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Slim Albaher Bio

Slim Albaher is the nickname given to Sulieman Albaher at his birth on July 15, 1994, in Brooklyn, New York. His family history in America begins in Yemen. Albaher’s three brothers, Khaled, Tarek, and Hamzah, all make regular appearances on his channels.

The teenage YouTuber revealed that he is in a relationship with a girl named Sofia. Albaher’s videos are a joint effort between the couple. They also regularly share photos of themselves together on the various social media accounts they maintain. American YouTuber Slim Albaher’s channels, ‘SlimMofication’ and ‘Slimmofication Vlogs,’ are extremely popular due to their videos. The first is dedicated to Albaher’s comedic antics and is filled with social experiments and challenges, while the second is more introspective and has vlogs documenting his day-to-day life.

His channels are fun to watch since they feature material that is both creative and engaging. Albaher has a special fondness for video blogging. He frequently features friends and family members from his own life in his videos. He’s simple to feel sympathy for because he doesn’t stand out from the crowd and seems like a good guy just like everyone else. The YouTuber has a dark sense of humor and enjoys being the center of attention. He has a charming sense of humor that can make even the most stoic person burst out laughing. On a more personal level, he is currently in a relationship and is the youngest of three brothers.

Albaher is also quite present on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. He frequently shares interesting and timely content across all of his social media platforms. He likes to spend his free time with his significant other and their pals. On December 23, 2012, Slim Albaher launched his YouTube channel under the moniker Slimmofication Vlogs, marking the beginning of his career as an online content creator. It features some fantastic vlogs documenting his daily life.

From private videos with his fiancee to amusing recordings of him and his friends on vacation, this channel has it all when it comes to Albaher’s life. General vlogs and comedic content like pranks and challenges may be found on the channel and are enjoyable in their own ways. As of August 2018, this vlog channel has over 88 million views and 480 thousand followers, giving you an idea of its popularity. The inexhaustible enthusiasm and original approach to content creation displayed by Albaher ensure that he will soon surpass the half-million subscription mark.

In February 2013, Albaher launched a second channel titled Slimmofication. There have been many different types of videos posted to the channel thus far, including social experiments, pranks, and more. Watching the movies “Muslim Boy Harassment Experiment” and “Confronting A Racist” is a must if you get the chance to tune into this channel. Both films feature Albaher and his crew presenting the findings of their sociological experiments. The films are incredibly informative for the general public and may help people learn how to better connect with the growing Muslim community in the United States. At present, there are over 330 thousand subscribers and over 30 million views, both of which are very promising statistics regarding the channel’s popularity.

He is the second of his Yemeni parents’ four children to be born in the United States. Similarly, his brothers Khaled, Tarek, and Hamzah frequently appear alongside him on his channel. The previous sentence lists their names. Slim Albaher is a popular personality on YouTube and other social media platforms. Also on December 24, 2012, he began uploading videos to YouTube under the moniker “Slim Albaher,” which he has since rebranded as his own name.

Similarly, he has uploaded numerous fantastic vlogs to this channel that provide insight into his daily life. In a similar spirit, he uploads vlogs about his private life, such as his travels with friends or his romantic moments with his partner.

In addition, he has shared every aspect of his personal life using this medium. More than 128 million people have watched the videos he has posted to his channel, which currently has over 1,376 films. Also, he has already told the story about the bad experience he had with Delta Airlines. His friend and fellow YouTuber Adam Saleh was kicked out of ‘Delta Airlines for speaking Arabic.

As with his most recent post, he and his best friend Adam Saleh have collaborated on a podcast series titled “Socially Profiled.” He uses podcasts to talk about his life and the things that matter to him.

His unique style of content creation, combined with his limitless energy, has earned him over 610 thousand subscribers to his channel. The video “THAT ANNOYING KID: STUDY BUDDY” is also the first one he ever posted to this channel. On February 28, 2013, he posted it online, and there have been over 41,000 views thus far. The following clip, titled “JUST TRUST ME,” was posted to his channel on March 27, 2013, under the same username. As of this writing, it has been seen 108,000 times.

Prank and social experiment films predominate among those he posts to this channel. He has over 323 thousand subscribers, and his 76 videos have over 26 million views combined. Similarly, his most popular video is labeled “FAKE JORDAN PRANK IN THE HOOD” on his channel. More than 2.7 million people have seen the video since he uploaded it on April 23, 2015.

These movies are educational for the public at large and inform viewers about the proper way to engage with Muslims and other people. In addition, Ampli-Truth Production signed him to a contract, and he joined fellow YouTubers Karim Jovian, Adam Saleh, and Sheikh Akbar to form the 3MH.

Slim Albaher Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. +1(236)302-2856
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +1(236)302-2856
Official Website NA
Office Number +1(236)302-2856
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Brooklyn, New York City
Facebook Id NA
Email Address

Slim Albaher Fanmail Address

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