Stromedy Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details

Stromedy Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details

Want to talk to Stromedy over the phone number and looking for Stromedy’s email and fanmail address? Yes, you are in the right place! You are going to get the contact information of Stromedy’s phone number, email address, and fanmail address details.


Kyle Godfrey, better known by his stage name Stromedy, is a social media sensation as well as a musical artist. His songs can be found on SoundCloud. He is the proprietor of the self-titled YouTube channel Stromedy, on which he shares vlogs, pranks, and comedic sketches with his audience of 3.4 million members. Stromedy is also responsible for the composition of at least seven unique songs, all of which can be found on his channel on YouTube. Additionally, he is well-known on Instagram, and his account, which is called stromedykyle, has more than 215 thousand followers.

In addition to that, he established the film production and talent incubator label known as Prime Capitol. The talent agency also operates a YouTube channel under the name Prime Capitol, which now has more than 154 thousand active subscribers. In December 2012, Stromedy established his own channel on YouTube. His debut video was entitled “LEGO Lord of the Rings: Battle in Balin’s Tomb,” and it was released on YouTube. In his early videos, Stromedy focused mostly on posting things related to LEGO. Later on, he began publishing prank videos, vlogs, and parody videos online, all of which contributed to an increase in his fame. ebaby and IMTHATDAN are two of the well-known YouTube personalities that have worked together with Stromedy.

Kyle Godfrey was Stromedy’s second YouTube account, which he launched in September of 2018. The channel has amassed more than 324 thousand followers, and its primary content includes vlogs, challenge videos, and prank videos. The social media incubator known as Prime Capitol Entertainment was conceptualized and created by Stromedy. According to Stromedy, the mission of Prime Capitol is to identify up-and-coming social media talent and provide that talent with chances for growth. Additionally, he has published two other short films under the Prime Capitol label. On his website, prime capital. shop, he made available the official merchandising bearing his name.

In October of 2018, Stromedy disseminated his first single, titled “SSquad Anthem.” Up to this point, he has published a total of six more songs, some of which are titled “Running out of Time,” “TikTok Clowns,” “Work Till I Drop,” “Clown Around,” and “Millie Man.” Jenny and Andrew Godfrey welcomed their son Stromedy into the world on October 29, 1998, in the city of Mississauga, in the country of Canada. After some time, he relocated to Milton, Ontario. Stormy is the middle brother, and his brothers’ names are Ethan and Dawson. He was born under the sign of the Scorpion. Stormy has always shown a deep interest in social media. Even dropping out of school was not enough to stop him from devoting all of his time to his YouTube channel. Stormy said in an interview that he had never planned for anything other than a career on YouTube and that he had always wanted to do it.

He is romantically involved with the popular figure on social media platforms and YouTube, Jana Sosic. She has made many appearances on Stromedy’s channel and is often the target of the countless practical jokes that he plays on her there. Jana has uploaded photos on Instagram along with Stromedy, and she has also encouraged him to watch videos on her YouTube account. Ahead of his professional boxing debut this coming Saturday night, YouTube sensation Stromedy has cited Jake Paul as his biggest inspiration in the sport.


Stromedy Phone Number

At the OVO Arena in Wembley, the social media superstar from Canada, whose name is Kyle Godfrey, will compete against the Tik Tok star from the United States, Austin Sprinz. In addition, he wishes to emulate the success of his colleague YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul by scoring an early victory prior to engaging in more bouts in the near future. During his preparation for his first bout, he has been working out with pros in a gym in Los Angeles, where he has also been training with his colleague DK Money. He claims that he has drawn a lot of motivation from his fellow Ohioans during this time.

Godfrey has a great deal of respect for Paul and looks up to his boxing skill and forward-thinking, two major characteristics that contribute to Godfrey’s admiration of Paul and admiration of his profession. It’s light, he’s got all sides covered when it comes to the talent in boxing and the entertainment value behind him, and I really enjoy what Jake Paul has done with it. “The audience may anticipate something different this time, as we have been taking this pretty seriously,” he stated of his own fight, having previously only been seen in a film of sparring.

