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Actor, humorist, comedian, and host on television in addition to being a writer, Fábio Porchat is from Brazil. The first of July, 1983 was the day he was born. In addition to that, Fábio is a well-known face on television. A comedy special titled “Porta dos Fundos Christmas Special (The Last Hangover)” that was produced by Porta dos Fundos for Netflix and starring Fábio Porchat, who was born in Rio de Janeiro, received an International Emmy in 2019. The award was presented in 2019. Fábio Porchat was the in charge of directing the special. His mother, Isabella Thereza Christina Robinson, is a businesswoman, and his father, Fabio Ferrari Porchat de Assis, is a politician and screenwriter. He is the son of these two successful people. They are his parents of him.

While he was still a little kid, he moved to Sao Paulo with his family, and he stayed there with his family until he was 19 years old. He lived there with his family the whole time. He announces to the world that he does not believe in any gods. After graduating from ESPM in São Paulo with a degree in Administration, Porchat pursued a career in the arts before moving on to other endeavors. Despite this, he made the decision to put his education on wait so that he could give his whole attention to pursuing a career in acting. After being accepted into the program, he uprooted his life and moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he immediately enrolled in acting training at CAL – Casa de Artes das Laranjeiras.

After his performance of a parody of the television program “Os normais” in 2002 on “Programa do Jô,” he was later asked to audition for parts on TV Globo, which established his career in the television business. In 2005, Porchat made his debut on stage for the first time, sharing the spotlight with comedian Paulo Gustavo as they presented a play that Porchat had written himself named “Infraturas.” The next year, the actor was recognised for his involvement in “Comédia em Pé,” which was Brazil’s first stand-up comedy ensemble. This ensemble debuted in the previous year. Porchat remained a cast member of the show until the year 2011, following which she went on to appear in her very own hit series called “Fora do Normal.”

After appearing in certain YouTube videos of the comedy group Porta dos Fundos with Joo Vicente de Castro, Antonio Pedro Tabet, Gregório Duvivier, and Ian SBF in 2012, Porchat’s career began to take off as a result. Porchat contributes to the creative process of these films by writing scripts, acting in productions, and serving as a part of the creative team. When the milestone of 30 million views was crossed on the channel, the campaign had been underway for somewhat more than six months at that point. During the summer season on GNT, the last episode of “Papo de Segunda” aired, and both Fábio Porchat and Joo Vicente de Castro voiced their regret at the show’s cancellation.

For the convenience of those who have forgotten, Porchat had already said their goodbyes throughout the month of December, as part of the live program for the traditional season that runs throughout the whole of the year. The host of “Que História é Esse, Porchat?” made a joke with his employees to announce that the attraction would be shutting shortly as they were discussing the theme of the program, which was the arrangement of travel bags. The focus of the show was the organization of travel bags. In the year 2023, the Porchat character will be removed from the attraction. Emicida, the lone remaining member of the four-person presenting team, has made the decision to leave her position on the program. The names Joo Vicente and Francisco Bosco will not be altered, but the attraction will be given new names in the near future.

The pay-per-view television channel GNT has determined who would replace Fábio Porchat and Emicida in the position of Papo de Segunda in the year 2023. Manoel Soares, who is the bearer of the Meeting, will both direct the discussion program and lead it. KondZilla will be participating in the discussion program, which will be directed by Manoel Soares and will be led by Manoel Soares. The two new cast members are scheduled to make their debut on March 13, the same day that the start of the attraction’s new season is scheduled to take place.

They will be joining João Vicente de Castro and Francisco Bosco, who are the only members of the previous team who are still present. Manoel Soares, who is the leader of Papo de Segunda on the Porchat call, is not going to leave the Meeting, and he and Patricia Poeta will continue to co-host the Globo program together. The place in the discussion circle that was originally occupied by Emicida will now be filled by KondZilla, who is not only a producer but also a director and an entrepreneur. He is one of the persons whose contributions led to the development of funk music across the country. He is the creator of what is widely regarded as being among the most influential music channels on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

During the last live performance of the season in December of the year before, Porchat and Emicida revealed the news that they would be departing Papo de Segunda. Their announcement was welcomed with an outpouring of emotion and sentiments of thanks from their fans and colleagues. Who among us has not returned from a trip abroad to the country with an almost endless supply of stories and anecdotes to tell about their adventures? The Brazilian comic Fábio Porchat brings his “stand-up comedy” act to Portugal, and the program’s tagline is “a massage in India, a gorilla encounter, a safari in Africa, the marijuana muffin in Amsterdam, or a stomach pain in Nepal.” Porchat is one of the most well-known and regarded artists in Brazil, and he is also a founding member of the collective known as “Porta dos Fundos.”

Fábio Porchat Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number NA
Official Website NA
Office Number NA
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LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Fábio Porchat Fanmail Address

Fábio Porchat,
Rio de Janeiro,
State of Rio de Janeiro,

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