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Nick Hornby Bio

Nick Hornby was born on April 17, 1957. Sir Derek Hornby, his father, was a prominent businessman. He spent the majority of his childhood there and attended Maidenhead Grammar School. He attended Cambridge and majored in English literature at Jesus College. Hornby was only 11 years old when his parents split up. His father began taking him to games when he was a teenager, and he quickly became an avid supporter of Arsenal, a professional football team based in North London. He continues to identify as an “irrational” and “loyal” supporter of the squad.

He developed a passion for reading as a child and could frequently be found with his nose in a book. Hornby was a passionate reader, whether of comic books or Lorrie Moore. He had a tendency of writing plays, screenplays, and radio plays, and it was this interest that led him to Cambridge to earn a degree in Literature.

Pop culture, music, and sports are major sources of inspiration for Nick Hornby, an English author, essayist, columnist, and screenwriter. His works, such as “About a Boy,” “High Fidelity,” and “Fever Pitch,” have been adapted into numerous acclaimed films. Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, John Cusak, and dozens of other well-known American actors have all appeared in film adaptations of his works. He attended primary and secondary school in Maidenhead after moving there from Surrey, where he was born. His father, a well-known businessman, instilled in him a passion for football, and subsequently, Arsenal, before they split when he was just eleven years old. His first autobiography, Fever Pitch, detailed his lifelong, insane devotion to Arsenal. Hornby also earned an Oscar nomination for his screenwriting work on the critically acclaimed picture An Education.

After finishing his degree at Cambridge, Hornby worked odd jobs to make ends meet, all of which drew on his English literature expertise and interests. He began his career as an educator at the elementary school level and eventually expanded into teaching foreign languages and accompanying Samsung executives on business trips to the United Kingdom.

Soon after, he began working as a professional journalist and penning a pop culture column for the Independent. For magazines like Esquire and the Sunday Times, he contributed sports journalism. His debut book, titled “Contemporary American Fiction,” was published that same year. Essays by Tobias Wolff, Ann Beattie, and other prominent American academics were collected there.

His first autobiography, detailing his lifelong devotion to Arsenal FC as a supporter, was published in 1992. “Fever Pitch” is the title. This autobiographical novel first appeared in the United Kingdom and was made into a film there before making its way to the United States in 2005. The book received numerous positive reviews and remained popular long after its initial publication.

High Fidelity, Hornby’s first novella, was released in 1995. The book sold well and was praised for its endearing portrayal of a record store proprietor whose one true passion in life is contemporary popular music. The story is humorous and blatantly offensive to modern sensibilities. The novel was converted into a film starring John Cusack in 2000, and then into a musical in 2005, both of which ran on Broadway.

His second book, titled “About a Guy,” was published that same year. He attributes his story’s creation to his experiences with “badly behaved adolescents, especially the girls,” whom he taught while working as a primary school educator. Will, an affluent but immature bachelor, and Marcus, a disturbed preteen, have an unusual friendship that drives the plot.

Hornby’s book “How to Be Good” came out in 2001. This time around, it was a woman at the center of his story, and she was the one to learn and reflect on issues like contemporary morality, the permanence of marriage, and the weight of motherhood. In 2002, it was recognized as the best work of fiction by receiving the W.H. Smith Award.

Communicating with the Angel was released in 2002. It was a compilation of short stories that Hornby and his pals had all contributed to and that he had edited. This anthology features short stories written by Hornby and eleven of his famous novelist buddies. The proceeds from the book went to the charity school TreeHouse, which serves autistic children in London. The younger Hornby attended the same institution.
Hornby’s essay collection ’31 Songs’ was published in 2003. In the United States, it was titled simply “Songbook.” The book offered interpretations of the meanings behind many well-known songs. There were analytical pieces on well-known songs like “Nelly Furtado’s I’m Like a Bird” and “Led Zappelin’s Heartbreaker,” among others. In 2003, Hornby was honored by his fellow British authors with the London Award.

Hornby’s book review column for “The Believer” began in 2003. His book “A Long Way Down” was published in 2005, and he also contributed to and edited the collections “My Favorite Year” and “The Picador Collection of Sports Writing” that same year. He published works such as “The Polysyllabic Spree,” “Housekeeping vs. The Dirt,” “Shakespeare Wrote for Money,” and “More Baths, Less Chatting” between 2004 and 2012. To diversify his writing portfolio, Hornby published a novel for young adults in 2007. It was a book called “Slam,” and it was about a lad who gets his girlfriend pregnant while he is just a teenager. In 2008, the book was honored with the American Library Association’s Best Books for Young Adults Award.

His book “Juliet, Naked” was published that same year. It’s the tale of a reclusive 1980s rock musician who feels obliged to re-release his classic record and therefore reconnect with his most devoted followers. The Guardian has listed it in its “Books you shouldn’t Miss in 2009” list. In the same year, he also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on the screenplay for the film “An Education.”

Nick Hornby’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. +64 33571400
Twitter https://twitter.com/nickhornby
Youtube Channel NA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +64 33571400
Official Website NA
Office Number +64 33571400
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nickhornbywriter/
House address (Residence address) Redhill, United Kingdom
Facebook Id https://www.facebook.com/nickhornby.uk/
Email Address NA

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