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Gisella Anastasia was born in the country of Indonesia on November 16th, 1990. She is a singer and actress who shot to stardom in 2008 when she competed in the final season of Indonesian Idol. In addition to that, she later had an appearance in the comedic series Opera Van Java. The band Pop Singer includes Gisella Anastasia as a member. Singer and Actress who shot to prominence in 2008 after competing on Indonesian Idol and making it to the finals. In addition to that, she later had an appearance in the comedic series Opera Van Java.

She has appeared in a variety of movies for television, such as My Gebetan Wedding, Jadikan Aku Pacarmu, and Keren Keren Mellow, among others. In 2013, she tied the knot with actor Gading Marten, who is well-known as the son of Indonesian actor Roy Marten. They have a kid together who they have called Gempita Nora. With Sahila Hisyam, she made an appearance in the soap opera 3 Semprul Mengejar Surga aired on SCTV.

Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten continue to get along well despite the fact that they are no longer married. In fact, the two of them are currently co-hosting the music show “Epic,” which can be seen on BTV. When Gisel and Gading both listen to songs about exes, this further demonstrates the closeness that exists between the two of them. It was seen that the band The Rain was doing a live performance of their song “Trained to Patah Hati.” Ex-lovers and broken hearts are also topics covered in this song.

Gisel turned his camera in the direction of Gading, who was standing next to him at the time, while the performer performed the lines “the line of exes.” Gisel let out a hearty chuckle, and Gading couldn’t contain his own laughter. Gempita Nora Marten, also known as Gempi, has been thrust into the public eye on many occasions as a result of her mother, Gisella Anastasia, sometimes known as Gisel, posting pictures of her daughter online.

People often describe Gempi as gloomy, not joyful, or mellow, amongst other things. Gisel responds with the truth whenever she sees a remark like that since there are so many of them. Gisella Anastasia has lately shown that participating in Jakarta Sports has become a habitual hobby for her. In addition to that, he was successful in establishing a new record by competing in an extremely difficult Triathlon, in which the three events of swimming, cycling, and running are completed in one continuous sequence.

“Even if it is still a long way from Triathlon PRO, at least I completed it and feel how it feels,” Gisel wrote of his contentment while explaining his joy. Gading Marten seemed to express praise to his ex-wife Gisella Anastasia in the comments section of one of Gisella Anastasia’s uploads after the triathlon. “Sports freak,” commented Ivory followed by a fire emoji in the comments column.

The most recent post that Gisella Anastasia has made on her Instagram account has garnered a lot of attention. Gisel was spotted posing for a picture with Ridwan Kamil, the Governor of West Java while donning an outfit almost identical to the one he was wearing. Nevertheless, the mother of one kid was immediately subjected to criticism from members of the online community because the length of the trousers she was wearing was seen to be inappropriate.

It seems like Gisel is wearing white shorts with the blue shirt that he is now wearing in the shot. Gisel’s getup, if it were to be seen, would not be considered inappropriate in any way. He wears these shorts when and when they are appropriate, namely while participating in a running sport. Despite this, many of the internet users who commented on Gisel believed that the trousers that Gading Marten’s ex-wife was wearing were too short. Order for the black trousers that Gisel wears as pants to be seen in a few other images as well.

Gisella Anastasia was planning to participate in the Pocari Sweat 5K Morning Run on Sunday (5/2) in the SCBD region of South Jakarta. This race was scheduled to take place in the morning. Together with Ridwan Kamil, a number of other celebrities joined Gisel for her morning run. Among them was Gisel’s training partner, Ridwan Kamil. Call it Daniel Mananta , Ibnu Jamil , and Alya Rohali .

Europe is where my cherished children, Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten, are now spending their holidays. There are a lot of heartwarming instances involving this famous family that has been effectively shared on personal social media accounts, and they have successfully captivated the interest of the general public.

Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten’s connection is very tight despite the fact that they used to be romantically involved. It should come as no surprise since the two individuals only just returned from spending their vacations outside of the country. It is interesting to note that Gisella Anastasia, who is well-known for her interest in athletics, continues to prioritize physical exercise even during the holiday season. Gisella’s desire to participate in outdoor activities is unaffected by the fact that winter has arrived where she lives.

On the other hand, his looks ended up becoming the topic of discussion among internet users. Are you curious about the appearance of the portrait? K-Lovers, let’s have a look at this. It is common knowledge that Gisella Anatasia, Gading Marten, and their daughter are now enjoying a vacation in a foreign country together. It is common knowledge that both travel to London prior to moving on to Paris as part of their holiday plans. Gisella Anastasia made sure to stick to her normal workout program even though she was in London. During the midst of their holiday, Gisella and her daughter Gempita Nora Marten go for a run together, just as they are doing in this photo.

Gisella Anastasia Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +1(740)803-0560
Official Website NA
Office Number NA
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Surabaya, Indonesia
Facebook Id NA
Email Address NA

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Gisella Anastasia

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