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JC Caylen Bio

JC Caylen was born on September 11, 1992. JC Caylen is a well-known figure on YouTube who resides in Houston, Texas, in the country of the United States of America. On September 11, 1992, he was given the name Justin Caylan Castillo at birth.

He was simply another young boy in the neighborhood when he first began, but because of his remarkable talent and unyielding determination, he eventually became a local and then national superstar. Because he wears odd and unusual hairstyles and experiments with various sorts of headwear, this cool dude has millions of followers who are eager to vouch for him. Because of his passion for filmmaking as well as his natural and brilliant comedic timing, he was already well on his way to having a great career when he started his first YouTube channel under the name “lifewithjc” in September of 2010.

Additionally, he became a member of the ‘O2L’ YouTube channel, which was founded by a collective of well-known YouTubers, one of whom was his closest friend Kian. After then, there was absolutely no way to turn back at any point. As time went on, he got more well-known and gained a significant number of followers. Eventually, he became a well-known YouTube personality with numerous channels, such as ‘Jaylen’ and ‘these fellas’.

The journey known as “O2L” came to an end in December 2014, and after that, its stars focused on developing their individual YouTube accounts. KianandJc is the name of the joint YouTube channel that he and Kian Lawley established on July 27, 2014, and under which they upload videos together. Their channel presently has more than one million subscribers at the time two people submitted a video blog on January 19, 2015, which swiftly got a high number of views.JC Caylen never ventures out of the house without a video camera in tow due to the fact that he is so preoccupied with the art of filmmaking. He is obsessed with the art of filmmaking.

In 2015, he took a trip lasting seven days and documented the event while he was on the road. After then, he published the video on YouTube and made it accessible to his millions of followers so that they could view it. It is good knowledge that he and his companion Kian Lawley take part in risky pursuits while filming them, and each time, spectators anticipate with bated breath the next wild occurrence that takes place onboard. Caylen is also fairly honest and straightforward about his relationship histories and sex life, and he never shies away from sharing such matters. Caylen has never lied about his dating history or his sexual life.

This is a move that makes him more endearing to the millions of people who follow him since they can identify with him as just a regular guy! He was given the name Justin Caylen Castillo upon his birth in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Both of his parents are citizens of the United States. He was raised in San Antonio throughout his boyhood. The breakup of his parent’s marriage occurred when he was still a little child. In his later years, he legally changed his name to Justin Cloud Caylen and went through the necessary steps to do so.

He has an elder brother who goes by the name Joe Felix, and he has two sisters who go by the names Ava Grace and Jaylyn. He is the youngest of three children. It was during his time in the third grade at school that he was given the nickname “Jc,” which he has since adopted as his own and uses frequently. In the video that he published on YouTube and titled “10 Questions for Mom,” his mother made an appearance.

During the course of their connection, he has had a love relationship on and off with actress and fellow YouTube sensation Lia Marie Johnson. At this time, he is believed to be residing in the city of Los Angeles. This popular YouTube celebrity, who has acquired an estimated net worth of over 317 thousand dollars, makes the most of any spare time he has by watching the amazing movies he has created and playing basketball with his friends.

Aylen launched his professional career in 2010 when he made available on his YouTube page under the name Life with Jc the video that would serve as the introduction to his work. The fact that Caylen is a part of the YouTube supergroup Our2ndLife contributed significantly to his rise to fame. Before disbanding in December 2014, the band, which Caylen was a member of along with Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Kian Lawley, Trevi Moran, and Sam Pottorff, went on a globe tour and amassed a total of 2.7 million followers on their various social media platforms.

JC Caylen Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. +1(585)513-2434
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +1(585)513-2434
Official Website
Office Number +1(585)513-2434
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Houston, Texas, United States
Facebook Id
Email Address

JC Caylen Fanmail Address

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