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Najwa Karam was born on February 26, 1966, in the Maronite family community of Zahle, which is located in the country of Lebanon. She began her career as an educator and didn’t begin her singing career until the 1980s. She took part in the “Lebanon Nights” program in 1985 and ended up winning the gold medal for her efforts. Her debut album, titled “Ya Habayeb,” was released the next year in 1989. Her second album, “Shams El Ghanya,” which was published in 1992, was a huge success and received a lot of positive critical acclaim. She continued to release new albums at a rate of one per year throughout the years that followed.

She is regarded as a first-rate popular singer due to her powerful, mountainous voice, and she has made a name for herself in the music industry. It is said that she only sang in the local dialect of Lebanon, which set her apart from the majority of the other Lebanese musicians at the time. In addition to being recognized for singing patriotic songs, she was also well-known for singing manuals of a variety of styles. In the song We Grow Up, which was about a duet, he talks about a conversation that takes place between the daughter and the father, and it caused a ruckus back in 2003. The song was about a duet.

She was given many different titles, such as the Queen of Admonition, the Magna, the Loyalty of Lebanon, and the Loyalty. She was given this title by the Lebanese journalist George Ibrahim El-Khoury, who referred to her as the sun of the Arabic song. In conclusion, the musician Melhem Barakat referred to her as affectionate. In addition, she is the one who carries the banner for the Lebanese song, which was an adjective that was described by composers.

In addition to that, she has been a judge on the show “Arabs Got Talent.” Najwa Karam is one of the most well-known personalities in the world. The singing of Najwa Karam has garnered her a lot of attention. At the beginning of her professional life, Najma Karama worked at the eastern college in Zahle as a teacher of “Geography and Arabic.”

Yet Najwa Karam was passionate about singing, and she wanted to pursue that desire. She had an interest in singing. The “Lebanese institute of music” has officially welcomed Najwa Karam as a new student. Her studies for a music degree are now complete. It is a singing competition, and Najwa Karam took part in it. The program may be seen on television. The “gold medal” was awarded to Najwa Karam because she came in first place. The powerful “Mawwal” vocals that Najwa Karam possesses are a traditional kind of singing found in Lebanon. In 1989, Najwa Karam released her debut studio album titled “The Sun of Song.”

She enrolled in a music conservatory for a total of four years. She had her first two years of training with Zaki Nassif, and then she received her final two years of training from Fouad Awad. Her debut album, titled Ya Habayeb, was issued in 1989, but it was her third studio album, titled Naghmet Hob, that really opened doors for her in the Arab world. She has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the field of music with a number of prestigious awards.

Karam has collaborated with some of the most talented musicians and poets from the Persian Gulf, Lebanon, and Egypt. These artists come from a variety of artistic backgrounds. Karam’s pan-Arab success over the past two decades has been aided in no small part by George Marderosian, Wissam El Amir, Sa’oud El Sharbatli, Imad Chamseddine, Nizar Francis, Hadi Sharara, Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Mahmoud Khatami, Mohamed Mostafa, Tony Anka, Tarek Aakef, Melhem Barakat, and dozens of others.

Menni Elak was Karam’s twentieth studio album, and it was released in May 2017. Karam is still considered to be one of the most important painters at Rotana. The album reached number one on the list of the best-selling albums available in German, American, and British versions on the Amazon Global Music website. As a result of a poll conducted on Twitter, the tracks from the album were played on the worldwide British Radio station “FM 1 FM” in London on June 21 and June 25 being the first Arabic album to be played there.

While “Habibi Min” finished in fifth place in the voting rounds that lasted for more than 8 months, the song “Ah mnel Gharam” from the album was nominated for the 2017 XLIII Universal Music Award in Spain. On Fazboard Iran’s list of “The Top 100 songs,” each of the album’s eight individual tracks made it on as entries. Another track from the album, “Habibi Min,” reached the top spot on the Uzbek version of iTunes 11 months after its release.

Additional albums include Ma Bassmahlak, Maghroumeh, and Rouh Rouhi. Further albums include Naghmet Hob. Karam’s tenth album, Oyoun Qalbi, became her best-selling record in the year 2000 and remains her best-selling album to this day.

Nedmaneh was released in 2001. Karam’s albums Hayda Haki, Am Bemzah Ma’ak, and Khallini Shoufak all contributed to her continued commercial success throughout the latter part of the 2000s. All of these projects received recognition from music critics.

Najwa Karam Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. (817) 281-5136
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Phone Number (817) 281-5136
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House address (Residence address) Lebanon
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