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Fiona Ritchie was born in 1960, and the location of her birth in Scotland, United Kingdom. Since 1981, in addition to my work at local radio stations, I have produced and hosted live and recorded shows for NPR and BBC Radio, as well as worked at other radio stations throughout the world. These include the recording and production of voice-overs, the hosting and presenting of events, the creation and presentation of radio programs from concept to final audio transmission, and digital editing and production using the Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation platform.

During the weeks running up to and following Thanksgiving, the shows were broadcast on more than 380 different NPR stations. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of AFC, Fiona Ritchie conducted an interview with Nancy Groce and me, Stephen Winick, as well as exhibited rare archival materials and fresh takes on AFC songs. Not only did she perform some of the recordings from our archive for us, but she also conducted an in-depth conversation with us about the past of AFC and its influence on the culture of the United States. Through our conversation, we were able to reach a potential audience of one million individuals who were interested in the history, resources, and ongoing projects of AFC.

When it comes to Celtic music, The Thistle & Shamrock is a monument that absolutely cannot be missed and that should be shared with the rest of the world. Fiona Ritchie has been the producer as well as the host of the show ever since it first aired in the year 1983. She moved back to her native Scotland in 1990 but has maintained production of the show there while also showing it in the United States. The show was initially filmed in the United States. Additionally, she is in charge of the programming at Thistle Radio, which is an online radio station that broadcasts 24/7.

Fiona has been recognized for her achievements with a number of awards and distinctions, including a Flora MacDonald Award and four World Medals from the New York Festivals International Competition for Radio Programming. She also holds an honorary doctorate from St. Andrews University. Wayfaring Strangers is a book and CD released in 2014 by Doug Orr and Dolly Parton. It chronicles the journey of people and the musical traditions they brought with them from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia. Dolly Parton contributed the book’s foreword. In recognition of Ritchie’s work in broadcasting and traditional Scottish music, an MBE was bestowed to him in the year 2014.

It was a great honor for me to be a guest on the show since I have been a listener of the program since the 1980s, I am a musician who performs with a Celtic band, and I used to be a radio DJ in New York City whose program was highly impacted by Fiona and The Thistle & Shamrock. All of these things together made it a very exciting experience for me. Nancy, much like Fiona, has spent a significant amount of time immersed in the Celtic music community in the roles of scholar, musician, producer, and listener. For instance, you are able to view or download a transcript of her interview with Fiona that was conducted for a one-time-only “Open Mic” event that took place in the Mumford Room of the Library the previous year.

In 2014, her major work, The Wayfaring Strangers: The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia, was published by UNC Press. This publication came about as a direct result of the popularity of the folk melody titled “The Wayfaring Stranger.” Dolly Parton penned the forward to the book, while Doug Orr made a contribution to the book. Wayfaring Strangers was included in not one, but two different parts of The New York Times’ list of best-selling books.

In recognition of his significant services to the broadcasting sector as well as traditional Scottish music, Ritchie was awarded an MBE in the Birthday Honours for the year 2014. Hamish Henderson was a well-known folklorist, poet, songwriter, and scholar. He passed away in 2002, and in 2016, she was recognized for her contributions to traditional music by receiving the award that bears his name. This award is given out on an annual basis to a member of the community of traditional musicians in Scotland who has proven themselves to be especially deserving. In addition to this honor, Ritchie was also recognized for being inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame.

Before her radio episodes started running on NPR Music and Ritchie’s Thistleradio site, she began broadcasting them for free on her own podcast, Thistlepod, which she developed in 2006. This was before her radio shows began airing on NPR Music and Ritchie’s Thistleradio site. ThistleRadio is a web-based music channel that was co-created by her in 2012 in conjunction with NPR Music. It is devoted to playing both modern and traditional music that has Celtic roots. The station SomaFM is presently the host of this channel. In addition to penning a chapter on Celtic music for the NPR Curious Listener’s Guide book series, which was published in 2005, Ritchie has also personally assembled a number of CDs.

Fiona Ritchie is a well-known radio broadcaster in the United Kingdom. She has aired a variety of shows on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 2, among other stations. It was in 1993 that she was the one who first presented the global music series known as “Celtic Connections” on Radio Scotland. In addition to her time spent on the Scottish advisory council for the British Council and her production and presentation of a musical event for Prince Charles in 2001 at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, she has served as an advisor to numerous arts organizations in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Fiona Ritchie Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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House address (Residence address) Scotland, United Kingdom
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