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Philip Pullman Bio

Philip Pullman was born on October 19, 1946, in Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK. The Golden Compass, His Dark Materials, and The Adventures of John Blake are some of the works he has written and produced. Since 15 April 1970, he’s been happily married to Judith Speller.

In 1996, when accepting the Carnegie Award, I said: “Whether or not a storyteller means to impart lessons, they all do. Our made-up world learns from them. Our values are instilled in us by them. They do a better job of imparting this knowledge than any set of moral guidelines ever could. We don’t require charts of right and wrong, but rather literature, quiet, and time.

Pullman’s father was a pilot for the British Air Force. Throughout his childhood, he and his family migrated frequently, eventually settling in Rhodesia for a while. He would tell his younger brother fantastic stories on the long trips required by his father’s many postings. Philip was brought back to England to live with his grandparents when his father died in a plane crash. As his mother remarried, Pullman went to live with his stepfather in Australia before eventually relocating to Harlech, Wales. Pullman stayed in Oxford after completing his English degree at the university, where he now works as a teacher.

Meanwhile, Pullman started penning fiction. The Haunting Storm and Galatea, his first two books, were written for an older demographic. Beginning with Count Karlstein; or, Ride of the Demon Huntsman, Pullman penned a slew of works for young readers in the 1980s and 1990s. Between 1985 through 1994, Pullman released a series of detective novels starring Sally Lockhart and taking place in Victorian London.

His Dark Materials, Pullman’s follow-up, is about a young girl named Lyra Belacqua who lives in a parallel universe dominated by the evil Church. The first book in the series, Northern Lights, was turned into a blockbuster film and awarded the Carnegie Prize for Literature in 1996. Amber Spyglass and The Subtle Knife came out afterward. This second volume was the 2001 recipient of the Whitbread Book Prize. The BBC produced radio adaptations of all three novels, and two stage plays based on the books were performed at London’s National Theatre. In 2019, a television adaptation of the novel premiered. Pullman also created a number of prequel novels focusing on individual characters from the series.

Fans and critics alike hailed Pullman as the next great fantasy writer after the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Pullman, a prominent atheist, wrote against the injustices of institutional religion and instead supported a humanistic morality, in contrast to Lewis’s positive portrayal of religion. Some viewers saw the show as an attack on the Catholic Church, and they were not pleased.

La Belle Sauvage, the first of three novels in Pullman’s The Book of Dust trilogy, was published in 2017. Lyra’s life is continued, both before and after the events of His Dark Materials. Pullman said that his The Book of Dust series was a “sequel,” rather than a prologue or sequel. The Hidden Commonwealth, book two in the series, was released in 2019.

His father, an RAF pilot, died in a plane crash in Kenya in 1954, when Pullman was just seven years old. Pullman told a reporter in 2008 that when he was young, he viewed his father as “a hero, immersed in glamour, died in action defending his nation,” and that his father’s job had been “teaching pilots.”

Then, Pullman was shown a news article from the 1954 edition of The London Gazette “that carried the official RAF news of the day said the medal was awarded for “gallant and distinguished service” during the Mau Mau uprising and that “the main task of the Harvards had been bombing and machine-gunning Mau Mau and their hideouts in densely wooded and difficult country.” In order to do so, they would have to “dive sharply into the gorges of rivers, often in conditions of low overcast and driving rain.” The journalist in the exchange continued by saying that while the conditions were trying, there wasn’t much in the way of opposition from the enemy. Few Mau Mau even had firearms capable of hitting an airplane.”

According to Pullman, this revelation posed “a major challenge to his boyhood memories,” and he concluded, “My father definitely doesn’t come out of this with very much credit, judging by the standards of modern liberal progressive ideology.” According to a BBC documentary series called Imagine from 2017: “There was something unusual about the tragedy… he just took his plane up and flew into the side of a hill,” Pullman said he now realizes his father may have wrecked the plane on purpose due to debt problems and a troubled love affair. Pullman’s mother remarried the following year, and after the family relocated to North Wales, the little boy began reading comic books for the first time.

Pullman spent time in Norfolk with his preacher grandfather while attending Taverham Hall School and Eaton House, and then Ysgol Ardudwy in Harlech, Gwynedd, beginning in 1957. His Dark Materials owes a great deal to Pullman’s discovery around this period of John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Around 1970, he uncovered William Blake’s illustrations, which would later have a major impact on his work. After meeting and marrying Judith Speller in 1970, Pullman started a family with her. After tying the knot, he began his career as a teacher and playwright at Bishop Kirk Middle School in Summertown, North Oxford, working with students in grades 9 through 13.

Philip Pullman’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
Twitter https://twitter.com/PhilipPullman
Youtube Channel NA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +44 (0)20 7139 3000
Official Website NA
Office Number NA
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/philippullmanofficial/
House address (Residence address) Norwich, United Kingdom
Facebook Id https://www.facebook.com/PhilipPullman/
Email Address NA

Philip Pullman Fanmail Address

Philip Pullman
Penguin Books, Ltd.
One Embassy Gardens
8 Viaduct Gardens
SW11 7BW

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