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Paul Auster Bio

The son of European Jews was born on February 3, 1947. He began writing poetry as a young boy and has been captivated by literature ever since. After graduating from Columbia University in New York with a degree in English and comparative literature, he spent six months at sea as a sailor. After he finished his James Joyce research in Dublin, he moved to France in 1971. During his time in Paris, Auster met his literary hero and inspiration, the Irish writer Samuel Beckett.

However, Auster’s career as a writer got off to a sluggish start. Back in the States, he tried his hand at playwriting and poetry publishing, but his efforts were met with limited success. As a means of supporting himself, Auster worked as a professor at both Columbia and Princeton universities in New Jersey. He also did editing and translation work for French writers like Paul Sartre.

His debut work, “City of Glass,” was turned down for publication by seventeen different houses. A Californian indie press saw fit to publish it, and it quickly became a hit, as did the 1986 sequels Ghosts and The Locked Room. All three books were published in quick succession, earning them the moniker “New York Trilogy.”The volumes begin in the style of traditional detective fiction before delving into the protagonists’ existential identity and alienation in a shattered urban jungle, a concept first explored in “Moon Palace”. Paul Auster’s early works solidified his position as a major figure in modern American literature. Since then, he hasn’t stopped writing.

Auster has written a wide variety of other works besides novels, including articles, film scripts, memoirs, translations, and poetry. A Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2003, his works have been translated into more than 30 languages and have garnered him numerous accolades.

The Nobel Prize in Literature is something that could be awarded to Auster. The narrative and screenplay for the feature film “Smoke,” for which he received the Silver Bear at the 1995 Berlinale, were written by him as well. Many of Auster’s novels take place in New York and feature historical events like the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, or the 2008 economic and real estate collapse. For example, in “Sunset Park,” set in the days after the 2008 economic crisis, a varied group of displaced persons is drawn together by the mysterious Miles Heller. According to an interview Auster gave to the German newspaper Die Zeit, his fictional characters “are not inventions but beings who lead their own existence.”

He added, “I spend an average of five years with my novel characters before I even start writing.” Then, when the novel is done, these people stay with me and I can’t shake them. They stay in my head like unwelcome borders or ghosts I can’t get rid of even though they’re still very much alive. The prolific novelist also tried his hand at filmmaking with the 2007 film “The Inner Life of Martin Frost,” which followed the same successful but exhausted writer portrayed in Auster’s “The Book of Illusions” from 2002.

While working on “4321” at the age of 66, Auster told Die Zeit, “When we reach the age our parents were when they died, it’s scary.” Still, he worked on the over 900-page book compulsively. Dying in the midst of it was the worst thing I could have imagined. Auster is as busy as ever, and his political activism increased after Trump’s 2016 election. He and his famous author wife, Siri Hustvedt, are now members of Writers Against Trump. Now called “Writers for Democratic Action” in honor of Joe Biden’s victory, the group once went by a different name.

In every other way, he enjoys life more than most of the people he writes about. Paul Auster has a son named Daniel with his first wife, the famous author Lydia Davis. Later, in 1981, he wed author Siri Hustvedt. The couple is residing in Brooklyn. Sophie Auster is the couple’s only child. Sophie Auster is a well-known American performer.

Since the publication of his memoir “The Invention of Solitude” in 1982, Auster has been in the public eye. The first section, “Portrait of an Invisible Man,” is about the sudden death of Auster’s father; the second section, “The Book of Memory,” contains Auster’s personal reflections on topics like chance, fate, and isolation.

After then, “The New York Trilogy,” a collection of Auster’s three detective stories, was shot to notoriety. Some have characterized the stories in the Trilogy as odd and nontraditional. Through this technique, he is able to develop his own unique “postmodern” identity.

Auster’s latter works are permeated with his earlier ones’ preoccupation with identity and emotive significance, as well as with the role of chance and accident. Both “The Book of Illusions” and “Moon Palace” by Auster examine the dynamics between male protagonists and their social and physical surroundings. The protagonists in Auster’s novels often find themselves forced to participate in someone else’s incomprehensible and impenetrable plots.

He got back in time to enroll at Columbia University in the fall after returning to the States. He started dating Lydia Davis at the beginning of 1966. Davis, who is also a writer, was a student at Barnard College at the time and was intellectually compatible with Auster. Again leaving the United States, Auster went to Paris in 1967 as part of Columbia University’s Junior Year Abroad program. Auster dropped out of school after becoming disillusioned with the monotony of life within the program. When he got back to New York, he went back to Columbia and was immediately accepted.

Auster’s time as an undergrad at Columbia overlapped with a period of social instability, although he stayed out of campus politics. He was able to put himself through college by working odd jobs and contributing to student publications. Auster received his Bachelor of Arts in English and Comparative Literature in June of 1969. He graduated with an MA from Columbia the following year.

Paul Auster Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. 301-292-9093
Twitter https://twitter.com/thepaulauster
Youtube Channel NA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number 301-292-9093
Official Website NA
Office Number 301-292-9093
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LinkedIn NA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/paulausterofficial/
House address (Residence address) Newark, New Jersey, United States
Facebook Id https://www.facebook.com/auster.paul/
Email Address NA

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