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Olivia Luccardi Bio

Olivia Luccardi is a well-known American actress and producer. She was born on May 17, 1989 in the United States. Both her part as Alice Woods in the horror anthology series Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block on Syfy and her appearance as Yara Davis in the supernatural thriller film It Follows have brought her a great deal of recognition. Following his graduation from high school, Luccardi relocated to Manhattan. Luccardi was employed by Webster Hall, which had formerly operated as a nightclub, and its Quarterly Art Soiree for a period of four years, ending in March 2013. She is well known for her role in the film Girls, in which she “played a foul-mouthed little Staten Island mall rat.”

Other prominent parts that Luccardi has played include those in the American horror film Money Monster, the independent comedy-drama film Person to Person, the comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black on Netflix, and the historical drama series The Deuce on HBO. A number of years ago, I had a position at a charitable organization. My colleagues and I were nearly all white women, despite the fact that we were providing services to neighborhoods that were mostly comprised of people of color who lived in the city. My eyes weren’t awakened to the bigotry, brutality, and manipulation that white women are capable of committing until I started working in this industry. My time there was basically spent witnessing in horror the mental acrobatics white women perform to make themselves look innocent.

This included things like gaslighting workers of color and exploiting individuals of color for fundraising materials. During this time, I was mostly focused on the fundraising materials. Even though I attempted to speak out and be an ally for my colleagues, I was still a white woman who participated in and benefited from these power systems.

Despite my best efforts, I was still a participant. When I was watching Beth du Araujo’s first feature film, Soft & Quiet, all of these experiences came flooding back to me all at once. The movie is a frightening but important look at the racism, white supremacy, hatred, and dark intents that exist inside white women. The first scene of the movie consists of the protagonist, Emily, taking a pregnancy test and breaking down in tears after seeing the results, which are not shown to the viewer. The camera follows her as she emerges from the restroom, gets something that seems to be a handmade baked delicacy, and then starts walking with determination. When she is seen waiting for a kid’s mother to pick them up from elementary school with the student, it is revealed that she is a teacher at the school. From her emotional response to the pregnancy test to the fact that she is a teacher, Emily comes off as sympathetic.

She appears to be an ordinary white lady with her own challenges who wants to help mold the brains of American children. After that, though, she doesn’t waste any time in exposing her actual character. The moment that de Araujo presents a character that seems to be without malice, she takes off the veneer of sincerity that surrounds them. It all begins with a chat she has with one of her younger students in which she advises him to scold a cleaning lady, who is a woman of color, for the made-up reason of wiping the floor before he departs. In this talk, she tells her young pupil to rebuke the cleaning lady.

After all, he may make a mistake! Her comments are laced with malice, and she is speaking them with the express intention of degrading a lady who is only doing her job, all the while attempting to educate this youngster to be racist. Emily then heads to a meeting at a church, where all of the participants seem to be your typical white middle-class wives and moms, with a few younger ladies thrown in for good measure. From there, things only get worse as Emily makes her way there. The reason for their gathering is not immediately clear. Until everyone saw Emily’s cherry pie, which had a swastika etched into the top crust of the pie. The camera stays still in this shot, which shows the fluids of the organs oozing out like blood from an open wound that has been infected.

The all-American quality of a home-baked pie, in juxtaposition with a symbol of Nazi hate, presents a concise image of America in the present day: it gives the appearance of being pure, but in reality, it is full of hatred for people who are seen as being lower in status. From that point on, Soft & Quiet delves farther and deeper into a hellish state. The ladies engage in insults and hate speech with the same degree of cavalierness as if they were discussing the weather. There is no hesitancy on their part to offer their ideas, and they come to the conclusion that the Daughters of Aryan Unity should be the name of their organization. After that, things go from bad to worse when the group meets a pair of sisters who are women of color.

One of the sisters was a victim of sexual assault at the hands of Emily’s brother. From this point on, the incitement of hatred and the use of Nazi terminology will increase into real acts of violence and hate crimes, most likely in the form of house invasions. The whole of Soft and Quiet takes place in real-time via the use of a single extended take that includes the audience as an active participant in the gathering. This is made abundantly clear during the beginning sequence of the meeting when the camera rotates around the assembly and briefly zeroes in on the faces of each individual who is present. It’s almost as if we’re in the room with them, actively listening, and both de Araujo and cinematographer Greta Zozula don’t want us to take our eyes off of what’s going on. Because of the length of the take, the audience is unable to take a breath or get some emotional distance from the ladies in the scene. The concluding shot provides the audience with their first opportunity to take a breath and engage with the truth that has been infused throughout the film.

The success of Soft and Quiet is predicated on performances that are convincing, and gosh, are they believable to the point that it causes worry? Estes brings an icy assurance to the role of Emily. Emily is content with her worldview, she does not struggle with uncertainty or concern over her views, and she has unwavering faith in her perverted goal, which Estes exemplifies to create a terrible antagonist for a horror movie. Then there is Olivia Luccardi, who plays the role of Leslie, a newbie who starts out, well, gentle and quiet, but eventually transforms into something else as her actual character is exposed. Both Estes and Luccardi’s characters have a revolting worldview, but in very different ways they illustrate how far they are ready to go for the sake of white supremacy. This contrast between the two authors’ works creates an interesting dynamic between them. The skill with which Luccardi is able to transform Leslie into a vile antagonist is both intriguing and scary to see.

Olivia Luccardi Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number (518) 392-2317
Official Website NA
Office Number NA
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Brooklyn, New York, United States
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Olivia Luccardi Fanmail Address

Olivia Luccardi
One Entertainment
347 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1404
New York, NY 10016-5034

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