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Baaba Maal was born in the city of Podor in 1953. Baaba Maal, a spiritual pop singer who is a superstar in his home country of Senegal, was not even born to be a performer.  Despite this, Maal has become a superstar in his home country. In spite of the fact that his parents were adamant that he pursue a career in law, he spent his childhood immersed in music, soaking up not only the indigenous sounds of the area but also the R&B and soul music of the United States. Later on, he became interested in jazz and blues.

Maal moved to Dakar when he was a teenager, where he became a member of the 70-piece orchestra Asly Fouta and formed the ensemble Lasli Fouta with his friend and fellow guitarist Mansour Seck. During the early 1980s, the duo also spent several years in Paris, where they recorded the album Djam Leelii. Maal formed the group Daande Lenol, which literally translates to “The Voice of the Race,” upon his return to Senegal. He then began developing a highly distinctive sound that fused traditional African music with elements of pop and reggae.

Maal’s Nomad Soul was the first recording to be published on Chris Blackwell’s newly established Palm Pictures label. It was released in 1998 and featured guest appearances by Howie B., Brian Eno, and other artists. Jombaajo was the first release on Palm, coming out in the year 2000, followed by Missing You in 2001 and Television in 2009.

Maal stopped recording for an extended period of time, accepted a position as a cultural ambassador for the United Nations, and continued to give live performances during this time. During those intervening years, he traveled to Senegal, Europe, and Asia and took in a wide variety of sounds, particularly those from electronic scenes in the United Kingdom. He actively sought out other musicians and played informally with them. He also learned about new techniques and ideas and incorporated them into the distinctive sound that he created for himself. He had an interest in blurring the borders between Senegalese Fulani folk music, global pop music, and electronic music, with the goal of creating new music that could not “be put into a box.”

2015 marked his return to the recording studio, where he worked alongside The Very Best producer Johan Hugo. During the recording sessions that took place in London and Senegal, Maal and Hugo collaborated with a diverse group of musicians, one of which being Winston Marshall from Mumford & Sons. The album “Traveler” was the product in the end. In January 2015, it was made available to the public by Marathon Artists. Baaba Maal is a man with a mission that goes beyond the realm of music.

He is a Senegalese musician who has become a star on the world stage. As the Youth Emissary for the United Nations Development Programme, he is dedicated to the issues that affect families, young people, and the future of the African continent. This commitment is evident in the fact that he has taken up this responsibility.

Baaba Maal has released 9 studio albums under his own name, in addition to a greatest hits collection that was issued by Palm Pictures in the year 2005. Television was the title of his fourth studio album issued by Palm, which came out in June 2009. This record is packed with energy and features modern Western influences thanks to a collaboration with the New York-based band Brazilan Girls and the great songwriter Barry Reynolds.

In parts, hypnotic, driven primarily by acoustic instrumentation, and featuring Maal’s impeccable vocals. In July 2003, he was appointed to the position of UNDP Youth Emissary. He sings primarily in the Pupaar style, and he is also the chief promoter of the tradition of Pulaar-speaking people who lived on the island of Senegal in the ancient Kigdon of Futa Tooro.

Due to the fact that Baaba learned music from his mother, she is considered to be one of his most important teachers. After moving to Paris to learn traditional music with Mansour Seck, he started playing music professionally with the band Daade Lenol thereafter. After the release of his album “Firin in Fouta” in 1994, during which he performed Reggae, Salsa, and Breton harp, he gained a great deal of popularity in the entertainment industry as a result of this album. Maal is responsible for a number of songs, including but not limited to Passion, Djam Leelii, Mango, Lam Toro, Wango, and Gorel Taara, amongst others.

Baaba Maal Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, and Contact Details
Whatsapp No. +44 (0) 20 3700 3377
Youtube Channel
Snapchat NA
Phone Number +44 (0) 20 3700 3377
Official Website NA
Office Number +44 (0) 20 3700 3377
Office address NA
LinkedIn NA
House address (Residence address) Podor, Senegal
Facebook Id
Email Address NA

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