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Griffin Andrew McElroy is a podcaster, actor, writer, and composer from the United States. He has also worked as a video game journalist in the past. Griffin Andrew McElroy is his full name, and he was born on April 17th, 1987. His birthday is April 17th. He is well-known for his work on podcasts such as “My Brother, My Brother and Me” and “The Adventure Zone,” as well as for his role in the establishment of the website for video game journalism known as “Polygon.” Both of these accomplishments have brought him widespread recognition. McElroy was born in 1987 to Clint and Leslie McElroy, who are also McElroy’s parents. His mother’s name was Leslie, and his father had previously been a co-host on the morning radio show that aired on WTCR-FM in Huntington, West Virginia. After him, the town of McElroy was established.

Griffin McElroy received his degree in journalism from Marshall University, where he also received his education. He is currently employed in the journalism industry. The Windy City was originally his place of residence. In 2013, he made his commitment to Rachel McElroy by getting married to her. The birth of Henry McElroy occurred in November 2016, and the birth of August “Gus” Clinton McElroy occurred in March 2021. August is their chosen name for both of their sons. When McElroy started working at Joystiq as the weekend editor in 2007, it was the beginning of his career as a journalist. This was the year that marked the beginning of his profession. In addition, during the presidential election that took place in the United States in 2008, McElroy worked for MTV as a local journalist for his home state of West Virginia.

In 2012, he handed in his resignation from his employment as a senior video producer at Joystiq in order to collaborate with his brother Justin McElroy and Christopher Grant in the establishment of Polygon. Over the course of his career at Polygon, he eventually worked his way up to become a senior video producer there. During the time that he was working there, he was in charge of supervising a considerable amount of video footage that was uploaded to the internet. This incorporated a lot of their let’s Play videos in addition to their Monster Factory series. In 2018, Griffin and Justin both stated that they will be departing Polygon in order to focus on their individual careers as podcast hosts as well as the requirements of their families. n 2017, the brothers also starred in a television show that was adapted from the podcast.

2014 saw the beginning of the McElroy brothers’ production of a podcast for tabletop role-playing games under the name The Adventure Zone. After beginning with Dungeons & Dragons, succeeding seasons of the show incorporated a wide variety of other role-playing game systems. The show’s first season was based on D&D. Griffin McElroy was responsible for both the Dungeon Master duties and the voice acting for a large number of non-player characters throughout the first 69 episodes of their first campaign, which was titled Balance.

After some time had passed, he was given the analogous job of “Keeper” for the Amnesty campaign that was based on the Monster of the Week Powered by the Apocalypse. He performed the role of Sir Fitzroy Maplecourt, who was the Knight-in-Absentia of the Realm of Goodcastle, in the third campaign of the show, which was called Graduation. During the show’s fourth campaign, Ethersea, which began in July 2022 and lasted through the end of the following year, McElroy once again took on the position of DM. In addition to that, he is the primary composer for a substantial chunk of the original score for the show.

In 2018, First Second Books transformed the first story arc of The Adventure Zone: Balance into a graphic novel. The book, which was titled Here There Be Gerblins and was created in partnership with the illustrator Carey Pietsch, was published under the imprint of First Second Books. This publication was the very first graphic novel in the history of The New York Times to ever reach the top spot on the list of best-selling trade fiction titles. After that, in 2019, a second graphic novel was published with the title Murder on the Rockport Limited!, then in 2020, another one was published with the title Petals to the Metal, and finally, in 2021, The Crystal Kingdom was published.

Griffin, along with his siblings, is also a co-host on the annual podcast known as ‘Til Death Do Us Blart, which is hosted by Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery. Every episode of the podcast, which is broadcast around the time of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, consists of the hosts watching the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and discussing their impressions of the film. A bonus edition of the podcast was made available for download on April 28, 2020. In this episode, the hosts talked about the first part of the Paul Blart: Mall Cop film series.

The McElroy Brothers Will Be in Trolls World Tour is a documentary podcast that is also hosted by the brothers. The announcement that all three brothers were going to make cameo cameos in the movie was finally brought about as a result of listening to this podcast. Wonderful! is a podcast that Griffin has been co-hosting with his wife Rachel since it was first released in 2017. In it, the pair talks about issues that are connected to the things that fascinate and excite each of them individually. In the past, the two of them had collaborated to present a different podcast together under the name Rose Buddies. In this podcast, they talked about episodes of The Bachelor and other relevant television shows.

Griffin has appeared as a guest on The George Lucas Talk Show on two separate occasions: the first time was during the fundraiser The George Lucas Talk Show All Day Star Wars Movie Watch Along that took place on May 4, 2020, and the second time was during the episode The George Lucas Holiday Special that aired on December 22, 2020. Both of these appearances took place in the year 2020. In the year 2017, Forbes named McElroy one of the “30 Under 30” media luminaries to watch out for in the world.

This joke was used as a running gag during the first few seasons of the television show My Brother, My Brother, and I. The name Nannaria mcelroyorum was given to a species of millipede that had just been identified in the year 2021. This was done in recognition of the McElroy family’s podcasts, which kept the researchers engaged while they were out in the field gathering data. Millipedes have been discovered in West Virginia, in addition to the rest of the Appalachian region.

Griffin McElroy Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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