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Steve Zaragoza Bio

Steve Zaragoza was born on  9 June 1982. Zaragoza is a well-known YouTuber who also serves as the host of several web series. As a singer-songwriter, he is responsible for the release of a number of singles and albums. They refer to him as the “father of the Endless 2-Step” due to the fact that he was the one who originated the dancing fad. He came into the world on June 9th, 1982, in the city of Oxnard, in the state of California; his older brother is named Frank Zaragoza. Steve’s first employment, before he became renowned, was in the film sound department at Sony, where he worked as a designer. Steve worked in the department before he became famous. In the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” which was released in 2009, he was given credit for the work he did in the film’s audio department.

In 2008, Steve made his first appearance on camera in a music video for the song “Too Drunk” by the band Buckcherry. He started off as a recurring host on the brand new series SourceFed, but he quickly became a full-time co-host on the show, and his contributions to the show have garnered a lot of appreciation from viewers. On his own YouTube channel, he takes great pleasure in showcasing a unique brand of humor by combining a variety of subgenres of comedy, including black, deadpan, surreal, character, and sketch comedy.

Steve’s career began to take off in earnest once he was cast in the music video for Buckcherry’s song “Too Drunk” in the year 2008. After working on the sound team for the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” the previous year, he did not receive official recognition for his contributions until the following year. Following the success of his debut on television in the 2011 drama “1000 Ways to Die,” he went on to work as a sound designer for Sony.

After joining the “SourceFed” YouTube channel and news website on March 1, 2012, where he initially worked as a recurring host before being elevated to the position of co-host, Steve’s reputation grew to a certain extent and he became somewhat well-known. Around this time, on May 9, 2012, he came to the conclusion that he would pursue a career as a solo artist, beginning with a channel on YouTube. After Steve and his fellow “SourceFed” co-hosts won the Audience Choice Streamy Award in February 2013, Steve was moved to the “SourceFedNERD” spinoff channel.

He then went on to participate in “DeFranco Loves Dat AZ” and “VidCon 2014.” In February of 2013, Steve Zaragoza, along with Philip Defranco and his co-hosts on SourceFed, was awarded the People’s Choice Stream Award. In the year 2011, the city of Zaragoza appeared in an episode of the television series 1000 Ways to Die. Additionally, he began co-hosting the offshoot channel SourceFedNERD in the month of May 2013.

Both Dane Boedighemeir, a well-known YouTuber, and Steve Zaragoza, who acted as a voice actor for Boedighemeir, collaborated frequently on videos together. Steve Zaragoza also lent his voice to Dane Boedighemeir. Orange is without a doubt the most boring color in the entire spectrum. He went on to star in both The Marshmallow Show and The Annoying Orange when the latter show generated the former as a spin-off.

Animals were the title of Steve’s album, which included not only his original songs but also covers performed by well-known internet personalities such as YouTubers and other online celebrities. The YouTuber, who had been seeing Sara Zaragoza for some time before to their wedding in 2006, eventually got married to her. After being married for nine years, Steve and Sara Zaragoza decided to end their marriage and get a divorce in 2015. The reasons for the couple’s divorce were never addressed during the divorce proceedings.

Following the conclusion of his marriage to Sara Zaragoza, Steve is rumored to be seeing Bree Essrig, who is also an internet celebrity. Photos were shared from a number of different social media accounts. Despite the fact that they have nothing to add, they are keeping something hidden that could prove the charges were accurate at one point in time. It is quite likely that the notion that the two persons whose relationship went viral on Instagram are no longer together is accurate. Despite this, neither the initial report of their affair nor its denial has been validated or established.

Breeana Danielle Essrig’s birthday is April 21st, 1990, and she answers to the nickname Bree. She is well-known in the United States for her work as an actress, author, and YouTuber. The SourceFed YouTube channel now features her as a host because of the entertaining writing she has produced in the past. In 2015, when SourceFed was looking for a web host, she was the first person they decided to hire. She also began to act in and develop her own shows, such as the sketch comedy series Nuclear Family, which she created in the same year. She began doing both of these things in the same year.

Her YouTube channel, which she has dubbed “BREEessrig,” is a mixture of comedy sketches, vlogs, and instructional videos on serious topics such as cyberbullying, mental illness, sexual assault, and other related topics. Because of these fascinating traits, she now has more than 300,000 subscribers across all of her platforms, and her pages have been viewed more than 19 million times.

Steve Zaragoza’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. (562) 693-5887
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number (562) 693-5887
Official Website NA
Office Number (562) 693-5887
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Oxnard, California, United States
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Steve Zaragoza Fanmail Address

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