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Patricia Grace was born in 1937. The first Maori woman to have a novel published, Mutuwhenua was a finalist for the New Zealand Book Awards in the fiction category.

While Grace was making a name for herself in her own New Zealand, her writing was also appearing in major publications around the world. Among the many translations of Grace’s works is the 2007 Maori edition of Potiki, published by Huia Publishers. She received a literary fellowship from the Victoria University of Wellington in 1985, when she worked on her second novel, Potiki.

In the years that followed, Patricia Grace authored a string of critically acclaimed books. The Dream, one of her short pieces, was adapted into a te reo Mori feature-length television film in 1989. Patricia authored the script for the film that resulted, in E Tipu E Rea – Te Moemoea, a landmark in the history of Mori television. In 1988, Patricia received the Queen’s Service Order, and the following year, she received an Honorary Doctor of Literature from Victoria University.

Grace received the NZ$60,000 Prime Minister’s Award for Literary Achievement in 2006 from then-prime minister Helen Clark. For her contributions to writing, Grace was awarded a Distinguished Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List of 2007. In the same year, she was honored at a ceremony held at the University of Oklahoma as the 2008 Laureate of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

Perhaps it’s inevitable that Patricia Grace, a New Zealand short story writer whose focus is on the domestic, self-sufficient sphere of the family, would be compared to Katherine Mansfield. Both works explore universal yet elusive concerns, such as the loss of childhood innocence, the limitations of regular life and interpersonal bonds, and the search for meaning and purpose. Both strive to recover memories through an open and sensitive mind and develop a narrative voice that can shift from childlike wonder to mature analysis.

One of Grace’s short stories, “Letters from Whetu,” does make a passing allusion to Katherine Mansfield, but this serves to emphasize not only their differences but also their similarities. When compared to the Pakeha ideals of time, money, and respectability, Maori life could only provide Mansfield with a temporary reprieve.

Grace, writing from within the culture some seventy years later, finds life to be binding and vital, attributes that are reflected in the frequent pictures of the extended family assembling within the home or at some other location of cherished ground, often located by the sea. Cooking a meal together, tending a garden, hunting for mussels, or diving for kina are all examples of communal activities that combine work and play while also syncing with the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and the cycles of life and death.

Grace’s celebrated life, however, is marred by the indelible imprints of Pakeha encroachment and Pakeha advancement. People forsake their rural homes and farms to find employment in urban centers, while new roads and structures spring up in areas that were formerly considered sacred. Several of the pieces make it clear that the author is cognizant of the world’s vastness and the necessity of learning new ways of doing things. The sense of upheaval and loss, as well as the need to preserve what is left of the old inheritance, runs against to this and throughout all of Grace’s writing. In her best works, such as the short tale “Journey” and the second novel Potiki, she thoroughly and artistically develops the intricacy of this emblem, and therefore of the Maori experience.

The conflict in “Journey” between an elderly Maori who wants to divide his land among his heirs according to Maori custom and a government agency that has appropriated his land and the surrounding area for development is based on the very real issue of land ownership. Because of their linguistic differences, there is no way for the two parties to communicate with one another. One side argues for humans and their need for shelter, while the other lists engineering challenges; one side describes the nature of the soil and the crops it would yield based on direct experience, while the other side utilizes schematics and focuses on abstract “aesthetic aspects.”

Like many of Grace’s other stories, “Journey” takes place primarily inside the protagonist’s head. Using first-person narration, almost all of her earlier works tap into this awareness. Like the sisters in another classic story, “A Way of Talking,” the “I” in her debut novel, Mutuwhenua, is a young Maori lady who flits between the Maori and Pakeha worlds, speaking a distinct vernacular and even going by a different name in both. She goes by the name Linda in the Pakeha community, where she has been known to make comments like “I happen to like Graeme,” which elicits a reprimand from her grandmother: “Happen to like, happen to like, what’s that talk? You’ve adopted their lingo, after all. Ngaio, Linda’s alter ego, drives the narrative and gives it a Maori flavor as well as a distinctly oral form in the first half.

The novel opens on the eve of Ngaio’s wedding to Graeme, although the wedding itself doesn’t happen until well over halfway through the book due to the constant flashbacks as Ngaio recalls experiences from her childhood. The tragic events that occur after the wedding are recorded in chronological sequence with only a few fabricated questions and prophecies to hint at the oral mode, which is a major letdown.

Patricia Grace’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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