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Maggie O’Farrell was born on 1972 . Author Maggie O’Farrell attended her first costume party when she was 16 years old. She donned her Doc Martens, cheeky shorts, and black leggings over a black shirt with a ruffled paper collar and an inky cloak created out of a skirt. She took a skull from the biology classroom to round out her costume. She said, “He had gotten under my skin,” indicating her growing obsession with Hamlet. To me, he was like a genetic code.” And while it’s no secret that young girls find Hamlet’s glamorous volatility intriguing, O’Farrell’s interest in the play was revived when she learned of its relationship to Shakespeare’s son, Hamnet. She was confident there was a novel hidden within. She had tried and failed to write the novel several times over the years. However, the story kept coming back to her.

The culmination of her literary career, Hamnet, is now here. O’Farrell has written eight critically acclaimed and commercially successful novels, so this is saying something. Shortlisted for both Instructions for a Heatwave and This Must Be the Place, she won the Costa Novel Award in 2010 for The Hand That First Held Mine. Her story of narrowly avoiding death, I am, I am, I am: Seventeen Brushes With Death (2017), was a surprise hit. But Hamnet is not like any other book. While it has the same page-turning energy as O’Farrell’s other novels, this one succeeds where younger authors sometimes fail: in making the story seem to tell itself.

This story reads like a fairytale, but it’s based on a tragic truth: there is no magic that can save a child. At age 11, Hamnet is thought to have succumbed to the plague. O’Farrell believes that the value of his brief but wonderful life is greater than what literary historians give it credit for. According to Steven Greenblatt of the New York Review of Books, both Hamlet and Hamnet were the same names in Shakespeare’s period. The 2018 Kenneth Branagh film All Is True, written by Ben Elton, featured Hamnet, as did a brief, one-man act by Bush Moukarzel, and David Mitchell in The Upstart Crow, also by Elton, references Shakespeare’s loss.

Despite the obvious parallels between Shakespeare’s life and Hamnet and Hamlet, the connection between the two has not been explored creatively until now. Everyone I know who has read an advanced copy of the book adores it, and it has already been praised by a number of notable authors, including Claire Tomalin, Dominic Dromgoole, and Kamila Shamsie. I can say with absolute certainty that after reading it, you will never again be able to see Hamlet without thinking of the young man who inspired the play’s title.

In Edinburgh, it is 11 a.m. on a dreary winter morning, and you and O’Farrell are about to stroll to her house together. I’m waiting as she hurriedly pushes open the cafe entrance. What makes her so endearing right off the bat is how she doesn’t even realize she’s making a grand debut or how beautiful she is. She has piercing blue eyes and a mess of auburn locks, and she is dragged into the cafe by a little lurcher while wearing a silver Puffa jacket, as though outer space might be her next visit. She names her sister’s dog Luna.

We enter a stone home with two facades, and she shows us to the bright kitchen. The housecats have taken over, and her daughter has left a sketch of Voldemort wearing a pair of lace-up boots on the table. There is a son, 16, and two girls, ages 10, and seven, who live with her and her husband, the novelist William Sutcliffe. A wall of glass opens onto the garden, creating a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere.

While sitting around the kitchen table, O’Farrell explains how she first got the idea for the book while studying English at Cambridge University: “At that time, studying English was frustrating because it was all about post-Marxist readings – you were several removes from the text.” However, it wasn’t until she started reading biographies of Shakespeare that she found out about Hamnet. There would be numerous lines about infant mortality in the late 16th century after they mentioned his demise. Because of the frequency with which infants died, the authors would imply that their readers showed little grief at the loss of a child. “I found this to be an extraordinary assumption,” she explains. There was a pause. “Hamnet was 11…”

After graduating from college, she began inquiring among her friends about Shakespeare’s children, specifically whether or not they were familiar with the name Hamnet, the twin brother of Shakespeare’s second daughter Judith. They disregarded her account of Hamnet, assuming she had made him up. A resounding “No!” was heard. Is that so? I responded, “Yes, I am very confident.” As a result, I reasoned, “If they don’t know, then perhaps many others don’t know.”There is no proof that he disliked being a family man or his wife. It’s offensive to assume he didn’t feel sadness for Hamnet’s death. Having a play and a tragic hero named after your son is no small gesture. We don’t know the exact numbers, but it’s a massive production.

She continues by saying that Shakespeare must not have been uncaring about his loved ones because he sent money from his London earnings back to Stratford and moved back there with his wife after his retirement. O’Farrell visited Stratford-upon-Avon for his book’s research. For all his amazing production, Shakespeare left behind a rather thin paper trail, making it all the more remarkable that his birthplace on Henley Street is open to the public. Absolutely heartbreaking. It’s incredible that we can really enter the room where he was born and the room where he dined, both of which have miraculously survived. I took multiple tours of the area and peppered the guides with questions. They were so patient with me, and they just oozed my passion and expertise.

Maggie O’Farrell Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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