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Lance Armstrong Bio

Lance Armstrong was born on September 18, 1971. Seven consecutive Tour de France victories between 1999 and 2005 propelled Armstrong to sports legend status. In 1992, he began his professional cycling career as a member of the Motorola team. Armstrong had a very successful decade prior to his Tour de France victories, winning or placing among the top athletes in a number of European cups including the 1993 World Championship, the 1995 Clásica de San Sebastián, and the 1996 Tour DuPont.

Between 1998 and 2005, he rode for the U.S. Postal/Discovery team, and it was during that time that he won three Tour de France crowns. Armstrong withdrew from cycling after his 2005 doping incident, but he made a comeback in 2009. In 2009, he finished third at the Tour de France after joining the Astana team. From 2010 until his second retirement in 2011, he raced for Team Radio Shack after switching teams. He no longer races bicycles and now rides for fun.

Following in the tracks of Greg Lemond, Lance was one of the few American cyclists to make it big in a sport dominated by Europeans. Early on, it was clear that Lance had exceptional potential as a one-day racer. In a rainy Norway in 1993, at the tender age of 21, he triumphed by winning the World Championships. His future prospects in the workforce appeared promising. Yet in 1996, he experienced a sudden and severe decline in performance. Due to his performance decrease, he was eventually forced to resign, and in October 1996, he learned that he had an advanced form of testicular cancer, for which physicians predicted a 40% chance of survival at most.

It’s Not About the Bike is the title of the book in which Lance describes this event. That was a difficult period during which he had excruciating medical procedures. Yet, Lance survived and even made a full recovery. Few teams were interested in signing a cancer survivor once he had recovered from treatment. Yet the US Postal Service gave him a second opportunity.

Teammates later recalled that Lance Armstrong was extremely motivated and intent on proving his critics incorrect. Armstrong was the one who encouraged the US Postal Service squad to be “well prepared,” code for doped up, furthering his ambitions even if it meant breaking the law. During this time, he started hanging out with Michael Ferrari, a controversial doctor with a history of helping riders win by administering EPO.

After placing fourth in the 1998 Vuelta Espana, he led his squad in the Tour de France in 1999. The Festina incident of 1998 prompted the organizers of the Tour de France to promise slower speeds and a more aggressive stance against doping in the following year’s race, which they dubbed the “Tour of Renewal” in 1999.

Even though Armstrong had lost weight due to illness and was now better equipped for mountain climbs, he was not given a chance at overall victory in 1999. Armstrong has a history of finishing near the bottom of the tour classification. But Lance was victorious in the prologue time trial and went on to obliterate the competition in the mountains. It was one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, and it catapulted Lance to international stardom.

But there were murmurs of dissatisfaction. The 1999 Tour was not slower than previous years. The lack of an EPO test has been cited as a major complaint against Armstrong. Christophe Basson, a French cyclist, is one of the few riders whose reputation remained unharmed by the Festina incident. In a newspaper piece, he claimed that doping was still rampant in the peloton and that it was impossible to place in the top ten without using performance-enhancing drugs.

Armstrong publicly challenged Basson and suggested Basson drop out of the race in front of the cameras. Basson, inspired by his fellow cyclists, dropped out of the competition a few days later. Reporters like David Walsh saw Armstrong’s criticism of a clean rider as evidence that he was not clean. Armstrong also tested positive for the narcotic Corticoid in 1999’s first chapter. A backdated prescription saved him from punishment, though.

Yet, at the time, the story of a cancer survivor winning the Tour de France overshadowed this one. Lance Armstrong’s notoriety and popularity did not begin and finish with his victory in the Tour de France. He led a vigorous campaign to increase public understanding of the disease and established the Livestrong Foundation to generate financial support for cancer research and treatment. The story of his triumph against the disease was told in a book that went on to great success. It sparked a resurgence of interest in cycling among many Americans.

Lance Armstrong went on to completely dominate the Tour de France for the next seven years, taking home the trophy in each of those years from 1999 through 2005. From riding over the upcoming stages to weighing his pasta to find his ideal racing weight, his preparation was characterized by painstaking attention to detail. One of his key contemporaries and rivals, Jan Ulrich, did not share his scientific approach or attention to detail. Jan, in contrast to Lance, seemed to rely on his inherent talent, and he often began the season at a weight that was substantially higher than his racing weight.

The early 2000s were also marked by a spate of doping scandals and subsequent revelations. Many teammates and competitors were caught doping items during this time. Lance countered that he had never been caught doping. Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton later alleged that Armstrong had tested positive for EPO but had been assisted by the UCI to avoid punishment. At about the same time, Armstrong gave a sizable sum to UCI. According to UCI, the donation was completely above board.

The French publication L’Équipe reported on 23 August 2005 that Lance Armstrong had tested positive for EPO in a 1999 retroactive test. Unfortunately, the test was deemed invalid because it was conducted in an unscientific manner. Once a test for EPO was developed in 2000, critics say the UCI should have retested 1999 samples. But, the UCI refrained because they feared the negative publicity that would result from a positive dope test.

Surprising everyone, Lance Armstrong returned to competitive cycling in 2009. He only had a little amount of time to prepare for the Tour de France, but he still managed to place third overall, just behind Victor Alberto Contador. The USADA report from 2012 asserted that Armstrong’s blood results proved he had used blood doping. His most recent tour, in 2010, wasn’t as fruitful. Due to numerous wrecks, Lance was unable to keep up with the front runners and ultimately came in 23rd. According to Lance, his primary motivation for rejoining the Tour was to promote his cancer charity, the Live Strong Foundation.

Lance Armstrong’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. (512) 361-7150
Youtube Channel NA
Snapchat NA
Phone Number (512) 361-7150
Official Website
Office Number (512) 361-7150
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Plano, Texas, United States
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

Lance Armstrong Fanmail Address

Lance Armstrong
P.O. Box 302919
Austin, TX 78703

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