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Yo Gabba Gabba Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details


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Children’s musical television programme Yo Gabba Gabba! was developed by Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz. The five dressed dolls that come to life in the story are friends with DJ Lance Rock. Magic Store Productions and WildBrain collaborated on its production. On August 20, 2007, Nickelodeon broadcast its inaugural episode as part of the network’s Nick Jr. block. On November 12, 2015, its first run came to an end. The programme, which is hosted by DJ Lance Rock, includes live-action parts with five dolls in costumes: Muno, a scarlet cyclops, Foofa, a pink flower bubble, Brobee, a green broccoli bee/monster, Toodee, and Plex.

Numerous little animated skits and songs are interspersed between the major sections. Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz, two punk rockers from Southern California who are now dads, originally collaborated on skateboarding video production as adolescents before creating Yo Gabba Gabba! Their objective was to create an engaging children’s programme that included actual artists and entertainers. Both had never written a television screenplay, much less for children’s programming or educational content.


Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Pee-Playhouse, wee’s Zoom, as well as the puppet programmes The Banana Splits and H. R. Pufnstuf created by Sid and Marty Krofft, served as inspiration for the creation of the show. Every episode has the same structure. DJ Lance is shown strolling on a pure white backdrop in the episode’s opening sequence while carrying a silver radio with multicolored buttons. When he finally finds a table, it has a silver pattern below and four distinct coloured tops. After setting the boombox down, he yells, “YOOOO Gabba Gabba!” as he opens it to reveal five toys: Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee, and Plex.

The toys come to life as he sets them down one at a time. spoken by Amos Watene; the youngest member of the Gabba gang and a small, green broccoli bee monster . He resides in “Brobee Land,” a location with an autumnal atmosphere. He plays drums for the group. He is one of the characters whose expressions shift depending on the circumstance, going from a smile to a frown and back again. He is often forced to try new meals. His domain is a vast forest in the fall. A green and pink superhero who appears in her season one title section is voiced by Ariela Barer. In season three, she made a cameo appearance and Caroline Jacobs provided her voice.

The episode had four primary plot-connected portions, which were later reduced to three after the first season. They have something to do with DJ Lance and the Gabba group. A little video clip of a young youngster dancing is presented after each major portion. The little youngster introduces himself or herself and adds, “I like to dance!”In addition to the main portions, a section called “The Super Music Friends Show” showcases a musical performance related to the topic of the episode. “Mark’s Magic Pictures” and “Biz’s Beat of the Day” are two more brief portions.

DJ Lance and the Gabba group perform a mix-like song on what happened during the major parts at the end of each show. After it is over, DJ Lance praises the kids at home for participating and once again yells, “YOOOO Gabba Gabba!” Then Plex, Muno, Foofa, Brobee, and Toodee revert to being toys. Each episode comes to a conclusion when DJ Lance puts all the records back in the boombox, shuts it, and leaves carrying it.

After becoming parents in 1999, Jacobs and Schultz began experimenting with concepts for children’s television and independently created a pilot with modest loans from friends and relatives. Yo Gabba Gabba! did not get much notice until it became popular online.  After seeing the pilot online, Jared Hess, the director of Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite, suggested it to Brown Johnson, executive vice president and executive creative director of Nickelodeon Preschool. Super Martian Robot Girl, a segment of the show’s various animation, was created by independent cartoonists Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer. Ariela Barer in season one and Caroline Jacobs in season three both provided the voices for the episode’s titular character.The toy replicas of the characters that appear at the opening and finish of each episode were created by Kidrobot. The Ramones’ punk rock song “Gabba Gabba Hey” is referenced in the show’s title.

Each episode focuses on a certain subject (such as “Adventure,” “Friends,” or “Dance”) via songs and brief narratives. The programme also imparts social and life lessons to kids, teaching them how to share and try new foods. Additionally, it invites viewers to dance and move with the program’s characters. The programme is renowned for its indie-culture guest performers and musical groups as well as for taking aesthetic cues from programmes like H.R. Pufnstuf and 8-bit video games. The Aquabats’ Christian Jacobs, who also serves as the show’s main vocalist, and Scott Schultz designed it as a teaching tool rather than a babysitter, encouraging parents, older siblings, and younger children to watch it together.

The television show gave rise to a live stage performance that is now on tour, several toys, and branded clothes.20 new episodes of the show will be developed in conjunction with WildBrain and Yo Gabba Gabba LLC, the co-owners of the Yo Gabba Gabba! brand, according to an announcement made by WildBrain on September 10, 2021. Apple TV+, which also purchased the earlier episodes and specials for its service, will host the debut of the new episodes.

Yo Gabba Gabba Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Whatsapp No.NA
Youtube ChannelNA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number(760) 216-3521
Official WebsiteNA
Office NumberNA
Office addressNA
Linked InNA
House address (residence address)Gabbaland
Facebook NA
Email Address NA

Yo Gabba Gabba Fanmail Address

Yo Gabba Gabba!
829 Alpine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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