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Samantha Ronson Bio

Samantha Ranson is a disc jockey, singer, and composer from the United Kingdom. She was birth on August 7th, 1977, in St. John’s Wood, which is located in London, but she presently resides in Santa Monica, which is located in California.

She was the daughter of Laurence Ranson; both of Samantha’s parents were Jewish, and she succeeded as a DJ and a singer-songwriter. Laurence Ranson was her father. The call that launched Ranson’s career as a DJ came entirely out of the blue, and she vividly recalls how she initially turned down the opportunity because she did not feel she was prepared to DJ.

Nevertheless, throughout that period, all her friends were cheering her on somehow. Therefore, she chose to go through with her intention of becoming a DJ. After that, she finally transitioned into DJing as her primary occupation. To this day, she is employed in some of the jobs with the most significant public visibility all over the globe. 2011 was the year that Ranson served as the official DJ for Hennessy.

She mentioned in one presentation that she grew up in the studio with songs, and her brother helped develop themes. Mark, a producer and musician, also likes composing songs. Ranson’s profession focuses on songwriting and singing, and she stated that she grew up in the studio with songs.

Samantha’s composition was “Built in the Way,” which was initially written and recorded on Album Red and was used in the movie Mean Girls. In November 2011, Ranson published her album “Chasing the Reds,” which illustrates her ability as a songwriter. The phrase “pull my hair out” was used in the movie “The Woodsman” in the scenes “Fool” and “You pull my hair out.

” Even though Red was never released in an official capacity, it could be downloaded on her MySpace site. Chasing the red contains copies of all of the accessible publications. Ultimately, she established herself as a girl with a good name and popularity. Even though certain rumors have damaged her image, she is an accomplished DJ, singer, and songwriter.

Filmography was another field that Ranson worked in. Regarding the private aspects of Ranson’s childhood, her parents separated when she was six. Her mother eventually wed Jones, a musician for New York City, and they had a child together.

Her grandpa changed the family name from Aaronson to Ranson. Hence, the family is now known as the Ransons. Mark Ranson, Samantha’s elder brother, is a musician and a record producer. In addition, her identical twin, Charlotte, is a successful fashion designer. Roman and Chris Jones are Samantha’s stepbrothers. Roman is the older of the two. Samantha attended a prestigious private school in the Yorkville neighborhood.

After that, she moved to New York City to study philosophy and creative writing at New York University. In 2007, some media began spreading rumors of a personal connection between Samantha and Lindsay Lohan. However, Samantha has said that “she wants to keep her private life as private as possible” in response to these rumors.

Later on, in 2011, however, journalists working for several news outlets reported that Ranson and Erin Foster were an item. Foster is the daughter of David Foster. Her singles “Pull My Hair Out,” “Fool,” and “Built This Way,” which were included in the film Mean Girls, were all released when she was contracted to the hip-hop company Roc-A-Fella Records.

In 2004, Ronson created and recorded her debut album titled “RED.” Although the album was never officially published, song downloads were accessible via her MySpace website.

In addition, Ronson was included on several mix tapes created by musicians who signed to the Roc-A-Fella record label. Ronson relocated to Los Angeles after he departed from Roc-A-Fella Records and maintained his career in the music industry by performing live, DJing, composing, and producing songs.

In addition to that, she is one of the co-owners of the nightclub known as The Plumm, which is located in New York City. Other co-owners include the actor Chris Noth, David Wells, and Noel Ashman. Since I was a regular at the club, I reasoned that I might as well try to profit from my membership.

DJing would ultimately become Ronson’s full-time occupation when she accepted the employment and rapidly established a reputation in the industry.

She now performs as a DJ at some of the most prestigious events globally. She has performed live as a DJ for events such as MTV’s New Year’s Eve program broadcast from the network’s studios in Times Square, the Super Bowl, the Pan American Games, the Sundance Film Festival, amfAR, the Cannes Film Festival, the American Music Awards, and the Video Music Awards.

She has performed at private gatherings for celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Kimmel, Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie, Jessica Simpson, Ellen DeGeneres, Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan, and Jay-Z. The other stars she has performed for are Jimmy Kimmel, Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie, and Jessica Simpson.Ronson served as the Hennessy (Hennessy Black) brand’s official DJ for 2011.

Ronson created her very own line of shoes for the brand Supra in 2009, 2010, and 2014 respectively. She was featured in a commercial for the legendary clothing brand Boy London in 2011, created in cooperation with The Cobra Snake (Mark Hunter). She is or was a co-owner of the nightclub The Plumm in New York City. Other business owners include actor Chris Noth and Noel Ashman, among others.

Roc-A-Fella Records made history by signing Ronson as their first rock performer ever. It was revealed in 2002 that Duncan Sheik would be co-producing an album for Ronson, and that record was scheduled to be released in the spring of that same year.

Samantha Ronson Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
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Snapchat NA
Phone Number 9179701477
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LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) London Borough of Camden, London, United Kingdom
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Samantha Ronson Fanmail Address

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