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Simmons was born on the 25th August 1949 in Haifa, Israel, Chaim Witz. His mother, Flora, was a survivor of the Hungarian Holocaust, and when she was only 14, his family watched her die in concentration camps. Flora went to Israel after World War II. There she met Yeichel Witz, a carpenter, who eventually would be the father of Simmons. The Musician Gene Simmons, after watching girls cry on TV at The Beatles, had first chosen to be in a band during middle class.

Before co-founding KISS in the 1970s, he had been in several bands with Paul Stanley.Shortly after Simmons was born, Yeichel and Flora began to dissolve marriage mainly because of money dispute. Finally, the parents of Simmons agreed to split and Yeichel went to seek work in Tel Aviv. The family never would gather, and Simmons wouldn’t again see his dad.

The mother of Simmons began to raise him alone and the family continued to fight in poverty. Flora found a coffee shop work and often left Simmons to look after the nurses. In order to communicate with caregivers, he quickly became fluent in Turkish, Hungarian, Hebrew and Spanish.He emigrated to New York in 1958, when Simmons was eight, with his mother to live in Flushing, Queens, with his relatives. Simmons changed his name to Gene after entering the country because it was easier to pronounce and he took the name of Klein’s mother.

He quickly learned English in comic books and television and at the age of nine he attended the hasidic seminary of theology called yeshiva. He studied carefully during his mother’s work at a Williamsburg button factory in Brooklyn.He moved to a public school in Jackson Heights after a year in the Yeshiva. During this time he started to develop a musical interest. Kiss and Make-up, in his autobiography, admits that one night Simmons had come in to watch The Beatles. “Perhaps the girls would cry at me if I start a band.” he thought.

Simons and a few friends created a band called The Missing Links to get the attention of their classmates during their attendance to Joseph Pulitzer Middle School. The Simmons bordered group won a talent show in the school, giving Simmons a slightly big reputation.This led to Simmons’s bands, including the Bullfrong Bheer and Long Island Sounds. But also he did not want to deceive his mother, who urged him to get his college degree. Simmons kept his stardom dreams.

Simmons went to Sullivan County Community College after high school to graduate from his associate in education. He returned to the city of New York City after 2 years to study at Richmond College and graduate.Soon after graduation in 1970, Steve Coronel introduced Simmons to Stanley Eisen as a bandmate and childhood friend (later known as Paul Stanley). Stanley decided to join Wicked Lester, the band from Simmons and Coronel, and the group had some success on the nightclub. But the band did not raise enough money, and Simmons held a short stint in his sixth grade teaching position at Harlem in Spain, followed by a job in the Puerto Rican Interagency Council as an assistant to support his musical aspirations.

Other strange jobs such as Time at the Kelly Agency, work as a deli cashier, work as a Glamour helper and a Vogue job.The band toured almost nonstop during the 1970s and became extremely popular for the world-class antics. During this time, a great culte was developed by KISS, which was often imitated by the fans — known as the „KISS Army.” But even if KISS hit the road consistently, until their live-album Alive! (1975) hits the stores they wouldn’t receive popular attention. The album produced “Rock and Roll All Nite,” the first successful single of this band, which jumped on the Billboard Top 40.Their next album, Destroyer (1976), became the second record to hit gold. Their recordings were ambitious.

The albums went on platinum when the single “Beth” was released that hit No. 7 on the charts. Then that year, Rock and Roll Over, followed by Love Gun and Alive II of 1977, were released. All three records hit the platinum, with KISS the most popular band in America by the end of that year. Internationally KISS also produced a splash. They have completed five sold-out shows in Budokan Hall, in Japan, in which the Beatles have previous records of four.

They have also performed in Japan, Canada and Sweden in Germany.However, tension between the groups began to increase as the band rolled successfully in the 1980s. Criss had become more and more stubborn, refusing to practise and even stopping during concerts among songs. Criss formally left the group in December 1979. He was replaced with Paul Caravello after numerous auditions, who was later named Eric Carr as the stage name. In 1982, Frehley also left KISS, frustrated by the band’s new musical direction.

A replacement Frehley guitarist, Vinne Vincent, didn’t get into the group well. Before leaving for good in 1984, he went through a series of firings and re-hirings. Guitarist Mark St. John succeeded him.During the last decade the reformed group continued to tour. Then Stanley and Simmons announced in 2009 that they would tour again the original KISS and release another album. In October 2009, Sonic Boom hit stores.

The group is on its farewell tour at the moment. Simmons was romantically connected with Liza Minnelli, Cher and Diana Ross, but since the mid 1980s, she has lived with Shannon Tweed, an actress and former play boy. The couple’s two kids, Nick’s son and Sophie’s daughter. In 2006 the family saw the reality of TV on A&E TV with the show Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Gene Simmons
Full Name:Gene Simmons
Birth Date:25 August 1949
Birth Place:Haifa, Israel.
Father’s Name:NA
Mother’s Name:NA
Weight:Under review
Eye Color:NA
Hair Color:NA
Marital Status:NA
Social Media Presence:Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Gene Simmons Fan mail Address

Gene Simmons
Wills Communications, Inc.
13 Santa Rosa Ct
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-7244


  1. Gene Simmons is an accomplished American musician, actor, and entrepreneur. He is famous for being the co-lead vocalist and bassist of the iconic rock band KISS. Simmons was born Chaim Witz on August 25, 1949, in Haifa, Israel. He relocated to the United States with his family when he was eight years old.
  2. Simmons is widely recognized for his signature stage persona, which involves black-and-white face paint, a long tongue, and flamboyant costumes. Along with Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss, he co-founded KISS in 1973. The band is known for their extravagant live performances and hit songs like “Rock and Roll All Nite” and “Detroit Rock City.”
  3. Besides his music career, Gene Simmons has also made appearances in several movies and TV shows. He portrayed a villain in the 1986 film Runaway and had a cameo role in the popular TV series Entourage.
  4. Gene Simmons has also been involved in various business ventures. He created a reality show called Gene Simmons Family Jewels and launched a merchandise line that includes action figures and comic books.
  5. Simmons is a talented songwriter and has written many of KISS’s most famous songs. He has also written songs for other artists like Cher and Diana Ross. Gene Simmons is married to Shannon Tweed since 2011, and they have two children together.
  6. Simmons is a skilled bassist and has been recognized in several lists of the greatest bass players of all time. He is also an accomplished author, having written books such as Me, Inc.: Build an Army of One, Unleash Your Inner Rock God, Win in Life and Business.
  7. Gene Simmons is known for his bold opinions on various topics and is unafraid to speak his mind.

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