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Ajey Nagar Bio

Originally from Faridabad, India, Ajey Nagar, better known by his stage name CarryMinati, is a YouTuber, streamer, and rapper who hails from India. He was born on June 12, 1999. The roasting videos, comedy sketches, and comments on a variety of internet subjects that he posts on his channel, CarryMinati, have earned him a lot of attention. The gaming and live streaming content on his second channel, CarryisLive, is his primary focus.

As of August 2023, he has established himself as the individual YouTuber in Asia with the highest number of followers, with over 40 million subscribers. In May 2020, his video titled “YouTube vs. TikTok – The End” generated a stir on YouTube in the form of a roast. YouTube banned the video because it violated the terms of service of the site, stating factors such as cyberbullying and harassment as the grounds for the removal.

Faridabad, which is located close to New Delhi, the capital of India, is the location of Ajey Nagar’s headquarters. Besides live gaming, Nagar is mostly active in the production of Hindi-language roasting and comedy videos, diss songs, and sarcastic parodies. He is also known by the name CarryMinati, which gained him widespread recognition. Nagar and his crew are responsible for the production of videos from their residence in Faridabad.

At the age of ten, Nagar started contributing videos to YouTube. He started by uploading football lesson videos to his first channel on YouTube, which was called STeaLThFeArzZ.His primary channel on YouTube has been operational from the year 2014. AddictedA1 was the name of the channel that Nagar used in 2014, and he would post recorded video game footage along with his responses to the game.

In the year 2015, he changed the name of the channel to CarryDeol and began posting gaming videos of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while imitating Sunny Deol. After that, the station decided to change its name to CarryMinati.When he reached the milestone of 30 million followers in May of 2021, he became the first Indian YouTuber to ever do so. In August of 2023, he reached the milestone of 40 million subscribers. Not only does he have the biggest number of subscribers in India, but he also ranks first in the Asia area at the moment.

At the beginning of 2017, Nagar established a second channel on YouTube under the name CarryIsLive. On this channel, he broadcasts live streams of himself playing video games. The victims of the floods that occurred in Kerala in 2018 have benefited from the livestreams that he has conducted on this channel. storm Fani in Odisha, Assam floods, Bihar floods, and Shaheed’s Pulwama attack in 2019, Bushfires in Australia, COVID-19, and the flooding in Assam and Bihar in 2020.

For the victims of the train accident that occurred in Odisha in 2023, Nagar sponsored a charity live-stream stream that lasted for four hours on June 4th. With a total of ₹1.5 lakh in personal donations, the live stream was able to produce a total of INR 11,87,611.64; all of the cash was contributed to the Chief Minister’s relief funds, which are administered by the Government of Odisha. In January of 2023, Nagar established a new channel on YouTube called CarryMinati Productions Official. On this channel, he posts videos of behind-the-scenes footage and vlogs.

Since its publication five months ago, Nagar’s diss track, which he titled “Bye PewDiePie” and in which he expressed his disapproval of PewDiePie, has received a total of 22 million views. An additional single titled “Trigger” was released by him in the same year, and it was a collaboration with his older brother, Wily Frenzy. Next came “Zindagi,” “Warrior,” and the Diss Track “Yalgaar” in the year 2020, and then “Vardaan” in the year 2021.

“YouTube Vs. TikTok–The End” was the title of a contentious video that was uploaded to YouTube by Nagar in May 2020. This film was a reaction to a video that was posted on Instagram by a TikTok user named Amir Siddiqui, in which he criticized YouTube producers for ridiculing TikTok members. Based on several complaints of harassment and cyberbullying, YouTube removed it from its platform, claiming breaches of its terms of service as the reason for the removal.

Activists who identify as LGBTQ+ have filed a significant number of complaints against the film, citing instances of homophobic or transphobic statements that were abusive. This removal resulted in several new trending hashtags citing Nagar’s name, which was a direct result of the fact that many of Nagar’s admirers were upset with YouTube’s actions. As a consequence of this, the video achieved several million views, and there was a coordinated attempt to review bomb TikTok on the Google Play Store.

Several other Nagar fans have voiced their support for YouTube’s decision to remove the video from their platform. As a further reaction, Nagar posted the music video “Yalgaar” in June 2020. The video displayed Siddiqui’s critique in a revitalized manner. According to Time magazine’s annual list of ten young individuals who are building creative professions, Nagar was ranked tenth on the list of Next Generation Leaders in 2019. This list was published in 2019.

CarryMinati, whose actual name is Ajey Nagar, is a well-known YouTube phenomenon who has amassed a sizeable following because of his creative creation of a parody video. He can meticulously imitate the gestures and speech of famous personalities within the YouTube community. CarryMinati has been doing comical impersonations of several YouTubers, including Flying Beast (Gaurav Taneja), Armaan Malik, Technical Guruji, and several other YouTubers.

Ajey Nagar Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
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