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Mateo Arias Bio

Arias, whose first language was Spanish, recognizes the need of communicating with a Spanish-speaking audience. In Atlanta, Georgia, he was born to parents who were originally from Colombia. “When I talk to my mom, we communicate in Spanish, but when I talk to my brother, I use English. “I live my life very, very fluidly in terms of language and culture,” said Arias, who portrayed a martial arts student on the Disney XD series “Kickin’ It” from 2011-2015. “Kickin’ It” aired from 2011-2015. Both he and his elder brother, Moises Arias, who appeared as Rico in the Disney Channel original series “Hannah Montana,” were enrolled in acting school in Atlanta at an early age owing to their mother, Monica Rendón, who wanted her kids to become comfortable in front of a camera.

He and his older brother both went on to star in Disney Channel original series. This year’s Coachella festival saw a significant amount of participation from the Smith family. Not only did Willow Smith provide performances during both weekends of the music festival that took place in Indio, but her brother Jaden Smith also made a surprise appearance on stage with her during one of those weekends. Their father, Will Smith, was also in attendance to support his daughter. While he was there, Jaden gave a preview of an upcoming project of his own by wearing a pair of New Balance sneakers that he had a hand in designing. The sneaker was a collaboration between Jaden and New Balance.

New Balance and MSFTSrep, a company that was established by Jaden, Willow, and their brothers Moises and Mateo Arias, have joined forces to create this partnership. The new pair that Jaden donned at Coachella is fairly similar in appearance to the New Balance 550, with a few minor differences including a complete leather body rather than a blend of leather and mesh; an MSFTSrep seal on the heel; and an “NB” printed logo rather than the usual “N.” Smith wore the shoes with a jacket with the MSFTSrep logo and a white shirt bearing the words “Willow’s Brother,” making it quite apparent on both the jacket and the shirt what he was there to support and promote.

Arias claims that some members of his extended family believed that her choice was “crazy,” but after her years of success in the entertainment industry, there is nothing but admiration for her. According to him, Rendón fostered an atmosphere in which the boys felt comfortable expressing themselves emotionally and creatively to the fullest extent possible. They used a Macintosh computer to create their own films when they were younger. In 2019, Jaden Smith was recruited by New Balance to serve as the company’s brand ambassador. Prior to that, he collaborated with the company to create the New Balance Vision Racer in 2020, which was modeled after the 1700 and X-Racer versions of the brand’s footwear.

In 2021, the Vision Racers were re-released with a “Trippy Summer Pack” that included two new colors. This pack was released in conjunction with a collection by MSFTSrep that included a take on psychedelic designs inspired by Smith’s passion in magic mushrooms. In 2022, Smith developed another pair of shoes for New Balance. These shoes were an update on the 574 model, which had been shown to the public for the first time in 1988. These shoes were made available in a variety of vibrant colors, including red, blue, and splashes of neon pink and yellow.

The third pair of shoes that Smith has designed for New Balance have not yet been discussed in full, but the fact that both Smith and New Balance were in attendance at Coachella has sparked our curiosity about the work that they will do together in the future. He said that in order to really perform at the best level possible, one must devote all of their available energy to the endeavor. “As of this moment, I am in the process of constructing it. Obviously, I’ve been making music for quite some time now… and in order to keep this thing going strong, I’m devoting every ounce of energy I have to it. I’m an independent artist. There have been times of extreme disarray, but that serves as motivation for you to get yourself together and straighten things out.

The artist, who was born in Atlanta and reared in Lawrenceville, is now honing his skills in preparation for the release of a new album. During a performance that will take place at Terminal West this coming Saturday, he will provide his fans in Atlanta with a preview of what is to come. The singer has said that he is excited to experience the “Chicago energy” at Lincoln Hall, which is the venue where the Nigerian American rapper Maesu will serve as the support act for him.

When the now 27-year-old saw a piano in the foyer of the apartment complex where he had spent his youth, it was the moment that sparked his interest in music. His parents introduced him to the most popular Latin music of the 2000s when he was growing up. As he got older, he realized that he was more fascinated by the music of Brazil, namely the bossa nova. Additionally, he spent a lot of time listening to Biggie and Bob Marley, and he cites Frank Ocean as one of his primary sources of motivation.

Since the release of “Uno Dos” in 2017 with his longtime buddy Jaden Smith, son of actor and rapper Will Smith, Arias has established himself as a worldwide multi-lingual singer and musician, garnering over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Jaden Smith is the son of actor and rapper Will Smith. In 2022, he went on tour as the opening act for Justin Bieber’s run of shows throughout North America. Arias attributes the beginning of his career in music to his mother’s innate musical sense. The idea to include a question mark inverted in his name stems from his heritage, as does the urge to challenge himself musically and explore a variety of subgenres and forms of music. “I’m a big fan of doubt,” he added. “I’m a big fan of doubt.” “Doubt is the foundation of scientific inquiry. And both in my personal life and in my creative endeavors, I’m a huge believer in asking questions and making sure that I’m always able to keep myself in check, that I’m constantly expanding my horizons, and that I’m always able to achieve breakthroughs wherever I can.

Mateo Arias Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. NA
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number (760) 731-9188
Official Website NA
Office Number NA
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) New York, New York, United States
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Mateo Arias Fanmail Address

Mateo Arias
3500 West Olive Avenue
Suite 1400
Burbank, CA 91505-5512

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