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Shane Meadows Bio

Meadows was born and raised in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. His father drove a long-haul truck, while his mom ran a chip business. Meadows was harassed and outcast by his peers when his father was a suspect in the murder case involving the remains of child murder victim Susan Maxwell. He started off at Picknalls Primary, moved on to Oldfields Hall for Middle School, and finished his education at Thomas Alleyne’s High. He worked at a Uttoxeter farmers’ market on the weekends. His frequent visits to the Elite Cinema helped cultivate his passion for movies.

Meadows dropped out of school before completing his GCSEs and quickly became involved in minor criminality. He uprooted to Nottingham at the age of twenty. During his time in Nottingham’s Sneinton neighborhood, he and his newfound pals produced some 30 short films. Since there were no local film festivals, he had nowhere to screen them.

His pals launched one in the city’s movie theater, and it quickly gained a devoted following. Meadows took a course in the performing arts at Burton College, where he met his future coworker and close friend Paddy Considine. They did a number of things together, including forming the band She Talks To Angels with Meadows on vocals and Considine on drums. Nick Hemming, formerly of The Telescopes and currently leading The Leisure Society, was the band’s lead guitarist.

The Midlands have been the primary location for the vast majority of Meadows’ films. They are reminiscent of the gritty reality of directors like Ken Loach and Mike Leigh. A lot of what happens in his movies is loosely based on his life in Uttoxeter. Twenty-Four Seven’s early experiences at a boxing club and with a local football team served as inspiration. The team’s coach never stopped believing in them, even after several crushing defeats.

His early life was also the impetus for writing A Room for Romeo Brass. After his best friend, neighbor, and eventual literary partner Paul Fraser had a terrible accident that left him bedridden for two years, Meadows began associating with the seedier members of the community. The darker aspects of his childhood in Uttoxeter inspired Dead Man’s Shoes. It was motivated by the tragic story of a close friend who was bullied, became addicted to drugs, and ultimately took his own life. He was astounded to return to the town ten years later and find that “it was as if he had never existed.” I was distraught about what drugs had done to that small town and angry at the people who had pushed drugs on him.

His second feature film, Twenty-Four Seven, was honored at numerous festivals and was named best screenplay at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the Douglas Hickox prize winner at the British Independent Film Awards. He received a Best British Picture nomination for his sixth picture, Dead Man’s Shoes, which also featured Paddy Considine for the third time. This Is England, his sixth feature, was named best British independent film at the British Independent Film Awards in 2006. Sylvester Stallone handed the prize to Meadows, and Meadows took the opportunity to share the news that he was expecting a child. The BAFTA for Best British Film went to This Is England, as well.

This is England 86 is the first of a series of television serial adaptations of the film’s sequels. This is England 88, the second season, premiered in December 2011 and is set in the year 1988.

The cast is still waiting to hear when they will resume shooting.TwentyFourSeven, Meadows’ first full-length professional feature, is a tragi-comic story about the birth and dissolution of a boxing club for unemployed and delinquent youngsters and stars Bob Hoskins. Beautifully lit in black and white by Ashley Rowe, it is as much poetic as naturalistic, suggesting that for Meadows social realism is an artistic means rather than a political end, and it favors medium-distance long takes rather than the tight close-ups and quick cuts preferred by most directors of his generation.

Paul Fraser, a boyhood friend of Meadows’, collaborated with Meadows on the writing of TwentyFourSeven and its sequels. Their novel, A Room for Romeo Brass, which explores the engagement of two young boys with Morell, an eccentric loner, is partially based on their own experiences and relationship. He’s a comic relief character at first but turns out to be a violent sociopath. Romeo Brass is Meadows’ richest, most striking movie to date because of the bold tonal swings and the outstanding core performance of Paddy Considine (another buddy, making an astonishing acting debut).

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands is a shallow and flaccid follow-up, an effort at a modern English ‘Western’ that doesn’t amount to much more than a bizarre concept. The fact that none of the film’s stars—Rhys Ifans, Robert Carlyle, Kathy Burke, or Ricky Tomlinson—are typically associated with the Midlands is the first indication that Meadows may be willing to forego regional pride in the pursuit of commercial success.

In addition to a vivifying playfulness that is rarely allowed to coarsen into parody or caricature, their occasional rawness and lack of polish are manifested in a rather desultory approach to narrative, with situations petering out or being diverted into musical montages rather than being fully developed and resolved. Most importantly, even Meadows’ most monstrous creations, like Jumbo and Morell, seem to be liked by the author.

Shane Meadow’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. +44 (0)20-7292 0554
Youtube Channel NA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +44 (0)20-7292 0554
Official Website NA
Office Number +44 (0)20-7292 0554
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Uttoxeter, United Kingdom
Facebook Id NA
Email Address NA

Shane Meadows Fanmail Address

Shane Meadows
Palladium House
7th Floor
1-4 Argyll Street
London W1F 7TA

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