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Michael Cunningham was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1952. He studied English literature at Stanford for his undergraduate degree and at the University of Iowa for his master’s.

He won the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/Faulkner Award for his novel The Hours in 1999. Land’s End: A Walk Through Provincetown is his lone work of nonfiction. Both his novel Specimen Days and his novel By Nightfall have been optioned for film. In 2015, FSG published his novel The Snow Queen and a collection of short stories, A Wild Swan and Other Tales, with illustrations by Yuko Shimizu. He has started writing his new novel, which he plans to call “Day.”

Cunningham resides in the same New York City neighborhood that features prominently in his Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, The Hours. Located just five minutes from the loft he shares with his partner of 24 years, Ken Corbett, the 58-year-old’s writing place is a modest, rent-controlled unit six floors up. By Nightfall is likewise situated in this area and follows a middle-aged couple as they experience their first terror about death, which manifests as inevitable cracks in their marriage.

Isn’t that something? And I suppose I should hope that the humanity of these characters was enough to keep readers interested. And that, as we all know, even the 1% who are so blessed are not immune to the wrath of grief and death. Those of us who aren’t as well off as Peter Harris and Rebecca might take solace in that.

It’s also Cunningham’s project, and he feels its weight especially after completing a novel and realizing how far off his expectations and reality were. He wishes he could write “some kind of vast epic novel that would include the Crimean War and interstellar space travel” instead of his normal short volume about the inner lives of ordinary people because, he argues, one tends to cherish the things one isn’t excellent at.

Even if the work I’m finishing turns out rather well, it never turns out to be the novel I set out to write. Many authors, in my opinion, have to deal with this issue, and those who deny its existence aren’t being forthright. You’ve begun the book with a cloud of promise hovering over your head, a novel so huge and great and penetrating and bright and dark that it will eclipse all others. Then, as you near the conclusion, you realize that this is not a metaphor for life; it’s just one book. Also, it has merits and advantages, but it doesn’t touch on the Crimean War or space travel. It is straightforward and to the point. And now it’s in the company of the rest of the world’s literature.”

When critiquing Cunningham’s novels, Peter Harris points out that “the preciousness of everything, the exhausting preciousness” is the main flaw. This runs counter to the author’s strong physique. Cunningham is tall and imposing, with a hearty grin and a rough, cowboy vibe about him. He had “an embarrassingly ordinary childhood” in California with his father working in advertising and his mother staying at home. And so, I was eager to escape to a world that was both larger and more perilous and exciting to me.

I was impatient. The days seemed to drag by. After spending many stressful afternoons at the local gallery, he decided to pursue a career in painting and, as he believed all painters must, created a series of holy tableaux. He cracks a wry grin and says, “Bleeding Christ, ascension into heaven.” At some point, he came to terms with the fact that he wasn’t good enough, and he shifted his focus to writing while he was a student at Stanford.

According to Cunningham, the only thing the novel has going for it above the racier competition is its attention to the granularity of thought, namely the mental swings that plagued Woolf in her narrative. There is a scene near the end of the new novel in which two people, having a conversation in a Starbucks, get snagged on a misunderstanding so utterly humiliating you feel, as you read it, something weird happens to your scalp. It takes courage to limit the action the way he does, but the accretion of small detail pays off.

“Flaubert took this shitty, shallow little person and looked at her so intently that he made her a great figure in literature,” said of his inspiration, Madame Bovary. Cunningham’s third lead in The Hours, a dissatisfied housewife with suicidal tendencies named Laura Brown, is arguably his greatest character development achievement. The novel’s protagonist, Brown, navigates 1950s Los Angeles with the novel’s underlying themes of disappointing anticipation, the superficiality of all things, and their flip side, spontaneous flights of delight and unexplainable amazement. He modeled the protagonist after his mom, hoping she’d enjoy the parallel. There was no such thing as her. To paraphrase, “She tried to put a cheerful face on it, but I think she felt indicted and betrayed; mothers, don’t raise your children to be novelists.”

Michael Cunningham’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. 860-486-2933
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Office Number 860-486-2933
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House address (Residence address) Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
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