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David Malouf was born on 1934. In 1955, he earned his degree from QUT. Before migrating to Birkenhead in 1962, he lectured for a while and then taught at Holland Park Comprehensive School in London. In 1968, he moved back to Australia to teach at the University of Sydney.

Every one of David Malouf’s novels can be read as an investigation into a spectrum of experiences thought to have been vital to the development of modern Australians, and he is never reluctant to point this out in interviews. This fixation on limiting the scope of Australian life and culture is a reaction to a fundamentally nationalistic and postcolonial drive.

The long-standing preoccupation of his country with the issue of national identity possibly masks the felt need to inscribe distance, or to demonstrate cultural independence, from England, seen as a point of origin. Others have even suggested that Australia’s postcolonial yearning for separation from England is motivated by an uncomfortable awareness of the country’s closeness to and cultural similarities to the United Kingdom.

Yet, Malouf’s post-colonial radicalism and what has been called his tremendous desire for a prelapsarian era of ultimate oneness have been considered by critics a source of a fundamental tension in his work. Malouf’s early success as a lyrical poet on the prowl for new ontologies hints at the persistence of this sort of theme throughout his writing career. Many of the poems in Bicycle and Other Poems and Neighbours in a Thicket explore the idea of metamorphosis as a means of gaining insight into life as both an animal and a plant, as well as a mineral. As an illustration, consider the poetry by “The Crab Feast,” the character reaches a point of self-awareness when they may say, “We are one at last.” All things solid, liquid, and gas have been brought together for this love feast.”

Ironically, this communion with a crab occurs while eating it. Yet, to really experience this moment, the diner must first descend in imagination into the crab’s existence and habitat, tasting “the flavor of so much air, so much water,” until he or she is one with the landscape. Possibly post-lyrical, Malouf’s poetry registers the dissolution of the limits of the self, recognizing the erotic possibilities offered by this breach of boundaries, but ultimately resulting in a surrender of identity comparable to death: “You were / myself in another species, brute/blue, a bolt of lightning, maybe God.”

Seemingly at odds with efforts to establish or strengthen Australia’s national identity is the pursuit of completeness that extends beyond words. Although Malouf’s writing is self-proclaimed post-colonial, it is somewhat perplexing that his post-lyrical tendencies should also permeate these works. His debut novel, Johnno, is a mostly autobiographical story of a troubled childhood in Brisbane.

Johnno returns to Queensland after many years spent traveling in the Congo, Paris, and Athens, only to drown in the Condamine River in what may have been a disguised suicide. Because of this, Dante, the novel’s befuddled narrator, sees Johnno’s death as a gesture of uncertain reconciliation with the place—into which the protagonist is actually absorbed—and thus as a final questioning message.

This establishes a template for most of Malouf’s future literature. Although An Imaginary Life, an imagined account of Ovid’s life in exile on the outskirts of the Roman Empire, seems decidedly un-Australian in setting and subject matter, it nevertheless traces a process of cultural attunement to an austere and alien environment, which is particularly relevant in an Australian context. It’s noteworthy that this tale of slow adaptation would be acted out in a quest for linguistic compatibility.

Malouf has speculated that the early inhabitants of Australia suffered because they did not have a vocabulary with which to effectively describe and react to an unfathomable world. Similarly, Ovid’s Latin is deemed too eloquent in An Imaginary Life to adequately describe a setting so primitive and desolate that it remains close to “the first principle of creation.” Since the poet now feels that the native language better expresses “the raw life and oneness of things,” he has decided to abandon his mother tongue in favor of it. Until Ovid meets the Child, a wolf-boy found living wild in the forest, the novel could pass muster as an allegory of the post-colonial condition.

Nevertheless, Malouf, in a typical fashion, pushes events forward by having Ovid encounter the Child. Strangely, Ovid ends up learning from nature instead of the Child when he tries to bring the Child within the bounds of human civilization. The Child is a wild youngster who is at one with nature; he can communicate with the animals of the bush through a mimetic “language” of sounds and screams. Ovid learns the same thing when he tries to mimic animal noises: “will take up permanent residence within our minds, returning to lead their former lives. The plants came afterward, of course.” Yet only when he settles “deep into the earth,” when his body sinks into the surroundings in a way that looks finally de-creative, does he feel completely entire.

Malouf’s writing has, since the (post-)lyrical experiments of An Imaginary Life, increasingly hinted at the epic dimension as the author rehearsed a series of key events in Australia’s history. Novel after novel, he tried to use his imagination to determine how much these now-mythic events genuinely contributed to the formation of national identity. The traditional morbid fascination with the more entropic aspects of human existence is maintained throughout, but so is this celebratory (positive) historian’s approach.

David Malouf’s Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
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