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Amit Bhadana Bio

Among his many accomplishments, Amit Bhadana is a social media influencer, YouTube celebrity, and comedian from India. Although he first rose to prominence on the short-form video hosting website Vine, he has now established himself as the most popular YouTuber in India. Since he was a little boy, Bhadana has been a source of amusement for friends and family with his hilarious pranks. When he was in school, he had a remarkable ability to make both his professors and his classmates laugh.

Following his graduation from college with a degree in business, he went on to pursue a legal education. The year 2015 was the year that he uploaded his very first video, in which he combined his original material with a portion of the music video for Adele’s song “Hello.” The video quickly gained widespread attention on Facebook, and Bhadana decided to sign up for Vine as a result. Using his native Gujari tongue in his films was a strategy that he used to differentiate himself from the millions of other comedians who utilized the app.

As Vine was at its pinnacle of popularity, Bhadana had amassed a significant number of followers on the platform. As a result of its closure, YouTube has emerged as its principal outlet. He is presently the YouTube celebrity with the most subscribers in India, and his video titled “Behan Bhai Ki School Life” is rated ninth on the list of the Top Trending Videos of 2018 on YouTube worldwide.

Amit Bhadana created his first comical video in 2015 with the assistance of his younger brother, Sumit. The film was based on the music video for Adele’s song “Hello.” After he published it on social media, it quickly gained a tremendous amount of popularity, which propelled him to the forefront of internet stardom almost immediately. Over time, his audience began to quickly expand, and they urged him to produce other films from that point on.

On the other hand, Bhadana was quite preoccupied with his academic pursuits and his efforts to get a degree in law at the time. His subsequent notable effort consisted of a video featuring Eminem. Additionally, it was a tremendous hit, and he followed it up by creating a dubbing video using material from the Hindi film “Border” (1997). He eventually became dissatisfied with the process of creating dubbing videos, and on the recommendation of a buddy, he decided to create a Vine account.

Starting from the very beginning, he was aware that he wanted to accomplish something completely different from his page. Not only did he employ his native Gujari language in his videos, but he also penned down the lines in rhymes that were easy to understand and appealing. On Vine, he was able to quickly amass a sizable following in a reasonable amount of time. Following the permanent closure of Vine, he began publishing videos solely on YouTube.

In the beginning, on October 24, 2012, he established his channel with the same name. March 1, 2017, was the day that the oldest video was uploaded. All of his videos now have millions of views every one of them. During the first few days, Bhadana heard some criticism for the “unapologetic Indianness” of his work; nonetheless, he opted to disregard these criticisms. It is a buddy of his called Vipin Kumar who acts as his cameraperson, and he is the one who creates his drawings himself.

In his videos, Bhadana maintains a high level of cleanliness and refrains from using profanity and swear words. His goal is to create material that will not only make young boys and girls laugh but also make their parents laugh. He believes that it is simple to make young boys and girls laugh. Additionally, Bhadana is active on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where he often shares updates on his videos along with other content. On the first of the year 2019, he is going to release his first single.

On the subject of his birth date and location, there is material that contradicts itself. Most sources claim that he was born on September 7, 1994, in Johripur, which is located in Delhi, India. However, other sources claim that he was born on September 7, 1991, in Faridabad, which is located in Haryana, India. Narendra Bhadana and Munish Devi are two of his parents, according to reports. There is a sister and a brother who are both called Sumit. He has two siblings.

During his time in school, Bhadana was known as the class clown. He was able to captivate not only his classmates but also the professors with his humorous actions and quips. A school in the Yamuna Vihar neighborhood of northeast Delhi was where he received his education. Following the completion of his high school education, he went on to get a bachelor’s degree in business and then continued his education by enrolling in law school. During 2017, he received his degree from the law school.

His close friends and siblings have been there for him ever since he started his job on social media, and he has been grateful for their support. Even though he was progressively becoming one of the most popular social media stars in India, his parents were unaware of this development. Additionally, they did not put any pressure on him to look for work; rather, they encouraged him to finish his studies.

When he began making his films, however, they did discover that they were intrigued by him. Bhadana made a hilarious remark in an interview on the fact that his parents got the impression that he was working on wedding movies. It wasn’t until the Hindi-language publication ‘Punjab Kesari’ published a story about him that they were finally able to discover the truth. They were still hesitant even at that point. Eventually, they began to show their support for him as well.

Amit Bhadana Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
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