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Walter Mosley Bio

Walter Mosley was born in the United States on January 12, 1952, Walter Ellis Mosley is best known for his mystery novels. Perhaps his most well-known works are the Easy Rawlins historical mystery novels, which feature the tenacious PI Easy Rawlins, a black man who lives in the Watts section of Los Angeles.

Walter Mosley is more than just a genre writer, he first found success with a series of detective books portraying an African-American private eye in the Raymond Chandler mold. For instance, Easy Rawlins, Mosley’s private detective, made his first appearance in a non-mystery novel, Gone Fishin’, written in 1988 but not published until 1997. This was followed by four more appearances in quick succession.

The journey that Easy Rawlins and his childhood friend Raymond Alexander take from Houston to the Texas bayou village of Pariah in 1939 serves as the backdrop for the coming-of-age story Gone Fishin’. As Easy watches in horror as Mouse murders his stepfather and remains silent, he learns hard lessons about death, friendship, and the weight of guilt. The novel concludes with Easy embarking on a new life in Los Angeles, but one that will be perpetually plagued by the presence of the dangerously hazardous Mouse.

The year 1948 is shown in Devil in a Blue Dress. As of this now, Easy is unemployed. Easy needs the money to pay his mortgage, so when a white mobster gives him $100 to find a missing woman he thinks is hidden someplace in Watts, he takes the job. The trouble starts when the missing woman’s pals start turning up dead, and Easy is the main suspect. However, Easy turns out to be a competent investigator and solves the case. He also gains a sense of self-worth as a man and an African-American man in postwar America from being his own employer. Mosley, in this and subsequent novels in the series, vividly depicts Easy’s world, introducing readers to settings (such as dive bars, brothels, and barbershops) rarely seen in traditional mystery novels.

In A Red Death, five years have passed since we last saw Easy. Easy, who now owns three apartment buildings, pretends to be the building’s maintenance worker in order to keep his true identity secret. The IRS, however, is not fooled and continues to pursue him for unpaid taxes. Easy is forced back into the position of a detective when an FBI agent offers to settle his tax issues in exchange for any information he can provide about a communist organizer supposedly operating in a nearby black church.

As the episodes progress, Easy’s life becomes increasingly difficult. In White Butterfly, which takes place in 1956, Easy is a married father of two (including a mute Mexican boy he rescued from a life of child prostitution), but he continues to walk a fine line between respectability and lawlessness due to the fact that he owns seven buildings without telling anyone, not even his wife. However, he proves his worth as a detective once again by cracking the case of a young white woman’s murder in Watts. However, his private life suffers as his wife and daughter leave him as a result of his detective job.

It’s 1961, Kennedy has just taken office, Martin Luther King, Jr. is just starting to organize marches, and Black Betty is feeling optimistic. However, Easy still feels burdened by his own issues. He must solve an impossible puzzle and stop Mouse from killing the person who put him in jail. This is the most depressing book in the series because Easy is so down. In the end, he decides he will stop caring about other people’s issues.

Two years later, in A Little Yellow Dog, Easy seems to have made good on his promise; he is now the head custodian at Sojourner Truth Junior High School and is doing his best to nurture his two adopted children. But after having sex with a teacher, not only does she end up dead, but so do her brother and his twin. Easy is abandoned with her puppy and a case that will only bring more tragedy. As the novel concludes and the nation mourns the loss of John F. Kennedy, Easy is left to deal with his own grief and remorse over the shooting of his companion Mouse.

Private eyes are typically portrayed as loners in the Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler canon, operating outside of the traditional confines of law enforcement. However, Easy faces additional discrimination due to the fact that he is a black private investigator. Race further complicates his life because he frequently finds himself working with the police despite their lack of acceptance of him and his efforts on their behalf threatening his position in his community. By featuring a unique investigative hero who struggles with his own insecurities and with the racial and class prejudices he encounters in a predominantly white society, Mosley is able to push the boundaries of the mystery genre.

Easy is sometimes compared to private investigators, but he is more akin to a character like John Updike’s Rabbit Angstrom. Mosley, like Updike, charts the evolution of his protagonist against the backdrop of historical shifts. Mosley, like Updike, is just as invested in the everyday Americans he writes about as he is in his hero. There is no such thing as a simple hero, and Easy is no exception. Mosley’s talent is in his ability to paint believable pictures of his characters and their environments.

A second series character of Mosley’s is the hardened ex-con Socrates Fortlow, who appears in Mosley’s Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned, and Walkin’ the Dog. For his role in a double murder, Socrates was sent to an Indiana prison for 27 years. After eight years on the outside, he has few material requirements and a straightforward goal: to turn his life around from one of crime and evil. Socrates, like his Greek namesake, is a philosopher in the sense of asking fundamental questions about how to live an honorable life, despite the fact that he has had a terrible past and current situation.

Walter Mosley’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. (212) 522-7200
Youtube Channel NA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number (212) 522-7200
Official Website
Office Number (212) 522-7200
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Los Angeles, California, United States
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Walter Mosley Fanmail Address

Walter Mosley
Author Mail
Hachette Book Group USA
Grand Central Publishing
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

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