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Poet and essayist Ted Kooser are well-known for his works that honor the every day and memorialize a lost way of life. Whether or not he intended to “[Kooser’s] become, perforce, an elegist,” as poet and critic Brad Leithauser noted in the New York Times Book Review. Kooser’s poems, which often include farmers, family ancestors, and cherished antiques, reveal his enduring interest in the past while providing a frank assessment of its difficulties.

Leithauser said, “Kooser’s poetry is rare for its sense of being so firmly and enduringly rooted in one locale,” even though many of Kooser’s poems deal with universal subjects like love, family, and time. In collaboration with the Poetry Foundation, Kooser created “American Life in Poetry,” a program that distributes a new poem to newspapers for free weekly. The purpose of the initiative is to promote poetry. His other books, such as 2005’s The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets and 2006’s Writing Brave and Free, guide aspiring poets and writers in the form of articles on poetry, poets, and the craft.

When Kooser was appointed US poet laureate in 2004, the librarian of Congress referred to him as “‘the first poet laureate chosen from the Great Plains,” even though Kooser does not identify as a regional poet. However, David Mason of the Prairie Schooner thought Kooser’s writing was more universal than that. Mason wrote that Kooser has primarily composed brief poems about perception, the traces of human habitation, and the uncertainty of human knowledge and achievement.

In his book, Can Poetry Matter, Dana Gioia calls Kooser a “popular poet” but one who “writes naturally for a nonliterary public,” in contrast to most of his contemporaries. His writing is polished yet accessible, with vocabulary and grammar taken straight from everyday speech. His focus is on mundane aspects of life in the Midwest, and his perspective, albeit more nuanced and sophisticated, is that of the typical Midwesterner. Kooser never uses allusions that even an astute, non-literate reader won’t get. No other poet of comparable rank writes so persuasively in a style the typical American can understand and admire, at least not to my knowledge.

Despite Gioia’s claim that Kooser has “not received sustained attention from academic critics,” some hold the poet in high regard. Despite this, Kooser became well-known after retiring. After graduating from Iowa State University in 1962, Kooser started a career in high school teaching and writing. He started the University of Nebraska’s graduate writing program but dropped out after a year with nothing to show for his efforts.

Kooser accepted an entry-level position with an insurance firm in Nebraska after realizing he needed to support himself. He stayed in business until 1999 when he retired as vice president of Lincoln Benefit Life Company. Throughout his time in the insurance industry, Kooser spent his mornings between 5:30 and 7:00 a.m. writing poetry. Kooser has pointed out sarcastically that although they both worked as insurance executives, Stevens had far more time to write throughout his career.

The early works of Kooser deal with the issues that have remained central to his career: the hardships of Midwesterners, family heirlooms and artifacts, and the observation of ordinary life. Sure Signs, Kooser’s first new and chosen, was published in 1980 and received well. A reviewer for Black Warrior Review said it “could well become a classic precisely because so many of the poems are not only excellent but are readily possible.”

Kooser uses documentation published at the time, and recollections gathered subsequently in Blizzard Voices (1986) to describe the destruction caused by the “Children’s Blizzard” of 1888. The Omaha World-Herald said it was “reader’s theater… brief but potent.” As Booklist writer Ray Olson put it, “The scenes and actions in poetry will seem, to paraphrase Pope, things often seen but ne’er so well observed.” This praise was about Kooser’s following book, Weather Central (1994), which was praised for its keen observation.

After being diagnosed with cancer in the late 1990s, Kooser decided to stop working as an insurance agent and write. When he picked up the pen again, it was to put poetry onto postcards and exchange them with his writer buddy Jim Harrison. Winter Morning Walks: 100 Postcards to Jim Harrison (2001) is the resulting poetry anthology.

Kooser sidesteps the subject of his sickness in poems both lighthearted and somber. Instead, he uses analogies around the rural landscape near his Nebraska home to discuss illness and death. Reviewing Winter Morning Walks for Prairie Schooner, Mason said of Kooser, “Kooser is one of the best makers of metaphor alive in the country, and for this alone, he deserves the honor.”

In Local Wonders, the author shares personal pieces spanning a year or four seasons. Kooser’s youth is a topic of thinking, but the writings are more concerned with the here and now. While Kooser was recuperating from cancer, he and Harrison once again collaborated to publish their letter, which consisted mainly of short poetry.

In Poetry, Ray Olson emphasized that “wit and wisdom” constitute the backbone of such exchanges. A further comment from Olson: “Their conversation always repays eavesdropping.” Delights and Shadows, Kooser’s subsequent collection, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 2004.

After being chosen America’s national poet laureate in 2004, Kooser released a compilation of his previously published poems 2005 titled Flying at Night: Poems 1965–1985. The modest poet wasn’t exactly a household name back then. However, Kooser utilized his position as laureate to promote poetry among non-specialist readers.

He did this by creating the magazine American Life in Poetry and publishing the well-praised Poetry Home Repair Manual. Recent volumes of Kooser’s poetry that James Crew has reviewed in the North American Review include Splitting, Order, and Kindest Regards: New and Selected Poems.

Ted Kooser Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
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