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Maurice Gee was born in 1931. Following the completion of his MA in English Literature at the University of Auckland, he began his career as a teacher in Paeroa. A testament to his rising literary stature, he spent 1961 teaching and writing in England with the help of a grant from the New Zealand Literary Fund.

The Big Season, Gee’s debut novel, was released a year later. His breakthrough came with the release of a trilogy spanning three generations of New Zealand life: Plumb, Meg, and Sole Survivor. Gee quickly diversified his oeuvre by delving into children’s literature. The Children’s Literature Foundation recognized him for his work in children’s literature in 2002, and the Arts Foundation Icon Award followed in 2003. His next book, The Scornful Moon, was nominated for the 2004 Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best Book in the South Pacific and South East Asian Region.

After that, he won a slew of accolades, including the prestigious $60,000 Prime Minister’s Awards for Literary Achievement in Fiction and an Honorary Doctor of Literature from the University of Auckland in the same year. In 2012, Gee was honored as the first recipient of the Honoured New Zealand Writer Award, presented at the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival to recognize the achievements of New Zealand’s most prominent authors and the significant impact their works have had on the country’s literary canon. About ten years ago, writer Maurice Gee became silent. In 2009, he published his last novel, Access Road, and he stopped writing another one after he had written around 10,000 to 15,000. In 2012, during the Auckland Writers Festival, he and his publisher and friend Geoff Walker sat down for an hour-long conversation onstage. The final event of the festival received a standing ovation from the crowd. All of it felt quite conclusive.

Then he said, “I’m completely at rest. When I consider my previous thirty novels, I think, “That’s OK.” The end of it has come. It’s over; the matter is resolved. However, this is the case currently. Almost two years after the mysterious appearance of the children’s fantasy The Severed Land, Gee has once again produced a book out of Nelson’s radio silence. This time around, it’s a memoir, and it’s split into three halves. Rachel Barrowman, who wrote his biography three years later, revealed that he had penned a memoir about his parents for his relatives. The rest of us couldn’t possibly have seen them.

However, it is no longer the case. Memory Pieces’ “Double Unit” begins with an account of his parents’ lives, centering on his mother Lyndahl Chapple Gee’s failed efforts to become a writer. One of New Zealand’s most well-known authors, Maurice Gee has written for both adults and children. He is the recipient of several prestigious honors for his writing, including the New Zealand Fiction Award, the Deutz Medal for Fiction, and the Wattie Award. In addition, he has been honored with New Zealand’s Children’s Book of the Year Award.

He was honored with the first-ever New Zealand Icon Award in 2003 and the Prime Minister’s Award for Literary Achievement the following year. The novels Plumb, Going West, Prowlers, Live Bodies, and The Scornful Moon are all written by Maurice Gee. He has also penned several books for young readers, the most recent of which is titled Salt and Gool. Maurice and his family are Nelson residents.

With the publication of his novels Plumb, Meg, and Sole Survivor between 1978 and 1983, New Zealand author Maurice Gee cemented his reputation as one of the country’s finest novelists. His works, both for adults and younger readers, explore regional and small-town mores and vividly evoke New Zealand society. Isolation and loneliness are common themes in his novels, as are the tensions between conformity and nonconformity and the emotional/spiritual claustrophobia of middle-class society, which is exacerbated by philistine violence. His style echoes with understated undertones that go beyond the obvious and the immediate to convey a deeper, more universal symbolism.

In comparison to his first work, The Big Season, Gee’s second novel, A Special Flower, is more structurally and technically difficult and ambitious. To depict the story of Donald Pinnock’s unsuccessful marriage to Coralie Marsh and her relationship with his family after his death, Gee uses shifting views among characters from chapter to chapter in the overall third-person narration and an unorthodox treatment of time. As Coralie awaits the birth of her baby amid the confining constraints of New Zealand’s middle class with Donald’s mother and sister, the finale happily reconciles the misconceptions produced by Coralie’s lower social status and lack of decorum.

In My Father’s Den, Gee’s third novel, the bond between a parent and kid takes center stage. The narrative opens with a murder and concludes with the identification of the culprit, but the mystery and detective elements are secondary. The story begins with a newspaper clipping about the murder of Wadesville College student Celia Inverarity in 1969 and then alternates between two narratives narrated by Paul Prior, an unmarried instructor at Celia’s school and a prime suspect in the murder.

The first narrates the account of the crime itself and the second tells his life story in biographical slices like “1928-1937.” After returning to his little town as a literary scholar and a stranger, the crime causes Paul to reflect on his entire life. The village blames Paul because he’s an outsider, but it’s actually Paul’s traditional brother Andrew who did it. Andrew’s development was hindered by his Oedipal bond with his mother and the expectations of New Zealand culture.

Maurice Gee Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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