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Magnus Scheving Bio

Magns Orn Scheving (born November 10, 1964) is an athlete, actor, television producer, writer, and entrepreneur from Iceland. His name in Icelandic is [maknus scvik]. The children’s television show LazyTown is his brainchild, and he not only created it but also directed it and starred in it. He also played the role of Sportacus in the show.

Borgarnes is a little village in Iceland where he spent his childhood. His first job was at the Borgarnes telephone exchange, and he started working there when he was 15 years old. In his youth, he had planned on working as a sports coach, but he ultimately decided to pursue a career in architecture instead.[source: missing citation] Later on, he made yet another transition in his professional life, this time into the field of carpentry. Because he was skilled in both carpentry and architecture, he was eventually able to construct his own home, which he characterized as “physically…[laying] every brick and roof tile.”

In his twenties, he made a wager with a buddy who worked with wood, Fjolnir orgeirsson, that either of them would master a sport of the other’s choosing (that they knew nothing about) within three years. The bet was that neither of them would know anything about the sport that the other would choose. The game of snooker was selected by Scheving for Fjolnir, and aerobics was selected by Fjolnir for Scheving. Both Scheving and Fjolnir eventually achieved their goals of becoming national champions in their respective sports; Scheving in aerobics and Fjolnir in snooker.

He also has a younger brother who is his younger sibling. In the year 1992, Scheving won the title of Icelandic Men’s Individual Champion in the discipline of aerobic gymnastics. In 1993, he won the title of Scandinavian champion, and in 1994 and 1995, he won the title of European champion not once but twice. In 1994, Icelandic citizens gave him their vote for Athlete of the Year.

In addition to his successful career as an athlete, Scheving went on to become a well-known and in-demand public and motivational speaker all over the world. Additionally, between the years 1991 and 1993, he was the host of his own talk show in Iceland, which followed the format of inviting parents to call in and ask him questions about how to raise healthy children.[source: missing citation] It was the first recorded work in the LazyTown series, and it was a children’s book named Fram Latibaer that he published in 1995.

During this time, he also ran a carpentry business, which provided him with the financial means to explore different parts of the world. After graduating from the University of Iceland with a degree in sports science, he also worked as a fitness instructor at a local school, where he worked with adolescents. During the 1990s, when Scheving was at the height of his career as a public speaker and aerobics instructor, he observed that children lacked healthy living role models. He recalled this at a TED talk that he gave in 2019,

In retrospect, it was actually thirty years ago when I discovered that there was no healthy role model for children. There was a character known as Popeye who consumed spinach, but he was also a smoker and a bully. And you were thinking, maybe that’s not the best example to follow. Perhaps the children in our society need a new kind of example to follow. And there was no entertainment brand anywhere in the world that was specifically geared toward the wellbeing of children.

In 1995, he published fram Latibr, an Icelandic children’s book that featured a narrative story about a sports elf giving villagers instructions on how to eat healthily and exercise. The book was written in the form of a narrative story. The novel was turned into a play with the same name that was directed by Baltasar Kormákur and performed on stage. During the years 1996–1997, the show toured Iceland, which contributed to the widespread recognition of the LazyTown brand.

It was discovered that it had a massive following among children, and as a result, a sequel called Glanni Glpur Latab was created. This was the first time that Robbie Rotten, who was portrayed by Stefán Karl Stefánsson, appeared in the story. Nickelodeon gave the green light for the production of LazyTown in May of 2003, and the network Nick Jr. broadcast the pilot episode on August 16, 2004.

The company that is now known as LazyTown Entertainment was initially conceived of and established by Scheving. This company makes children’s books, films, games, and sporting equipment, all with the goal of encouraging children to have active lives and adopt healthy habits. In addition to that, he is the creator of the show LazyTown (known as Latibr in Iceland), on which he starred as the character Sportacus (known as róttaálfurinn in Icelandic) from the years 2004 to 2014.

In recognition of his contribution as the founder and inventor of the LazyTown business, Scheving was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremonies for the Icelandic Edda Awards in the year 2006. The current President of Iceland, lafur Ragnar Grmsson, was the one to present him with the prize. Scheving kept playing the role of Sportacus even after Turner Broadcasting completed its acquisition of LazyTown Entertainment in the summer of 2011[15]. However, in 2014 he made the announcement that he would be stepping down from the role of Sportacus (after the conclusion of the TV series).

He handed the position over to Dri Kristjánsson, who has performed Sportacus in all live concerts that have followed.In addition, he declared in that same year that he would step down from his post as chief executive officer of LazyTown Entertainment.  They stated that work on the project had begun in 2017 and is still ongoing.

Scheving detailed the plans to develop a “experience garden” at Borgarnes that will include both indoor and outdoor facilities dedicated to the company’s production history and the town’s long and illustrious past. The legislation in Borgarnes backed this because of its capacity to welcome tourists; 35,000 people are anticipated in its initial year, followed by 50,000 visitors in each of the following four years. It is anticipated that the park will open in 2024.

Magnus Scheving Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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House address (Residence address) Borgarnes, Iceland
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Magnus Scheving Fanmail Address

Magnus Scheving
LazyTown Entertainment
Midhraun 4
210 Gardabaer

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