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Greta Thunberg Bio

She is a Swedish environmental activist with the name of Greta Thunberg. After becoming aware of the lack of action being taken to tackle the global climate issue, Greta felt compelled to take action to make a difference. She began by altering the way of life of her family, and it was then that she made the realization that she might hope for change. She became motivated to stage school strikes when she triumphed in a competition to write an essay on the topic of climate change.

Her first act of defiance was to skip school to demonstrate in front of the Swedish parliament. It was her insistence that Sweden adhere to the framework that was established by the Paris Agreement with the United States. As a result of her cause being widely known on social media, she was able to motivate a large number of her contemporaries to take action, and the campaign that she started became known as “Fridays for Future.” In the time that has passed since then, Greta has leaped and gone all over the globe to deliver talks.

At climate demonstrations, conferences, the COP 24 summit, and the World Economic Forum, she has delivered speeches on the topic of climate change. Her remarks have been responsible for a great deal of change and have inspired a great deal of political action. Time Magazine was the publication that recognized her as the “next generation leader,” and she has received a great deal of accolades and awards. More recently, she was the subject of the documentary titled “Make the World Greta Again,” and she made news after embarking on a carbon-neutral transatlantic cruise from Plymouth to New York. Both of these developments occurred in recent years.

The 3rd of January, 2003 found Greta Thunberg was born in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to being the daughter of the Swedish opera singer Malena Ernman, she is also the daughter of the actor Svante Thunberg. Additionally, she is the granddaughter of Olof Thunberg, who is a well-known actor and director. She is related to Beata Ernman, who is her sister.

When she was eight years old, Greta Thunberg was aware of and heard about climate change. She was even more perplexed by the fact that international leaders were not taking any action to address the issue. Later on, she was diagnosed with depression, and then she was also diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and selective mutism by medical professionals. She did not allow this to be a barrier to her fight.

Beginning with her family, she made her first attempt to make a difference in the world. To reduce the family’s carbon impact, she issued a challenge to her parents to adopt a vegan diet. She found reasons to have optimism as a result of her parents’ supportive attitude and eventual acceptance of the shift in their way of life. She felt that she could make a difference.

The school shootings in the United States, which enabled a large number of young activists to go on strike, served as the impetus for Greta to embark on a climate strike. She acknowledged that similar to the issue of gun control, the issue of climate change should be stressed by everyone. Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper, invited her to participate in an essay-writing competition on climate change, and she emerged victorious in May of 2018.

There was a publication of the piece in the newspaper. As a consequence of this, Bo Thoren, who is a member of the Fossil Free Dalsland organization, got in touch with her and informed her about the march that schoolchildren are participating in to protest climate change.
At first, Greta Thunberg attempted to persuade other people to participate in the strike; however, none agreed to do so.

She decided to handle everything on her own. In August 2018, she decided to abstain from attending school until the Swedish government took measures to cut carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement. She initiated the demonstration by sitting in front of the Riksdag daily, and she continued to do so for three weeks while carrying the banner that said: “School Strike for the Climate” (Skolstrejk för klimatet).

By using social media, she was able to get support for her cause, and as a result, her cause became very popular on both Instagram and Twitter. As a result of the rapid dissemination of the news, she received media on a global scale. Her actions served as an inspiration to a great number of kids all across the world. At the end of 2018, she had accomplished her goal of motivating more than 20,000 students to go on strike in more than 200 places.

After October 2018, she was no longer a lone protest individual. During her travels around Europe, she delivered lectures, rallied her supporters inspired them to take action, and gradually established herself as an influential figure in her own right. In November of 2018, she was considered for the Children’s Climate Prize; however, Greta Thunberg declined the nomination because the finalists were required to travel to Stockholm to be present at the presentation.

She noted that this was in direct opposition to her ideals, which include leaving a small carbon imprint. Greta Thunberg made a name for herself as a climate activist by the time 2018 came to a close. She was a prominent person all around the world. She was the subject of coverage from a variety of media publications. Even though she was absent from school, she received support from a large number of her friends, teachers, and parents. As she persisted in her demonstrations before the Swedish parliament, additional individuals joined her effort.

In February 2019, a large number of academics wrote an open letter expressing their support for Greta and her acting. After that, she provided her voice for the song “The 1975,” in which she discussed the need of revolt and civil disobedience in response to the lack of action addressing climate change. She proceeded to deliver lectures at many international gatherings, including the European Parliament, TEDx Stockholm, the COP24 Summit, Davos, the European Economic and Social Committee, Brandenburg Gate, and the Austrian World Summit R20.

Greta Thunberg Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
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House address (Residence address) Stockholm, Sweden
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Greta Thunberg Fanmail Address

Greta Thunberg
The Greta Thunberg Foundation
c/o von Euler & Partners
Cardellgatan 1
11436 Stockholm

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