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Julian Lennon Bio

Julian Charles John Lennon is a musician, photographer, and philanthropist from England. His full name is Julian Charles John Lennon, and he was born John Charles Julian Lennon on April 8, 1963. He is the son of John Lennon, a member of the band The Beatles, and Cynthia, his first wife. His name honors his father’s mother, Julia Lennon, who was his father’s mother. Julian was the subject of three songs that were written by the Beatles: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (1967), “Hey Jude” (1968), and “Good Night” (1968). After his father had an affair with Yoko Ono, his parents separated the next year in 1968.

Lennon began his career as a musician in 1984 with the release of the album Valotte, which is most famous for the lead track “Too Late for Goodbyes.” Since then, Lennon has published a total of six more albums. He has also had a number of children’s books published in addition to having his fine-art photography displayed in exhibitions. Lennon was the producer of the environmental documentary film WhaleDreamers, which was released in 2006 and received eight prizes internationally. He established The White Feather Foundation (TWFF) in 2007, with the intention of addressing “environmental and humanitarian issues” as the foundation’s stated mission aim.

Women of the White Buffalo is a documentary film that was released in 2018 under Lennon’s direction as executive producer. The film follows the lives of women who live on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Lennon served as an executive producer on the Netflix documentary Kiss the Ground, which was released in the year 2020 and was about regenerative agriculture.

He was given the name Julia Lennon after his grandfather John Lennon’s mother, who passed away five years before he was born. His godfather was Brian Epstein, the manager of the band The Beatles. Ruthin School is a private boarding school located in the town of Ruthin in the county of Denbighshire in North Wales. John Lennon had his education there. One of John Lennon’s most famous songs was inspired by his son, titled “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

The words of the song depict a picture that Lennon had made as a child, which was a watercolor painting of his buddy Lucy O’Donnell from nursery school surrounded by stars. The artwork was given to John Lennon by his father. Another song that his father wrote and was inspired to write by him was the lullaby “Good Night,” which is featured as the final track on The Beatles album, commonly known as The White Album. In 1967, when he was only four years old, he went to the set of the Beatles’ film Magical Mystery Tour to watch the band in action.

In 1968, when Julian was just five years old, his parents got a divorce because his father had been unfaithful to his mother with Yoko Ono, a Japanese multimedia artist. Ono and John Lennon tied the knot on March 20, 1969. In subsequent years, Julian would be related to Sean Lennon, who was his younger half-brother. The song “Hey Jude” was originally titled “Hey Jules,” but Paul McCartney changed the name to “Jude” after he realized that it was easier for him to sing than “Jules.” McCartney created “Hey Jude” to help him get over his divorce.

After his parents divorced, Julian had nearly no contact with his father until the early 1970s, when, at the request of his father’s then-girlfriend, May Pang (Yoko Ono and John Lennon were temporarily separated), he began to visit his father on a regular basis. Until that time, Julian had almost no contact with his father. At Christmastime in 1973, John Lennon presented him with a Gibson Les Paul guitar and a drum machine as gifts. He also showed him some chords to pique his interest in music and urged him to pursue it.

After his father was murdered on December 8, 1980, Julian Lennon vented his wrath and bitterness towards him by declaring, “I’ve never really wanted to know the truth about how dad was with me.” Julian Lennon was the son of John Lennon and was a member of the band The Beatles. There were some really unfavorable things stated about me, such as the time he said that I might emerge from a bottle of whiskey on a Saturday night.

Things of that nature. You could be wondering, where is the love in something like that? Paul and I used to spend a lot of time together hanging out—much more than my father and I did. We had a wonderful friendship going, and it appears that there are a great deal more images of me and Paul playing together when we were younger than there are pictures of me and my father.

Julian became irritated whenever he was reminded of his father’s unwavering commitment to love and peace. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, he stated, “I have to say that, from my point of view, I felt that he was a hypocrite.” In addition to this, he stated, “Dad could talk about peace and love out loud to the world, but he was never able to show it to the people who supposedly meant the most to him: his wife and son.” How can you talk about love and peace when your family is falling apart at the seams due to things like lack of communication, adultery, and divorce? You are not capable of carrying it through, not if you are open and sincere with yourself.

In 2009, he reflected on the fact that he had reestablished communication with his father in the middle of the 1970s and remarked, “Dad and I got along a great lot better then. When he was with May Pang, we all had a terrific time, laughed a lot, and enjoyed ourselves to a high degree in general. My recollections of that time with my father and my mother are quite distinct; looking back, I realize that it was the happiest period of my life spent with him. Julian did not receive any of his inheritance from his father’s will.

On the other hand, his father established a trust fund with a total value of £100,000 for the benefit of Julian and his half-brother Sean. Julian sued his father’s estate, and in 1996, the two parties came to a settlement arrangement, which was reputedly worth twenty million pounds and was authorized by Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow. In an interview that took place in 2009 with CBS News, he claimed, “I realized that if I continued to feel that anger and bitterness towards my dad, I would have a constant cloud hanging over my head my whole life.”

After finishing the recording of the song ‘Lucy,’ it seemed natural and appropriate to complete the circle, forgive Dad, put the hurt, anger, and bitterness in the past, and instead concentrate on and be grateful for the positive things in life. Writing has always been a form of therapy for me, but this is the first time in my life that I am genuinely feeling and believing that statement. In addition to that, it has made it possible for me to accept my father and the Beatles.

Julian Lennon’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number (707) 442-6585
Official Website NA
Office Number NA
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LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Liverpool, United Kingdom
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Julian Lennon Fanmail Address

Julian Lennon
Chicane Group
Maverick Office
9350 Civic Center Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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