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T.I., also known as Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., is an American rapper, record producer, and actor. He is most well-known for his contribution to the genre of rap music known as trap, which he pioneered and helped popularise. T.I. also has a successful acting career. Harris made his debut in the music industry in 1999 when he secured his very first record contract with LaFace Records. Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

As a result of his consistent production of high-quality songs, he soon began to be compared to Jay Z, one of the most famous and successful current rappers. Harris and several of his fellow rap artists from Atlanta came together to establish a group that they called “Pimp Squad Click,” and he also launched his very own record label called “Grand Hustle Records.” There have been nine studio albums released by Harris, seven of which have debuted in the top five positions on the US Billboard 200.

In addition to this, the fact that he has released tracks in which he has collaborated with other rappers has also contributed to his cult reputation among lovers of rap music. Of all, his joint efforts with Lil Wayne have proven to be the greatest hits of his career. The title of his sixth studio album, which was released in 2008 and was named “Paper Trail,” was awarded gold certification, and he is the winner of three Grammy awards in three separate categories.

Yet, despite all of his popularity and success, the rapper’s life hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk since he’s been called “controversy’s favorite kid.” This is despite the fact that he’s had a lot of success. But, in spite of all the challenges he has faced, Harris has continued to develop as an artist. In addition to this, he has acted in a few movies and authored two books.

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. was brought into the world on September 25th, 1980 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. His parents were Violeta Morgan and Clifford Harris. The majority of Junior’s upbringing took place in the Centre Hill neighborhood of Atlanta with his grandmother, since both of Junior’s parents were required to remain in New York for work-related reasons. A number of years later, Harris was dealt a blow that would continue to torment him for many years to come when his father passed away as a result of Alzheimer’s disease.

T.I. ventured into the realm of rapping when he was 8 years old and immediately began crafting his own rhymes. In his early adolescent years, he failed to complete his education at Douglass High School and became addicted to narcotics, a problem that would plague him for the next few decades. Since he was such a problematic child, by the time he became 14 years old, he had already served time in prison on many occasions.

Yet his passion for rap music helped him persevere through the difficult times, and by the time he reached 16, he had begun producing mixtapes with the assistance of his friends and selling them out of the trunks of his cars. T.I. was able to get a head start on his professional career after eventually having his skills acknowledged by Ghet-O-Vision recordings, which led to the label signing him.

T.I.’s first album, titled “I’m Serious,” was released in 2001 by Arista Records. The album was met with considerable acclaim at its initial release but only achieved modest financial success. The album debuted in the top 30 on the Billboard list that tracks the most popular R&B and Hip-Hop songs. T.I. blamed the failure on the record company and went on to form his very own record label which he named “Grand Hustle Records.” Even if the success was only modest, T.I. blamed the failure on the record label.

His very first endeavor under the banner of his newly established firm was the release of an underground CD titled “In Da Streets.” In the first week, it was able to sell around 20,000 copies. T.I. was able to find fresh opportunities in the fiercely competitive American rap music business of the time thanks to his involvement in Bone Crusher’s mega-hit track “Never Afraid.” Yet, the notoriety he received was at its highest point as a result of his participation in the song.

T.I.’s second attempt at recording an album in a studio was titled ‘Trap Muzik,’ and this time around, he was able to strike the target dead on. The album was met with an incredible reception at its first release, and it made its debut at position number four on the Billboard 200 list. The Recording Industry Association of America presented T.I. with a platinum certification for the very first time.

Several of the songs on the album, such as “Rubber Band Man” and “Let’s Go Away,” garnered especially positive feedback from listeners, which contributed to T.I.’s meteoric rise to popularity and established him as one of the most successful singers from the South during that year. The resounding success of his second album gave him a boost in self-assurance, and he deliberated about his next moves before taking any action.

When he was working on his next musical endeavor, which was his third album named “Urban Legend,” he began working with prominent rappers such as Neelie, Lil Wayne, and B.G. He also began collaborating with other musicians. Because of all the effort he put in, his album shot straight to the top of the Billboard R&B Hip-Hop chart upon its release, marking the beginning of a remarkable run for the artist.

T.I. also had a role in the film “American Gangster,” which was released in 2007, and his performance in the film was praised by the critics. T.I. released his fifth studio album the same year under the title ‘T.I vs. TIP.’ He claims that this album is the most cerebral work he has ever created. In the same year, he got into difficulty with the authorities for having illegal weapons in his hands, which led to his being placed under house arrest.

T.I. Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
Twitter https://twitter.com/Tip
Youtube Channel NA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number NA
Official Website NA
Office Number NA
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/troubleman31
House address (Residence address) Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Facebook Id https://www.facebook.com/TI
Email Address NA

T.I. Fanmail Address

United States

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