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Koffi Olomide Bio

Koffi Olomide was born on August 13, 1956. He was known by the nick moniker “Antoine Makila Mabe,” which translates to “Bad blooded Antony.”

Young Antoine had his childhood in a setting that could be described as relatively comfortable, although none of his relatives were musicians. Working on well-known and famous songs while adding his own words and rearranging the rhythms used to be one of his favorite hobbies. His next-door neighbor saw that he had significant potential and decided to help him develop it by teaching him how to play the guitar.

Koffi demonstrated his academic prowess by earning a baccalaureate degree in science. Following the completion of his high school education, his father sent him to the Bordeaux Business University in France to pursue a degree in business administration. He received his diploma in 1980. At the age of 18, despite his success as a brilliant student, the young man continued to be very attracted by arts in general and music in particular, demonstrating a gift for songwriting and singing.

In the 1970s, he started to establish himself as a songwriter within the Zairean community and make a reputation for himself. His first successful work was titled “Onia.” Koff’s brother gave him a push in the studio in 1977 to record his debut tracks. In the course of his vacation, he went to the Veve studios in Kinshasa and recorded the songs “Asso” and “Princesse Ya Senza,” the latter of which was a tribute to women. After that, he began working with other musicians, such as Papa Wemba and Zaiko Langa Langa. Koffi received the title of ‘Best Zaire artist in the year 1978’ for the single ‘Aniba,’ which he released.

The year 1983 marked a significant turning point in Kofi’s career. That year, he made his first album, titled “Ngouda,” and demonstrated a strong resolve to become a key force in African music. Yakima Kiesse and Fafa from Molokai collaborated on two duets, both of which were performed and recorded.

In 1986, he formed his first legitimate band, which went by the name “Quartier Latin.” At the same time, he was profoundly moved and impacted by the music of groups like Kassav. After achieving great success for ten years, he came to the conclusion that he wanted his profession to go on a path that was more global. When the song “Henriquet,” which was written as a tribute to Miss Congo and became a great hit in 1988, the long-awaited rise to international stardom finally got underway. Golden Star was bestowed upon Koffi as a moniker after the event.

He had a lot of success with the song he wrote for his only daughter Minou, which was named “Elle et Moi.” The lyrics of this song conveyed the overwhelming happiness and other feelings he experienced after his daughter was born. Koffi’s ‘Soukous Love,’ also known as ‘Tchao Tcho,’ helped propel him to popularity in the 1990s, when he was at the height of his career. Koffi’s career flourished from 1990 to 1994, during which time he released more than seven albums, either under his own name or under the name of the ensemble Quartier Latin, in a span of fewer than four years.

At the African Music Awards that were held in Abidjan in 1992, he was given the awards for “Best male singer” and “Best video clip.” Today, Koffi is unanimously recognized as the most celebrated and distinguished modern artist to come out of Zaire. Antoine Agbepa Mumba is his true name. Both of his parents are from Africa; the Congo for his father and Sierra Leone for his mother. In her country, as well as in many others in Africa, children are given names that correspond to the day they were born. It was a Friday, the 13th of August in 1956 when she gave birth, therefore she decided to name the child Koffi.

Koffi’s family had a lot of wealth when compared to other people in Africa. Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was the location of his childhood and affluent adulthood. He taught himself how to play the guitar and even wrote some of his own music. His father believed that he would do well academically in Bordeaux, which is located in France, so he dispatched him there to study business.

It is not surprising that Koffi’s father was opposed to his plan to become a musician instead of a successful businessman given that Daddy had paid for his education at a university in Europe. In the late 1970s, he began recording his first songs and also began working as a song composer for Papa Wemba, who was already quite popular at the time.

Koffi is credited with founding the legendary band Quartier Latin in the 1980s; the band recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Throughout all of these years, he performed and recorded both with the group and solo, which earned him a number of music awards and a dedicated fan base in both Africa and Europe.  Prior to that, he would sing popular songs with his own lyrics. After moving back to the Congo in the 1970s, Koffi became a member of Papa Wemba’s band, Viva la Musica, first serving as a composer and songwriter and then transitioning into the role of lead vocalist later on.

He established the band that would later become known as Quartier Latin in 1986; the group marked its 20th anniversary in 2006. Olomide’s album Haut de Gamme: Kowet, Rive Gauche is featured in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. This helped establish one of his numerous names, the “Quadra Kora Manitoba.”

In March of 2003, Olomide released the double album titled “Affaire Doctorate” Etat under the Civil Defense label. The album contained a total of 18 tracks. In the early 1980s, Olomide was a member of the cast of the Papa Wemba musical.

Koffi Olomide Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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