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LosPollosTV Bio

Louis is the person’s given name, and he was born in the United States of America on February 8, 1995. LosPollosTV is a stage name for this individual. He has ancestors who hail from Italy in his family tree. On the internet, he is constantly ridiculed and made fun of, particularly due to the fact that he is quite short and has a pudgy appearance. Even though he later revealed in a tweet that she is seeing someone else, the fact that he has a crush on another streamer named Alyssa was already well-known among his friends and followers before he made the discovery.

A video clip of her supposedly friend-zoning him during a live stream became popular on the internet; however, she insisted at the time that she had no intention of friend-zoning him. His NBA 2K gameplay videos on YouTube have earned him the moniker “LosPollosTV,” and Louis is an Italian-American gamer who broadcasts on Twitch and uses YouTube. His alias on the internet is LosPollosTV, and you may find him there. Because of the videos that he recorded of himself playing NBA 2K and unlocking MyTeam packs, he amassed a significant number of followers online. Later on, however, he gained a bad reputation for buying virtual cards with large sums of money that had been donated to him by his followers. These funds were used to buy virtual cards.

Additionally, on a regular basis, you can find him broadcasting Fortnite on Twitch. Fortnite is a multiplayer online sandbox survival video game. On the website Twitch. tv, he is ranked as one of the top five PS4 console players in the entire country of the United States. Expo Hall A was the location of his Meet and Greet event that took place during the month of October 2017 at the TwitchCon that was held in Long Beach, California. During the same month, he participated in another humanitarian event by having his head shaved. Teespring played host for a brief period of time to the sale of official LosPollosTV Snipesquad merchandise, including t-shirts and hoodies. In addition, LosPollosTV has its very own product line, which can be obtained on the website Teespring. Louis has amassed a sizable follower base on both YouTube and Twitch, where he is a popular content creator.

LosPollosTV signed up for a membership on YouTube on October 23, 2014, and he published his very first video on the platform in January of the following year. In addition to uploading gameplay videos, he also published story time videos, challenge videos, and films of a variety of genres. Furthermore, he frequently collaborated with other people who create content for YouTube. In February of 2017, he faced off against NaXeDe in a one-on-one basketball competition, and in November of that year, he competed against Ambush in a hoops challenge.

In October of that year, he uploaded a video in which he played a prank on a worker at Walmart and posted it with his followers on social media. Additionally, in the year 2017, he took part in the event known as the “If You Laugh You Lose Challenge.” Ask Los Q&A is the name of the movie that he made after accumulating a number of the odd questions that viewers frequently ask him when he is streaming. He did this in order to produce the movie Ask Los Q&A. In spite of the numerous technical issues that the channel experiences on a regular basis, LosPollosTV has been able to build up a substantial viewership on both YouTube and Twitch.

In January of 2017, LosPollosTV conducted an operation against another streamer who went by the name Avajaijai. As a result of this operation, he was temporarily banned from Twitch. Even though he stated that the raid was not intended to be disrespectful to her, his followers started flooding her chat with questions and comments. In the end, she made the plea to the members of her audience that they report him on Twitch, which resulted in the eventual suspension of his account. Some of his followers went on and created a petition to get his ban overturned, stating that it was impossible for him to have managed more than two thousand people. They cited this as their reason for doing so. However, the petition was closed since it was unable to achieve the needed minimum number of signatures in order to remain open.

Allegations that LosPollosTV is cheating his supporters have been circulating online since the beginning of 2017, and they can be found on a variety of subreddits. As a result of his angry quitting streams after receiving money, refusing to hand over lost money and rage quitting during broadcasts, fooling followers with bogus giveaways, and even raising money from donations to update his computer and then forgetting about it, he became notorious in the community of people who watch live streams online. He quit streams after receiving money, refused to hand over lost money, and rage quit during broadcasts.

Even worse, he alienated his regular fan following by skipping scheduled stream times and frequently electing to go to sleep rather than staying awake while he was live streaming. To make matters even worse, his streaming schedules are often late at night, which his supporters eagerly await. When confronted with this fact, he merely makes a casual vow to make up for it, but he never keeps his word. His supporters excitedly await his late-night broadcasts. The issue is made much more exasperating for his devotees as a result of this. Instead, he reduced the amount of time that the transmissions lasted from six hours down to just two hours.

After receiving constant criticism from his viewers, he broke down in tears during a live stream on Twitch and revealed to them that his family will be moving to Houston owing to his father’s new job, but that he will be staying in his hometown and living on the streets. He did this in response to the fact that his audience had been critical of him on a consistent basis. After being asked multiple times on chat why he is unable to go with his family, move in with friends, or even rent a room or hotel, his responses were unclear; however, it was clear that he did have other options than sleeping in his vehicle overnight. Even on Twitter, he announced that he will be discontinuing his feeds in the not-too-distant future.

The great majority of respondents were of the opinion that he was purposefully acting in an overly dramatic manner in order to cajole his audience into forgiving him for his lack of effort. This was the consensus of the vast majority of people. Given the increase in the number of donations that took place throughout this life, some people even speculated that it was a scam for quick donations, which won him almost $300 in just one hour of streaming, taking into consideration the fact that this life was streamed live. Many of his loyal fans had finally had it with his never-ending pranks, and many even unsubscribed from his channel in protest. A substantial number of his followers had finally had it with his never-ending pranks. People who reported him on various threads began to be ridiculed for their apparent gullibility when he gained broad recognition as a con artist. This was due to his widespread notoriety as a con artist.

LosPollosTV Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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