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Yosri Fouda is a well-known name in Egypt as a television personality, investigative reporter, and novelist. He was one of the channel’s most prominent characters until his resignation in 2009 and was instrumental in establishing Al Jazeera’s headquarters in London. In addition to that, Fouda was a television presenter for the Egyptian Channel ONTV, which was situated in Cairo. It was released in 2003 by Arcade Publishing under the title Masterminds of Terror: The Truth Behind the Most Devastating Assault the World Has Ever Seen. He was a co-author of the book.

Fouda was born in the town of Manshyet Ganzour in the city of Tanta, Egypt. He attended Cairo University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and, following graduation, was given a position as an Assistant professor at the university. He attended the American University in Cairo for his master’s degree studies and received his diploma in the year 1992. Soon after he had his diploma, he went to the Netherlands to pursue further education in the field of television production.

The British Council awarded Fouda a scholarship in the year 1993 so that he may complete his doctoral studies in documentary filmmaking at the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow. His studies were sidetracked when he was contacted by the BBC, which was searching for reporters who were proficient in the Arabic language. 1994 and 1996 were the years that Fouda spent working for the BBC during his brief tenure there. In 1994, he was an integral component of the team that established the BBC Arabic service, and subsequently, he worked as a traveling reporter with seasoned journalist Martin Bell.

He reported on the battle for independence in Bosnia, in addition to other significant events that occurred in Africa and the Middle East. After barely two years, the services of the Arabic BBC subsidiary were discontinued owing to political concerns, and Fouda joined the Associated Press Television News shortly thereafter. Both the Middle East bureau at the news agency and the London-based Arab News Network were partially his doing. He also helped create the Arab News Network (ANN).

His show was very well welcomed by critics and viewers throughout the Arab world, and it ended up winning the second-place award at the Cairo Radio and Production Festival in the year 1998. During an interview with Fouda that took place in April 2002, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confirmed his participation in the attacks that took place on September 11 together with Ramzi bin al-Shibh. Fouda does not feel that his encounter with the 9/11 orchestrators was a watershed moment in his professional life; rather, he believes that it brought him to the attention of a worldwide audience.

In 2009, Fouda handed in his resignation from his position at Al Jazeera, almost two years before the Egyptian revolution of 2011 that brought down former President Hosni Mubarak. His dissatisfaction with the inter-politics of the news agency, as well as his belief that a big event would soon take place in Egypt, were the driving forces behind his decision to quit his position. Immediately after he handed in his resignation, Fouda became the presenter of a chat program called Final Words on ONTV.

Fouda has been a supporter of the revolution from the very beginning and has provided continuous coverage of the demonstrations at Tahrir Square. Even though he participated in none of the demonstrations at Tahrir Square, he was certain that he should be the one to report on and broadcast the goings-on there as they occur. His program was very well-liked in Egypt both before and after the revolution, and it remained at the top of the ratings for television programs the whole time.

Fouda had some interesting things to say about Egypt after the revolution. For example, in an interview with Stephen Sackur, he stated that very little had changed in Egypt since the revolution and that the previous regime should be preserved because it is still in place. Fouda’s thoughts on Egypt after the revolution are interesting. His program was relentless in its criticism of Egypt’s previous military authorities, and in October 2011, Fouda decided to cease his show as a form of protest against what he termed “efforts by the country’s military rulers to curb free speech.”

He explained his method of self-censorship by saying, “This is my style of self-censorship, either to express the truth or to stay quiet.”After a brief hiatus of three weeks, the program returned to the airwaves on November 13, 2011. At the beginning of his episode, Fouda emphasized that he took a break from his program for a period of three weeks in order to “prove a position,” and that his devotion has always been to “justice and truth.” On May 17, Fouda announced on his Twitter account that he would stop the program in two months, but he ultimately opted to keep it going for another year. The program was taken off the air once again in late June of 2012.

He did not provide a detailed explanation of the reasons behind his decision and instead opted to tweet in a succinct manner, “I’ve paused my program because I respect you, the specifics concern me alone.” My work is the only thing that should concern anybody who is looking at it. In September 2012, the program was brought back on the air. Naturally, the Arab regimes, America, Al Qaeda, the moderates, you, and I all lost, but in the blink of an eye, our regimes gave themselves permission to fight and abuse the opposition and enforce new laws to tighten their grip in the name of security, God, ethics, and in the name of what they call the war on terror.

Yosri Fouda Phone Number,Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Email Address NA
House address (residence address) Mansheyat Ganzour, Egypt
Linked InNA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat NA
Whatsapp No.NA
Youtube ChannelNA

Yosri Fouda Fanmail Address

Yosri Fouda
Mansheyat Ganzour,

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