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Lance Henriksen Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details

Want to talk to Lance Henriksen over the phone number and looking for Ralph George’s email and fanmail address? Yes, you are in the right place! You are going to get the contact information of Ralph George’s phone number, email address, and fanmail address details.


Lance Henriksen is an intense, versatile actor who can play clean-cut FBI agents as well as psychotic motorcycle gang leaders, who can switch from portraying soulless, murderous vampires to burned-out, world-weary homicide detectives. He has two daughters: Sage Ariel (12 October 1999) and Alcamy Ariel (12 October 1999). (b. 1987). He was illiterate until he was thirty years old when he taught himself to read by studying movie screenplays. His father worked as a merchant mariner and was known as “Icewater.”

At the age of 12, he dropped out of school and moved out. I was a member of the United States Navy. In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, there was speculation about him reprising his role as Detective Vukovich (2003). His character was supposed to be confined to a wheelchair after having survived the events of the original film.

He has also appeared in a film about more benevolent aliens, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, in addition to having faced out against dangerous aliens in the “Alien” and “Predator” flicks (1977). He hitchhiked across the United States as a young guy. When the premise for The Terminator (1984) was for a machine that could blend into a crowd, he was James Cameron’s first option for the title part.

Henriksen as the Terminator had even been sketched out by Cameron. Henriksen was recast as Det. Vukovich once the premise was revised and Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast. Henriksen was cast as Bishop, an android, in James Cameron’s 1986 film Aliens.

When he was younger, he lived in Borneo for three years. Pottery is something he enjoys and has been doing for over 40 years. In Romania, he has filmed seven films. When he was offered One Point O, he was walking through a hotel lobby in Romania (where he was closing off another project) (2004). Eminem’s music is one of his favorites.

Hawaii is one of her favorite places to visit. Only he and Bill Paxton have faced off against a Terminator, an Alien, and a Predator. Apart from Sigourney Weaver, he is the only actor who has appeared in more than one “Alien” film. “Lance Henriksen” is a song by Machines of Love, an Irish electronica band. P.A.L.A.S, the band’s leader, has stated that he is a major fan of his films and that he is “criminally underestimated.


In 1960, he served a brief sentence in a Tucson, Arizona, jail for vagrancy. The western The Big Sky (1952) was a major effect on his decision to pursue a career in film as a young man. He had spent time in two orphanages, a boarding school, and a foster home by the time he was eight years old.

He didn’t begin performing until he was thirty years old. He is one of only four actors (together with Charles Nelson Reilly, David Fredericks, and Brittany Tiplady) to play the same role (Frank Black) in both The X-Files (1993) and Millennium (2001). (1996). As of 2015, he has appeared in three Best Picture Oscar nominees: Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976), and The Right Stuff (1983).

I am flattered that anyone would consider me to be a star in their opinion. But I’m not particularly career-oriented in the sense that I aspire to be a movie star. It’s not in me at all. It’s not something I do. In fact, I’m surprised that I’ve gotten this far in my journey.  After reading the script for Hard Target (1993), I thought to myself, “I’m going to glue my ears back for this job,” with no real understanding of what I was talking about. In my mind’s eye, the character appeared to be linear and sleek, somewhat like a Doberman.

As a result, I had my hair cut in a specific way. Really, what you want to communicate is, “This is what I require; this is what will propel me forward; this is what will keep me alive.” I never say, “Do you mind if…?” or “Do you mind if..on the subject of putting in so many hours you should know that if you’re not acting, you’re not an actor; you have to put in the effort. There’s no getting around it.

Daniel Gizmo
Full Name:Daniel Gizmo
Birth Date:October 15, 1993
Age:30 years
Birth Place:Morristown, New Jersey
Father’s Name:Robert
Mother’s Name:Melinda
Height:5' 8"
Eye Color:NA
Hair Color:NA
Marital Status:Unmarried
Social Media Presence:Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Lance Henriksen Fanmail Address


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Hope you get a Lance Henriksen autograph and give us input through this page. An actor called Ralph George.

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