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Peter Greenaway was born in 1942. This artist’s critical relation to visualization has garnered him both international acclaim and accusations of mannerism, elitism, obscurantism, intellectual exhibitionism, and even misogyny. His work has been seen in a variety of mediums, including paintings, films, television, and multi-media formats.

Since the style and content of his work confront the shifting role of the image in the modern world, Greenaway has come to be considered as a philosopher of cinema. His films are not simply formal exercises in style, despite their obvious stylistic influences from painting, literature, calligraphy, theater, architecture, and music. Despite their fixation on form, they raise important concerns about the function of art in human history.

His films are scathing critiques of Hollywood’s tendency to merely illustrate nineteenth-century novels, as Greenaway sees it. He thinks movies should avoid ripping off the plots of books and plays.

Between the years of the 1960s and the 1980s, he made a number of short films and videos that might best be defined as “theoretical deliberations”. They cover a wide range of topics, from transportation to funeral architecture to telephone booths to rural and historic as well as residential and public landscapes to fashion designers to musicians to lakes to water towers to roadways to conspiracies to riots and demonstrations. To help viewers make sense of the “vast amount of data that’s pushed at us all the time,” Greenaway’s films disrupt reality by emphasizing the theatricality and artifice of the visual image.

Greenaway’s first commercial feature film, The Draughtsman’s Contract, is set in the seventeenth century, a time of great economic and social change. The film depicts the draughtsman’s interactions with the wealthy elite as he works to complete his job. The film is not your typical crime drama, despite the presence of murder and intrigue. A complicated investigation into the creation of the visual image and its relationship to sound, especially music, as well as a whodunit. The film’s attention to framing and discussions that are as stylized as the visuals of architecture and formal gardens allow for an examination of perspective. In the end, the film employs all of these techniques to get the viewer thinking about how history may be depicted on screen, as well as about language, storytelling, and the medium of film itself.

Like the brief ‘documentaries’ Greenaway made, A Zed and Two Noughts catches beautiful scenes from the natural and artificial worlds. The film features identical twins named Oliver and Oswald, however, the storyline is not a story but rather a collection of creatures, much like the zoo referenced in the film’s title. However, Greenaway’s zoo is the entire planet, and more precisely, the entire cinematic universe. The philosophical and cinematic attention is on the reflected world, on questions of sameness that arise from the oppositions between film and reality, between art and nature, and between fakery and genuineness. Greenaway also includes a recurring theme from his previous films: the idea that the cinema, which records death, is ultimately bound to degradation and extinction.

For his third movie, Greenaway “has tried to explore all the different means whereby art has produced the human form” in The Belly of an Architect. The video features two architects, one from the eighteenth century and the other from the present day (Stourley Kracklite), an American who has traveled to Rome to set up an exhibition dedicated to Boullée’s work. Greenaway seeks further duplication in the film’s conjunction of the past and the present, especially in the linking of Boullée’s buildings to Fascist architecture, and in the linking of architects to filmmakers in terms of the challenges they face when trying to express their own personal and cultural vision while remaining financially dependent on patrons.

The widespread consensus is that Greenaway’s next film, Drowning by Numbers, is more approachable to viewers than his prior storylines. Three wives who are unhappy in their marriages and want to end it all by drowning themselves are the focus of this video. Women gain “a deeper form of kinship” and “a primordial affinity with water” through this action. The elemental aspect of water is central to the plot, as suggested by the film’s title. Numerous references to counting—including the title’s double and triple emphasis on numbers—are present throughout the text. Numbers play an important role in Greenaway’s works; they are linked to scientific and futuristic ways of representing the universe through categorization, taxonomy, and symbolism.

Greenaway’s talent for allegory and ability to mix political and cultural critique was on full display in the commercially successful The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, which he directed in the waning years of Thatcherism. The film alludes to Thatcher’s England through depictions of crime, violence, food, and fashion. In addition to being a critique of modern capitalist gangsterism, the emphasis on consumption is also a critique of the violent transmission of historical information through popular culture.

Greenaway’s examination of representation is expanded upon in Prospero’s Books. Through the central figure of Prospero (Sir John Gielgud), the film explores themes of art and science, human intelligence, and the powers of reason and unreason in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The importance of “books” as the repository of human knowledge across the fields of science, history, magic, art, and calligraphy is the most remarkable feature of the film.

Greenaway’s attempt at encyclopedism shines through most brilliantly in Prospero’s Books. The artist’s “books” serve as an archive and a metaphor for the power of cinema to capture the rich variety of human experiences and ideas. The film employs metaphor, drawing on visual images, conversation, and music to evoke theatre, masque, opera, high and low humor, and the clash of words and images.

Peter Greenaway’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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