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The tenth and current Commissioner of Baseball is an American attorney and business leader named Robert D. “Rob” Manfred, Jr. He was born on September 28, 1958, in the United States. His last position was that of Chief Operating Officer for Major League Baseball, and on January 25, 2015, he took over as Commissioner of the league, succeeding Bud Selig. Manfred first started working with Major League Baseball (MLB) in the area of collective bargaining in the year 1987. During the Major League Baseball strike in 1994–1995, he worked as an outside counsel for the owners.

In 1998, he began working for Major League Baseball permanently and has since held the position of Executive Vice President of Economics and League Affairs. Manfred represented Major League Baseball in negotiations with the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) when the league formed new collective bargaining agreements in 2002, 2006, and 2011. He also negotiated the first drug testing agreement between MLB and MLBPA in 2002. In 2013, Manfred was in charge of leading the Major League Baseball investigation into the Biogenesis crisis.

On January 25, 2015, Rob Manfred was elected to the position of Commissioner of Baseball. Prior to it, he had been working for Major League Baseball since 1998, holding the position of Executive Vice President and being in charge of the organization’s Labor Relations and Human Resources departments. After the devastating strike in 1994, he is credited with helping to usher in two decades of labor peace, first as assistant to Bob DuPuy and later as chief negotiator beginning in 2011. He is also credited with implementing the most stringent drug prevention program in professional sports in North America. Both of these accomplishments have earned him a place in the hall of fame.

In the aftermath of the incident involving Biogenesis Laboratories, which led to the suspension of superstar Alex Rodriguez, he played a pivotal role in the resolution of the case. In particular, he decided, on behalf of Major League Baseball (MLB), to pay $125,000 to acquire damning records from the sports clinic to forward its investigation of players suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). In 2013, he was given the position of Chief Operating Officer, which is equivalent to that of Deputy Commissioner Bud Selig.

After a search directed by the owner of the St. Louis Cardinals, Bill DeWitt Jr., it was determined that Rob Manfred, along with Tim Brosnan and Tom Werner, would be the top three candidates to replace Bud Selig as the commissioner of baseball. Initially, all eyes were on him as the one to beat out the other two. On the 14th of August, he was chosen to serve as the 10th Commissioner of Major League Baseball, and his term would last for five years. It took many rounds of voting before a resolution could be reached. During the early stages of the process, Brosnan withdrew his name from consideration, and those owners who desired a different outcome voted in favor of Werner.

The election needed a majority of two-thirds of the votes cast, and in the end, Manfred was chosen without opposition, with 30 votes to zero. Given how closely Manfred had worked with Selig over the years, this pick was seen to be one that favored maintaining continuity. Tony Clark, the chairman of the MLB Players Association, has also voiced his approval of Rob Manfred’s selection. Clark said that players had generally had good experience dealing with Manfred over 15 years.


Manfred’s approach to domestic abuse was one of the first things he formulated after taking office. Manfred worked closely with the MLBPA to ensure that there would be no similar laxity in baseball’s domestic violence policies in the wake of several incidents that occurred in the NFL and NBA in which players who were found guilty of violent attacks on their spouses and girlfriends were allowed to continue playing without any consequences. At the end of 2015, a policy on domestic violence was established. On March 1, 2016, New York Yankees’ closer Aroldis Chapman became the first player to be banned due to an incident involving domestic abuse.

He was given a thirty-game suspension for an incident on October 30 of the previous year, in which he repeatedly fired a gun after a dispute with his girlfriend. Even though the police decided not to press charges, Commissioner Rob Manfred deemed the incident severe enough to warrant a suspension, which was worked out in conjunction with the Players’ Association. Soon after, several additional high-profile instances surfaced, and throughout each one, Manfred maintained his unwavering stance.


The game’s speed was yet another area in which he concentrated his efforts to improve mobility. In the minor leagues, he implemented a pitch clock. In the middle of 2016, he stated his intention to expand that move to the major companies, along with other radical rule changes such as prohibiting or severely limiting defensive shifts and putting restrictions on pitching changes and mound visits.

In 2017, he implemented one of those changes, the pitchless intentional walk, and flexed his muscles to impose it over the reticence of the players’ union. The players’ union believed that there was little to be gained by tinkering with a well-established practice and that doing so would thus raise grumbles. It was the first indication of discord in a performance that, up until that point, had been faultless on the commissioner’s part.

In 2018, he worked hard to have two further measures to speed up play approved, despite opposition from the Players’ Union. These were the implementation of a pitch clock and a modification to the definition of mound visits. Despite this opposition, he was successful. Only the second option was put into effect straight away. It was followed in 2020 by introducing a three-batter minimum for relief pitchers to prevent delays caused by too many pitching changes. This was done to reduce the number of times a pitcher had to change.


Rob Manfred Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Whatsapp No.NA
Youtube ChannelNA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number(212) 931-7800
Official WebsiteNA
Office NumberNA
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Linked InNA
House address (residence address)Rome, New York, United States
Facebook NA
Email Address NA

Rob Manfred Fanmail Address

Rob Manfred
Major League Baseball
Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
1271 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10020

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