We’ve been putting in a lot of miles on the treadmill every day, and we’ve been doing pad work and sparring in two separate sessions every day. Next, we’re going to do some high-altitude training in Big Bear, California. That was something I’d never done before, and I actually look forward to the build-up to the fight more than anything else because I think it’s the most exciting part. I’m extremely pumped. In the build-up to the battle, Godfrey and Sprinz have been trading diss songs with one another, which is a strategy taken directly from the Paul playbook. However, the Canadian acknowledges that he is not nearly a musician and claims that he is simply participating in order to advertise the event for people who are interested in seeing bad blood between the two individuals.


Influencers on social media might appear and go at any time. On a worldwide, digital stay, you won’t have much longer than your “fame” for fifteen minutes. However, some content producers are learning how to leverage their celebrity power into a long-term brand that can withstand the test of time. On YouTube, Kyle ‘Stromedy’ Godfrey is quickly becoming a prominent figure, and he now has more than 3 million followers. The courageous choice to drop out of college was the first step on his path to fame, and he is now building the groundwork for his future endeavors with the establishment of his own social media talent incubator, Prime Capitol.

The founder, who hails from Canada, and his crew have established their headquarters in Los Angeles. On Saturday, an influencer head-butted his opponent during a boxing competition on YouTube, which led to the event’s rapid descent into mayhem. The content producer Ryan Taylor committed the egregious foul in the first round of the grudge bout that was being staged as part of the ShowStar event that was being televised from London. The contest had been touted as being a grudge match. The Mirror said that later on, Taylor complained that he had been struck low, which prompted him to smash his forehead into his opponent DK Money’s face as retaliation.

The incident was alleged to have occurred after Taylor had cracked his opponent’s face with his forehead. DK Money stumbled backward and searched for an opening on the canvas so that he could fall into it. According to The Mirror, Taylor was immediately disqualified, and the audience came dangerously close to rioting. In the most recent round of the battle between TikTok and YouTube, Bryce Hall and Kyle “Godfrey” Stromedy have been spotted engaging in a heated argument with one another.

Bryce Hall, along with Tayler Holder and a lot of other colleagues, drove over to Stromedy’s home in Los Angeles and started challenging him to a fight as soon as they stepped foot on his property. This is the most recent development in the ongoing dispute between the two content makers. What ensued was a peculiar dialogue, in which each author tried to one-up the other by boasting about the size of their respective followers in the hopes of provoking the other.


When Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder pulled up to Stromedy’s home with a posse consisting of around half a dozen individuals, they immediately started challenging the 20-year-old to a fight as soon as they arrived. After some posturing and sizing each other up, they gave Stromedy the opportunity to box Bryce Hall right then and then. The latter responded by saying that he is busy and that once a date is fixed, they will fight each other. The group hung outside Stromedy’s house in an attempt to provoke him into backing down from his fight, but the Canadian online celebrity was unmoved by their presence.

Bryce Hall recently assaulted Stromedy’s vehicle and tried to punch through his glass in order to get to him in an effort to get even with Stromedy. This is just the latest incident in the ongoing hatred between Bryce Hall and Stormy. Bryce Hall recently accosted Stromedy in a restaurant before showing up to Stromedy’s home demanding a fight, which is causing the struggle between YouTubers and TikTokers to heat up even more at this point. Bryce Hall was spotted bashing Stromedy’s vehicle window and following him around the streets of Los Angeles as the tension between them continued to rise.

The incident started with water balloons being thrown across the street, at which point Bryce Hall ran up to Stromedy’s vehicle in an attempt to intervene. This predicament arose as a direct result of Stromedy’s making fun of him and referring to him as a “wild buffalo.” Immediately after that, there was a short automobile pursuit in which Stromedy’s group was able to get away from Bryce and his posse. After that, Bryce showed over to Stromedy’s home in order to have a conversation with the individuals there and make things right. After then, he knocked on Stromedy’s door for a while to speak with him before requesting that all recordings be stopped immediately.

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Stromedy Fanmail Address


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