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Emma Donoghue Bio

Emma Donoghue was born on 24 October 1969. In 1990, she uprooted and made her way to England, where she eventually earned a doctorate from Cambridge. At the age of 23, she moved to Canada to pursue a career in writing. Not only has she written for the theatre and radio, but she has also published multiple novels and collections of short tales.

Her works include the bestselling and critically acclaimed novel Hood, the historical novel Slammerkin, the nonfiction work Life Mask, which details the lives of three prominent Londoners in the latter half of the eighteenth century, and the award-winning novel The Sealed Letter.

After being fired from a summer job as a chambermaid when I was 23, I’ve been fortunate enough to make a career as a writer ever since. I moved to London, Ontario in 1998 with my husband Chris Roulston, and our two children, Finn and Una, after spending years commuting between England, Ireland, and Canada.

Emma Donoghue, the winner of the 2010 Rogers Writers’ Trust Literature Prize, has given contemporary women’s literature a new, if sometimes unsettling, voice. For her work on the screenplay for the 2015 film adaptation of her novel Room, which was also shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, Donoghue received the Canadian Screen Award, the Independent Spirit Award, the British Academy Film Award, and the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Donoghue is the eighth and final child of a staunchly literary Irish Catholic family. Her father is New York University’s Henry James Professor of Letters, and her mother is an English teacher; both of her parents are named Frances Donoghue née Rutledge. Donoghue, whose name is a tribute to Emma in Jane Austen’s novels, grew up surrounded by books and familiar with the literary world. She has noted in her formative years that she quickly realized that having a book come out every year was just the norm.

Donoghue had his early education at Catholic convent schools before going on to receive a BA in English literature and French from University College Dublin in 1990 and a Ph.D. in English literature from Cambridge University in 1997. Donoghue has taught creative writing at the University of Western Ontario, the University of York, the Arvon Foundation, and the Cheltenham Literary Festival. Donoghue has established fruitful and mutually beneficial connections with Canadian writers.

To be with her spouse, Christine Roulston, a professor of Women’s Studies, Feminist Research, and French at the University of Western Ontario, she moved from Cambridge, United Kingdom, to Ontario, Canada, in 1998. In London, Ontario, where they are openly raising their two children, the pair lives as a lesbian couple. Donoghue considers her move to Canada to be a complete success because she won the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize in 2010. Donoghue is a fascinating study of the collision of national identities since she holds dual citizenship in Ireland, where she was born and raised, and Canada, where she afterward settled and experienced a creative renaissance.

She frequently draws thematic inspiration from actual historical events and figures. We Are Michael Field, the first historical and literary biography of Victorian collaborative writers and lovers Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper, who presented themselves in print under the united pseudonymous identity: Michael Field, is one of her most spectacular and popular achievements. Donoghue’s history of this fascinating but largely forgotten lesbian pair is based on the couple’s unpublished writings, including diaries, poetry, and plays.

Violence, sexual brutality and deviance, the sex trade, and the urban underclass all feature in Slammerkin, a historical book about an employee’s savage murder of her employer. In Frog Music, a female burlesque dancer/sex worker and a female-to-male cross-dresser from France are the subjects of an unsolved murder on the outskirts of San Francisco in the summer of 1876.

In recent works like Room, one of Donoghue’s latest passions and personal themes is motherhood, which she uses to counteract her imagination’s more sensationalist bent. However, she draws heavily from real-life case studies, whether from police records and newspapers or the lesbian popular press, for the majority of her stories and characters.

The story of Elisabeth Fritzl, an Austrian lady who was held captive by her father for 24 years and subjected to sexual assault, giving birth to seven children, was a major inspiration for the film Room. The tale is narrated by a young kid of five years old, who describes his ordeal of being locked up with his mother in a tiny chamber and only being allowed to leave when they were both given their freedom.

The novel Room was chosen as one of the 10 Best Books of 2010 by the New York Times Book Review and was awarded the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize. The film version, directed by Irishman Lenny Abrahamson and based on a screenplay by Donoghue, was a critical and commercial success and received the People’s Choice Award at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. A Canadian Screen Award, an Independent Spirit Award, and nods at the BAFTA and Academy Awards followed for screenwriter Emma Donoghue.

The Lotterys Plus One, Donoghue’s first children’s novel, was published in 2017 and is aimed at middle school students. The story takes place in a sprawling old mansion called Camelottery and follows a gay couple as they home-school their seven kids and deal with the challenges posed by the arrival of the grandparents’ senile, unlikable matriarch. The novel, deemed “warm and funny” by New York Times critic Raphael Simon, provides fresh perspectives on Donoghue’s vast notion of family life and her expertise in writing for young adults.

Since she was 23, Donoghue has been able to support herself financially with her writing. She may now say that she has never held an “honest job” since she was fired from her summer gig as a chambermaid. Her first novel, Stir Fry, a modern coming-of-age story about a young Irish woman discovering her sexuality, was released in 1994 when she was just 25 years old.

Donoghue became nearly a household name thanks to the success of her novel Room, published in 2010. In addition to winning the Irish Book Award and being a finalist for the Man Booker Prize, Orange Prize, and Governor General’s Award, Room was a bestseller for an extended period of time. The movie version of the novel was released in 2015. Donoghue created the script that was nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Bafta.

Emma Donoghue Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. (310) 273-6700
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Emma Donoghue Fanmail Address

Emma Donoghue
United Talent Agency
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604

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