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Gyllene Tider Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details

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Gyllene Tider Bio

Gyllene Tider was a Swedish pop group that was headed by Per Gessle, who was also the guitarist and lyricist for Roxette. They were one of the Swedish bands with the highest record sales ever and have had a number of singles throughout Scandinavia, beginning with the song “Flickorna p TV2” in 1980, which was their breakthrough single. The band became well-known in Sweden due to the popularity of its power pop, which had catchy choruses and lyrics that discussed life in a rural community.

In 1976, Per Gessle formed the musical partnership known as “Grape Rock” with Mats Persson, who was a member of the band Audiovisuellt Angrepp. After some time, Micke Syd Andersson, Anders Herrlin, and Goran Fritzon all became members of the band, making it a quintet. The name of the band was changed to “Gyllene Tider” in reference to the song “The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll” performed by Mott the Hoople. In 1980, the long-playing record Gyllene Tider was out, and it quickly became an enormous hit in Sweden. The song “Flickorna p TV2,” which translates to “The girls on TV2,” was the most successful single from this album.

The band’s second studio album, which was released in 1981 under the name Moderna Tider, was similarly a tremendous commercial success and was followed by a nationwide tour that broke several records. The album Puls was out the following year, and it included the popular singles “Sommartider” and “Flickan i en Cole-Porter-song”. After the release of their one and only album in the English language, “The Heartland Cafe,” in March of 1985, Gyllene Tider officially disbanded. Per Gessle pursued a solo career while simultaneously co-founding Roxette with Marie Fredriksson in the year 1986. Both Gyllene Tider and Roxette call Halmstad, Sweden, their hometown.

On August 14, 2010, Gyllene Tider performed as a surprise encore during a performance given by Roxette there. They gave a performance that consisted of three songs: “Juni, Juli, Augusti,” “Sommartider,” and “Nar alla vanner gtt hem.” Marie Fredriksson and the other members of the Roxette band joined them on stage for the last song of the set. The band made the announcement in January 2013 that they will be releasing a new album and touring Sweden throughout the summer under the moniker “Dags att tanka p refrain.” The album was made available for purchase on April 24, 2013, and the sold-out tour began on July 5, 2013, in Halmstad, and continued until August 10, 2013, also in Halmstad.

Gyllene Tider made the announcement of their farewell tour to mark their 40th anniversary in January 2019. The tour took place throughout Sweden and Norway over the summer of 2019. The tour began on July 4 in Halmstad, Sweden, and came to a close in the same city ten days later on August 10. The release of their tenth and last studio album, titled Sama skrot och Korn, took place in June of 2019.

After the band broke up, they issued a number of compilation albums that went on to go platinum and have since reunited for a number of live performances, the first of which was the phenomenally successful Tertget tour in 1996. In 2004, the band celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary by releasing a brand new album after a hiatus of more than 20 years and embarking on a massive summer tour in the months of July and August. The tour, which went by the name GT25 and took place all throughout Sweden, was a huge success.

It was the most-attended concert ever held in Scandinavia and the second most-attended concert ever held anywhere in Europe, and it attracted well over half a million people. During their performance on August 7, 2004, in the Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg, during the GT25, 58,984 people witnessed the concert live, breaking the record established by Bruce Springsteen, and the event was afterward televised on TV4. In 1978, Per Gessle, Mats Persson, Micke Andersson, Anders Herrlin, and Goran Fritzon came together to establish the band, and they are now working with Nevis on a biography on how they won the hearts of the people of Sweden. Pernilla Oljelund, a Swedish screenwriter known for her work on “Miss Friman’s War,” “Wallander,” and “The Restaurant,” will be responsible for penning the screenplay for this movie, which will be Nevis’s first feature picture.

Anni Faurbye Fernandez, Moa Westeson, and Cindy Hanson, who are the principals and creators of Nevis, are slated to produce the film and will start shooting in 2022. Where have we found you today—in the recording studio, or on the beach? What are you up to at this present moment? I was wondering how you are doing these days.

I’m excellent thankuverymuch! A couple of weeks ago, I went to the beach with my family and got a little sunburn on my nose. These days, though, I’m back in the coalmine recording and having coffee with MP. In addition, I’m working on a lot of Gyllene Tider-related items, which you should notice very soon. Everything from composing the set list for the summer tour to making videos, merchandise, and record packaging, among other things. And I recently completed up a new PG Roxette EP, which is scheduled to be released somewhere in the month of April. What do you think about that? You were taken aback, is that right?

Oh my goodness, that’s much more than we had hoped for… Now, let’s rewind a few months, shall we? After the publication of PG Roxette’s first genuine album, which you have just brought up, the reception was overwhelmingly positive, as far as we could tell. Absolutely, I couldn’t be more ecstatic with the feedback I’ve had to this record. To tell you the truth, I had no idea that would happen. THANK YOU! The way that business is conducted in the music industry these days has left me feeling a little bit dissatisfied. Getting into the Top 40 format is really challenging for guys like myself who have a little bit of gray in our sideburns.

However, this is the way things operate. My only goal in life is to create music that I like while exercising as much originality as I can. And it means a lot to have comments like that from all of you while I’m doing it, so thank you. The film tells the tale of how the band overcame adversity, including scorn, rejection, and terrible occurrences, on their way to becoming successful. Due to the fact that numerous members of Gyllene Tider want to go on reunion tours, it has been commissioned.

Gyllene Tider Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
Twitter https://twitter.com/gyllenetider
Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/wwwgyllenetidercom
Snapchat NA
Phone Number NA
Official Website NA
Office Number NA
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gyllenetider/
House address (Residence address) Halmstad, Sweden
Facebook Id https://www.facebook.com/gyllenetiderofficial/
Email Address NA

Gyllene Tider Fanmail Address

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