uploaded to the XtremeGamez channel on YouTube cover a wide variety of topics, from mobile game Let’s Plays and prank calls to giveaways, challenging films, and Pokémon GO card openings. Vlogs, movies, and holiday-themed films are just some of the other types of videos they share. A total of 257 videos have been uploaded to the channel, which has received 886,8 million views so far.

XtremeGamez Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. +61 479014571
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +61 479014571
Official Website NA
Office Number +61 479014571
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Australia
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

XtremeGamez Fanmail Address

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